View Full Version : Daily Scumble 5 July 2003

07-05-2003, 03:30 AM
Morning all! It only 7.30 - waayy too early for a Saturday, but ah well.....I thought I'd start the daily scumble ........;)

How are you all?!
Barb - you must be able to get into the Pastel society exhibit. Is that the deadline you talked about? I keep on wanting to submit work for exhibits, but the handing in days and collection days keep on being in my holidays! So I will wait for autumn, if there are any exhibits left...hope I'll get in one! Keep us posted Bnoonan!

It is nice to see that everybody is still actively painting even though it is summer holidays for most. Great! Hopefully we won't all go at the same time as the forum will die out then....LOL

Tonight I have my ball! Looking forward to it. I'll see if I can get my hands on some photos/photographer.....;)
Taking it easy today then....
My new neighbours I still haven't met, although I almost know their names and all.....the walls between us seem thinner than I htought. Before them a couple lived next door and now we have three adults and three kids....it takes some getting used to to have to hear talking, shouting and crying all night......
Ah well, I'll try to stay optimistic.....they might realise how thin the walls are when I put on some Cecilia Bartoli very, very loud....he he.....

Anybody painting today? Oh, Mo - aren't you starting on your new painting? Can't wait!

07-05-2003, 06:37 AM
Morning Sophie and anyone else that drops in today, ...think it's going to be really dead here today with all the 4th July celebrations... HAVE FUN you lot!!! Don't get hung over. :D

So I'll take advantage of the quietness an catch up on some chores, then paint all day.

Sophie, have a great day pampering yourself ready for the ball tonight... you have a really good time, and don't forget those pics.

Yeah turn the music up real loud, should do the trick.:D

see you later .

07-05-2003, 07:27 AM
hi Sophie, Mo, and anyone else who comes in after me.

My husband didn't arrive back from Barcelona until 2am, thanks to travel delays! Consequently we're both knackered [knackered = tired ~ don't want to leave poor Barb scratching her head over that one :D] but we're looking forward to a fun day: some friends of ours are getting married! I bought a pair of trousers especially for the wedding and though there was no indication they might be on special offer, they went through the till at 2 and when I queried it [yes, I'm that stupid!] the cashier said it was fine. So I'm feeling smug :)

Now I've got access to the digital camera again, I've been able to post a couple of pics to the Weekly Pastels thread. I've really missed doing that!

07-05-2003, 08:25 AM
We're up early too....it looks to be a nice day here. Hopefully not too hot.
I am exhausted and feeling a bit low after yesterday's show...still lecturing myself about it. :D I'll report about it in another thread.
Have a BALL tonight Sophie!
And everyone else have a good day!


07-05-2003, 08:36 AM
Hi! Last night it sounded like we were under seige! All our surrounding neighbors were setting off fireworks.:( My poor beagle just hates it, but this year my silly English Cocker seemed to help her get over it better (she doesn't take anything seriously).

Can't wait to see you in the ball gown Sophie!

Yes EJ a surprise sale is always fun!

Will be looking for your update Sandy!

Look forward to seeing what you've painted all day Mo!

I'm off to my day of getting oriented. Had to stop in the store yesterday to pick up my uniform (something I love because there are no wardrobe decisions). So, until later - have a great day!

07-05-2003, 01:36 PM
Doe - uniforms are my favorite choice of clothing after art smocks which in my house is anything without long sleeves to drag into the paint or pastel.

Soap - twirl up a storm at the ball and don't forget those glass slippers. Be mindful of midnight! Pictures please!!! Yes PSA.

MO - get to work and stop helping me out - you have spots to paint.

Sandy - can't wait to hear about the show when you have the energy. I need to know what to expect next month.

E-J - I think I knew what knackered was but thanks for the clarification. It was either that or drunk. Congratulations on the bargain pants - have fun at the wedding. Please post!!!

Off to finish the piece I've on the easel and then it's photos and to the photo store for printing. Yikes - busy day today.