View Full Version : Using different paperswith Pitt pastel pencils

07-03-2012, 03:57 PM
I have been painting in pastels since January/March and over the months have favoured my Pitt pastel pencils on Murano paper (paper in shades of grey). I have done many pieces, all animal portraits. I've been experimenting with backgrounds as all my animals were just floating around on paper. I have always struggled with backgrounds so am pushing myself with these.

Anyway, I've been working with the Pitt pencils and really feel I have a bond with them now, especially on the Murano paper. I know what I can do with them, the boundaries and how to achieve what I want. So, for a challenge I bought some different paper. I bought some Clairefontaine Pastelmat. My pencils did not seem to like this much, my pastel sticks however loved it, so I think I will save my pastel mat for some landscapes.

Next I bought some Fisher 400 sanded paper. Now, I really like this paper, but my pencils are behaving differently on it. The colour is much more vibrant, I am struggling with texture and the paper is so grippy that I find it very difficult to leave a gentle mark that I can build many layers on. It isn't a subtle paper. I have found the limitations on my colour pallette too. Over the months I have built up a full set of the Pitt's, but I think I may need to dip into some other brands to get the colours I need if I am to continue using the Fisher 400.
I'm not sure if I like what I am producing on the Fisher 400, but I will continue as I like the feel of the paper. I have been on a long journey of discovery with my pastel painting and am enjoying it so much.
What a difference the paper makes to your pencils and your style!

Sorry about the waffle, just had to share my thoughts as family/friends stare blankly at me when I talk 'pastels'!:lol: