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05-27-2001, 11:35 AM
I drew this in Photoshop. First I scanned in the reference photo, then used the "find edges" filter to make it a bare bones template. I put the original reference photo next to the template in the display and used the eye drop tool to create the palette. It took several weeks and a lot of patience. I wanted to get your thought on using Photoshop in this manner and calling your finished work "art" Personally, I get lots of rolled eyes.


<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/27-May-2001/abandoned.jpg" border=0>

05-27-2001, 09:44 PM
Rolled eyes and vacant looks come with the territory when you discuss digital art with many people.

I've never tried the find edges method to work from, but I have used the eye dropper to sample colors.

I believe that you can call your piece art. Technology is just another tool for an artist's. As an artist, you get to decide how your want to use that tool to display your vision. It doesn't matter if you're using pixels or pigments.

Just my opinion,

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05-28-2001, 12:17 AM
No argument from me. Any body who gives you trouble doesn't know how much a PITA it is to build the image back from the lines!

I never found the edge filter to work that well, but this picture makes me want to revisit that issue!
I often build my color palette in a 3D raytracer and use that on my own drawings, which I bring in to painter then fill in as you did.

As far as this being art, well we've got a contributor to this forum who makes art sales off of prints done in painter 6, and he does okay. And my opinion is expressed quite well by my signature line below.

"Art is anything you can get away with." -- Marshall McLuhan

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05-28-2001, 09:30 AM
Absolutely agree!
The artist uses the tools available. If it's a pencil, great! If it's the power of digital, even better.
This is a nice piece of art and those who roll their eyes deserve to be slapped with a trout!

Keep at it, baby!



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05-29-2001, 12:01 AM
Thanks for your replies! I guess I will pursue this "new" kinda art. I just wish the rest of the art world would expand their mediums (or acceptance)to digital art. I was so happy when I saw this "digital art" forum here at WC. Now, that's a good start!

05-29-2001, 04:59 PM
jaymedecas, imo you did a wonderful job! And yes, I would call this art.