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07-08-2012, 07:16 AM



Title: 4 quick acrylics for fun. 20 - 40 mins each.
Year Created:
Medium: Acrylic
Surface: Watercolor Paper
Dimension: 9
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

I felt like a change from spending a lot of time on paintings, so I challenged myself to do 4 small paintings and had only 30 mins to complete each. A couple took 40 mins. i realise this is the type of thing I need to do lots of because the outcomes are pretty ordinary and basic. I did have fun though with just 6 tubes of acrylic paint and a palette knife. =)) I am a bit embarrassed of these but thought I would wear my pride on my sleeve and show three of them to you. They are all done from reference photos. The first one is a scene from my trip to Wagga, the second is a sunset at Castlereagh from my friends porch, and the third is Lennox Bridge at Springwood on the way to the Blue Mountains. Cheers Debs. =))

Well, any advice on quick palette knife work would be helpful as I made a bit of a mess of these! =)) Debs.

07-08-2012, 08:16 AM
Very nice Debs. Each one is different and done nicely. By some people, they are perfectly executed in a painterly way. (I still haven't figured out what that word means-painterly) Does it mean impressionistic?

07-08-2012, 10:44 AM
These are gorgeous. You seem to have a sense of abstract form, composition and color. I'm actually inspired to try the same exercise. We probably all should. Once in an art class, I came to know a woman who had a distinctive style to make portraits. She would knock them out and they were pretty interesting. We came to a group critique and her series was well thought of but she had one piece which stood out as wildly more creative and effective. She kind of wailed, "that one took 30 minutes and the others took days!"

07-08-2012, 02:12 PM
That is a crack up Bob! I can picture that little scenario =)) lol!!! Well Bob, you have made me blush again! And once more I am humbled by your response. I wanted to try something different, wanted to use a limited palette and limited tools to see what happened. I limited my time also to get out of the fiddling that I seem to feel necessary to complete a work. I feel that I spend way too long sometimes and the consequence can be that an earlier version of the same work was better than the fiddled with finished product. Sometimes on looking back we find we preferred the blocked in early quickly constructed stage than the final result. It was fun to work quickly with an outcome in mind but no changes allowed once time was up. I wasn't trying to create masterpieces and knew that the outcome could be horrible or unprofessional looking.... therefor there was no pressure and I just went for it, quite prepared for anything. Posting them was an exercise too, needing to escape the feeling of being too proud to show anything but better attended to pieces =)) . I am so glad you like them, I really didn't have a clue what response I would get as it is so different from my usual style. I expected much less than your opening compliment. Cheers Bob and thank you again for your time and interest. =)) Debs.

07-08-2012, 04:21 PM
I think these are quite beautiful. Limiting oneself in color,time,ect.is an excellent exercise. Working within constraints can actually free you in a sense.

07-08-2012, 05:34 PM
I like them too Deb.. you should do these more often. One way to force yourself to loosen up is use a larger brush and limit the time. You can try this with the watercolors as well. I especially like the sunset one.. nice work!

07-08-2012, 08:49 PM
Ahh 3 not 4 :)

Deb it was really good seeing you let loose with the acrylic. I think all three have their strengths.
I am not a fan of palette knife works but you have captured some lovely instant imagery here.

Dictionary definition of Painterly - a style of painting marked by openness of form, with shapes distinguished by variations of color rather than by outline or contour. Aesthetic feeling.

For me - free brush work, where you can see the artists hand in the work. I don't want to cause any arguments though :)


07-09-2012, 08:02 AM
Thank you so much Murphy, Christine and Andrew. I was really pleased to get the positive feedback and I have decided to try more of these in different media. I agree Andrew, I much prefer to use a brush and take my hand to it that way, but never the less, it was fun and even very carefree to go at it with the palette knife and see what happened. Maybe I was feeling a bit like letting tension go, it was quite therapeutic to do this. I didn't do any drawing or pre sketches, just attacked the paper with gusto! They were all done from reference photos, and yes there were 4, but the limit is 3 in this forum in the first post and.... well, I really wasn't too fussed on the one I left out anyway. I am now going to try Christine's suggestion, a large brush and watercolour, limited palette and no pre drawing once again. I will be brave and post my results, I am hoping someone else may try this too, it really is good fun for a change. Murphy, yes I do think these exercises may free my constraints, time will tell I guess, but I can see already how I can speed up my work a little and pay less attention to fine detail and concentrate more on shape and tone and colour. Cheers everybody, yes this is all very exciting.:D :D :clap: :clap: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: