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07-09-2000, 08:28 PM
Hi everyone,

I was glad to see this new message board for other mediums, etc. Just wondering if there are any of you out there that also do calligraphy. It's something that I love, along with watercolors, colored pencils and pastels. I wanted to know if there are any others here on wetcanvas that have the same interests.

WindDancer http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/cool.gif

07-11-2000, 04:18 AM
two years ago i spent some month in exercizing in calligraphy, looking for a personal style. Now i use a style similar to oncial mixed to "Cancelleresca" (don't know the english name). I like writing greeting cards, labels and other in this way!
what about you?

ciao, http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif rapolina

07-12-2000, 10:35 AM
I used to do a lot of calligraphy... not so much anymore, though. I do so much on the computer nowadays that my hand actually gets tired if I have to sit and draw or write anything more than a page! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

One of my old teachers used to ask me how I could do calligraphy and still get C's in Handwriting. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/wink.gif

Have any of you seen Michael Podesta's work? I love it. http://www.michaelpodesta.com/

-=- Jen / Pixelscapes

-=- Jen / Pixelscapes

07-16-2000, 09:42 AM
Hey, thanks for pointing out the Michael Podesta site! I'm always on the lookout for interesting calligraphy sites.

Personally, I haven't settled on a specialty yet in calligraphy. I guess a form of italics is what is most comfortable for me. I spent last year in an intensive year long class for calligraphy and this year taking one workshop a month. I'm in love with it...it's a wonderful extension of my art.

I just wish more people would view it as art instead of "craft". In my guild alone I have seen some amazing things!

What are your thoughts on calligraphy as art?


07-19-2000, 02:18 PM
Personally, I like italic and freehand. I love the look of Gothic and Old English, but they're much harder and more complicated.


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07-24-2000, 10:03 PM

Do you mean Gothic like Blackletter? I've been falling in love with those letterforms lately. Not as easy as they look though.


08-29-2000, 05:10 PM
Hi WindDncr and all. I also love calligraphy. Started studying in the early 80's. Really got hooked! Have sold some items at craft shows. This past year I have been studying watercolor, and have the idea to combine the two together--to have some lettering appear in the paintings, perhaps feeding watercolor into the dip pens. I'm not real clear on how it is going to work out--I'm concentrating on learning the watercolor techniques right now. I have not been practicing my lettering lately, but it is still my first love!

10-08-2000, 11:38 AM
Hi waterwings,

Watercolor and calligraphy is a wonderful combination. I combine the two in majority of my pieces. Watercolor is ground very finely, thus making it perfect for feeding through a nib. If you're interested in seeing a great gallery of calligraphy work, try http://www.calligraphicarts.org

Hope you see this post. It's been a while since I've been able to relax and surf around wetcanvas http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif.

Take care,

Wind Dancer

10-08-2000, 02:51 PM
Hi again WindDncr--glad to see your post! Thanks for the link to the calligraphic art--very inspiring pieces. Are you familiar with Timothy Botts? His work can be viewed at: http://www.seedcompany.org/botts/art.htm
Don't know how to provide a direct link for you--hope that works.
You made reference to a guild in a previous post--it it an art guild or a calligraphy guild? I am living in a very rural area and do not have any other calligraphers around that I know of. I am enjoying the internet quite a bit, and love having the opportunity to see others' work, and now to be able to "connect" with another letter-arts enthusiast!
I have been involved with calligraphy for about 17 years, sometimes heavily, with participation in craft shows. For all of this year so far, I have been concentrating on learning watercolor techniques through the only class I could find--at a senior center. It all started last fall when I was doing a calligraphy piece that I decided to brush over with a wash of color (lettering done with masking fluid), and I was very aware that I was completely uncomfortable with using the paints in that way. I managed to finish that piece, and vowed to learn how to handle brush and paint! I have been doing watercolors for the past 10 months, and honestly I have had my fill of painting florals, and seasonal scenes! I am right at the point of actually craving to begin putting the two skills together, but haven't been successful at sitting down to do so! I guess I would like to be able to do some of the involved pieces with layers and "washing off" and so forth. Anyway, that's where I'm at--how about you?

12-02-2000, 09:41 PM

There I go again disappearing...sorry http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif. I have been busy with a lot of calligraphy workshops. The latest one was illumination (3 months) and a workshop with Tim Botts! Great guy...great calligrapher.

I'm a member of a guild...Chicago Calligraphy Collective. What about you? I wish there were more people to chat about calligraphy with on this list.

Have you heard of Cyberscribes? If you're interested in an online calligraphy community, let me know and I'll show you were to sign up. I've been on it for two years, great bunch of people. I mostly lurk now, but still love the people that I've met through that group.


12-03-2000, 08:23 PM
Hi again WindDancer, thanks for your post. How wonderful for you to have taken a workshop with Tim Botts. How was it--what did you study? I would have loved that. I am quite isolated in a very rural area with no other calligraphers in sight. The closest guild is 2.5 hours away. I have had classes at a community college in the past, when I was living in New England. I am familiar with the cyberscribes site, but my impression was that it could get rather expensive--is that correct, or a mistaken impression? If it is expensive, have you found it worth the money? Have you found any calligraphy message board type sites on the net?
Since my last post I have completed two paintings with calligraphy in them, and am working on the third--I'm working out technical difficulties on these first attempts.
Gail (a.k.a. Waterwings)

12-07-2000, 08:56 AM
Hi again Waterwings,

Tim presented a new workshop called "Emerging Letters". A lot of it was painting the letters in with resist (like drawing gum or mask) then painting washes over them. He's into a lot of experimental stuff. I wish you could have seen his sketchbook! He collects his ideas in this sketchbook. It was so full of colors, great letters, layouts and so much more.

As far as cyberscribes goes, it's free to join the group. They do have online learning through cyberstudy. I just finished a brush lettering course. If you just want to do it on your own and post to the graphics board of cyberstudy, it's $25 for the 18 weeks (usually). Next on the list is versals. But, cyberscribes has a graphics board where you can post for free and people can look at your work and comment on it.

I love both of these groups. I have now met several of them in person and each experience has been wonderful! One time we all drove to South Bend, Indiana for a huge calligraphy/bookbinding show put together by one of the cyberscribe members.

I hope you consider joining. It's such a wealth of info...just like this board http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif.



12-08-2000, 07:29 PM
Hi WindDancer, thanks for your post. Tim Botts' workshop sounds just wonderful to me--I am at the present time doing a series of experiments using various resists and washes! On the latest one, I drew the letters with double pencils, and then painted the outside lines over with white acrylic, and then used wet on wet watercolor over the top. By "drawing gum" do you mean gum arabic? I guess I am definitely into an experimental stage! I have been doing calligraphy for 17 years, and studying watercolor for 1 year, and I am excited about combining the two.
I will check out the cyberscribes site again, but I have the feeling that an art site like this one is closer to what I am working with at the present time. I don't seem to fit into a conventional calligraphy site right now, and I don't exactly fit into an art site either, because of the lettering!!