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06-13-2001, 11:03 PM
It is interesting to see progression for someone else besides the tutorial writer. I still don't see how anybody can work without an underlying pencil drawing, but I guess it's just a matter of skill. The drapery looks great!!

I code websites for a living, so I can relate. I've been thinking about pretending my website is a commerical site, and seeing if that gives me any ideas. Alas...

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06-14-2001, 12:05 AM

I am following along with Linda's tutorial and working on a new image. Since I have a decent amount of webspace now, I am going to keep a digital art diary of pieces. This is one example of how I hope to keep track of my progress.

My site is bland and lifeless, please forgive the lack of luster. Although I code and create websites daily, I cannot for the life of me figure out what look my own page should look like. I am my own worst customer.

06-14-2001, 03:49 PM
Hey! Your piece is really coming along well! The hair and the folds look really great. Looking forward to seeing the completed piece. I also like the digital diary idea.

dhenton: I've worked without underlying pencils on occasion, the lastest being my "Margtrix" painting. I painted Marge as stick figure in the basic pose, while Wiggum is basically a small circle perched on a larger circle.

BTW, I found another tutorial by Linda. This one is on how she portrays hair (http://www.gameart.com/tutorials/index.asp?tutorial=hair2) .


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06-16-2001, 10:47 AM
This is looking REAL good!
Hey! It's been a few days...POST more !!



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06-16-2001, 09:49 PM
The fabric is really great! I'm still not comfortable with the layers concept.

Do you have a list of websites that can offer suggestions on how to lay out a drawing? I seem to be stuck painting close-ups, for costume detail and such. I'd like my drawings to look more like pictures, and less like posters.

By the way, are there other examples of Linda's tutorials elsewhere, other than the site you directed us to?

I AM thankful I found this site; I was afraid you'd all be painting classic stuff, but it's nice to find out there's a lot of fantasy artists around here.

I'll have to do more work on my next piece before I submit it here, I guess, because your throroughness is... a little daunting.

I would also love to find a tutorial on how to visualize a room within the frame of a picture. I can draw a figure sitting in a chair, but I have trouble conceptualizing the room around the chair in relation to the frame of the picture. Another website would help here, so I'm asking you again, "directly."

If you can direct me, I'd appreciate it. As always, any other links you think might help get me going in the right direction, I'd also be beholden to you.



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06-18-2001, 05:08 AM
Oh my gosh, Cuddles..

PLEASE PLEASE dont stop posting. I think your posts are important. If I thought I would possibly discourage anyone with this I would have never posted it here, honestly. Everyone is here to help pull the true artist out in each other. We do that by showing our best, our worst and our encouragement to the others that are doing the same thing we are.

I have shown some really bad stuff on this board and it was so nice that there were people out here who could see what I was trying to do even if I didn't quite bring across my artistic message the way I wanted to.

I put my main webpage on my signature so you can see that I am just now learning how to make backgrounds on my work. I have been a one item at a time person for a very long time.


This was the first attempt at doing anything with my imagination. That was 5 years ago and I am just now getting to where I can kind of get close to what I wanted it to look like. I am a little frustrated that it has taken me this long to really get to the point that I feel I have made good progress since that one.

I was a tailor for several years, so when it comes to draping, I dealt with it on a physical level, so I understand weight and how fabric folds. I had one up on that, but everything else I have done has been through and through trial and error. I could not work with color forever. Everything had to be monotone. As for complete rooms or full backgrounds, this is only the second one I have completed.

As for possible ideas for you:

I would encourage you to keep a diary even if it isnt online for everyone to look at, for at least one piece. I have noticed that since I have posted this one for everyone to see my steps that I have become much more aware of the direction I am taking with this. I feel the need to explain why I decided to make the window round or why I decided to change from my original plan. I even noted that I used blue for the shadow colors (something I learned in the oils/portraits section).

If you love fantasy, go to www.epilogue.net There you will find some excellent artists and if you go to their personal webpages, they often have tutorials on their own sites. More important, I would say take some time to go through the galleries. Elfwood is also a good place to go. I just hit "random picture" 100 times or so and look around at what others are doing. I am learning how to make entire scenes only by looking at entire scenes. A great place to learn about outdoor scenery is to take a peek into the landscape section. I read tutorials here that are meant for watercolor, because you would be amazed at how it also works for layering in digital. In fact, I use a lot of the tutorials here on this site for my digital images that were meant for other mediums.

FARP (http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/farp/index.html)
Renderosity (http://www.renderosity.com)
Fantasyhoo (http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/fantasyhoo/index.html)
www.about.com is also a favorite hunting ground for tutorials, how the old masters painted and good general art information.

I think what helped me the most though was learning how to draw with a pencil. I have 7 models in my house and make it a point to draw something no less than 4 times a week. I draw one of my 6 kids, my husband (he sits still much longer than the kids), my knifeblock, my coffee cup. I have pages of just unrecognizable junk in my book, but I hope by the time I get to that last page, it will show improvement. That original sketch on this particular project is actually a combination of things in my book. If you can afford to get only one book about art, I would say get "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". It is a book that I have yet to outgrow.

I am currently very very stuck on this piece. I need to make the wind speak/lure/attract that elven maiden and have not come up with a solution I like. I have a lot of small details I can work on while I ponder the issue, but so far, my best solutions have been duds.

06-19-2001, 08:44 PM
I like the changes/progress you have made on your painting. The gold trim is a nice touch. Your situation with portraying the wind reminded me of the contortions I went through trying to represent music in my jazz piece, which made me think of suggesting a similar resolution.

If I were the wind, trying to woo the maiden, I'd do it with flowers. Well, not real flowers, but maybe flower petals. They could carried by the wind in whatever direction/pattern that you desire. There would also be the implication of the scent of the flowers being carried on the breeze.

Just a suggestion. Looking forward to seeing the next step.


06-20-2001, 04:16 AM

I have signed her and she is done. I didn't get my wind in there as I first intended, but perhaps one day, I will be fooling around and it will hit me how it would work. I tried the flower and leaf thing. I need to get better at drawing those, I think.

My goals with this particular piece as far as function, was first, to make an "entire scene" rather than just a something standing in nowhere that would sit nicely on a desktop. My second was to make a face that would withstand becoming someones avatar in a game.

My artistic goals with this was to use some of the color theory I have been studying. I would also have to say that I was very interested in creating a hint of "old masters" look with this. I wanted the figure to be illuminated and the remaining important, but not focal details to have that darker, just there to add spice, look.

My personal goal with this one is to give it to a friend, who's character I have portrayed, and have her enjoy it. (I guess I do have to give it to her first, huh?) Hopefully, the story behind this scene will actually be written and I can share with you the very interesting storyline or background behind it.

The big one is at my page:

06-20-2001, 07:29 AM

Very nice job! The gold accents really set the piece off. The sky in the window looks quite ominous (cool) and the fabric, well, you have nailed satin, baby! It looks like you could reach out and touch the silky, cool feel.

You have set a goal and just hammered it.

Way to go!


(You don't think I like this or anything, do you?) :D

06-20-2001, 04:53 PM
Doesn't feel great to pull this off!?! I agree with Nick, you definately nailed this one. You put a lot of nice details into this work. I love those touches like the embroidery on the sleeves and collar, the pattern on the green trim, the sky in the window...

Thanks for letting us peek over your shoulder.