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07-03-2003, 08:33 AM
Well, yes I did pass my pee test and they couldn't call me fast enough to get me signed up for a day of "orientation" Sat. My new job, that I need primarily for health insurance, is as a Pharmacy Technician in a pharmacy that is in a grocery store. So, I'll be able to get my groceries, prescriptions and paycheck all in one place - how convenient is that? This is a radical departure from my previous jobs(exec. asst., market research), but I think it will be more fun and like I said I will be taking a national exam in Nov. to become certified and Barb will then declare me fit to serve I think. So I'll be studying drugs and such. I'm sure that wasn't my last pee test.

Mo, sorry about your brakes, hope they're working properly now. I love your cards!

Sophie, what will you do once you have your degree?

Missing Dawn:crying:

Try to have a nice day, I have to go shopping for clothes to wear to a thing we have to go to in Miami next week. I went once already and came home with nada. Hate shopping unless its for art supplies or toys.

07-03-2003, 08:54 AM
Sophie, what will you do once you have your degree?


Well, at least I am going to try to do that more. But I am sure the buildings will keep on 'calling' me.....so if and when I can find another research job at some uni......I will be going back to my books. Might also (if I find funding) write some more stuff as I have loads of ideas that need surfacing in the world of architectural history. But for now.......paint paint paint.....:D

Your job sounds good! It is so sad that you need a job in the US to get health insurance....sounds so unfair. I suppose it is unaffordable if you don't get it through work?
But good for you - hope you'll have fun (and a nice paycheck :D)

Mo and her brakes.....just when she is madly busy with us in the forum, her exhibition......ooh.....how is it coming along Mo?

I know......shopping for art supplies is fun (I do that from a catalogue...) but it empties my wallet a little bit too fast......LOL

07-03-2003, 01:00 PM
Morning all - looks like it's getting quieter and quieter as folks vacation.

Mo - love your business cards. Tell me more about printing them out yourself. Did you have a template that you recommend or software program? I'd really like to do a set similiar I think. In fact... send me your photos of your work and i'll tell everyone they are mine:evil: :angel: B

Doe - shopping for clothes is as low in my interest as cleaning a toilet. For some reason my mom must have brought us clothes shopping too much as kids since we all detest it. Congratulations on the job and I'm sure it's going to provide a great source of material for new art work - purple, pink, blue, orange pills....
More importantly, it will help provide $ for art supplies.

Sophie - I read your message and thought you were telling yourelf to go PAINT!

Yesterday I made the best batch of tomato sauce ever and today I'm off to create a new recipe with mangos, chicken, coconut milk, ginger, cilantro, and whatever else I decide to through in. Mangos are perfectly ripe at the moment as are cherries - it's so exciting to enjoy this abundant produce in California.

Anyone free for dinner? Come on over - Mikki - I think you may be my closest visitor!

After drooling over Craig's clouds... I'm feeling a bit inspired.

Barb - Have a great day one and all!

07-03-2003, 01:39 PM
Good Day All... just got back from Baker Street, home of sherlock holmes but also home to great art shop where they sell unisons and colourfix paper, i am now 125 pounds poorer but i have a smile on my face:D

07-03-2003, 02:44 PM
Smudger, don't you feel a little lighter because of that purchase??? Lighter in the wallet but even more lighter in spirit with new toys to play with!!!


07-03-2003, 03:15 PM
:music: .......Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired
And when I knew I had to face another day
Oh, it made me feel so tired........ :music:

:evil: :D :angel:

07-03-2003, 03:49 PM
You make me feel like a natural woman!:D :cool: :cool:

when's the first album of cover hits out DS:D

07-03-2003, 03:51 PM
Originally posted by Smudger
You make me feel like a natural woman!:D :cool: :cool:

when's the first album of cover hits out DS:D

ohhhhhh hee hee smudge..... didnt mean to give you a sex change ;) ...... does Mrs Smudge know lol

07-03-2003, 03:58 PM
Originally posted by doe
I'm sure that wasn't my last pee test.

Missing Dawn:crying:

:eek: tooooooo much info Doe ;)

...... awwwwww dont cry ........ see Im back...... (only for a few minutes)....... but ........ causing havoc already...... ;) :evil: :D

07-03-2003, 04:26 PM
Congrats on the job Doe, I hate shopping too, is there anyone that loves it I wonder.... Smudge does.....you've spent well :)

Brakes are fine now thank goodness....exhibition work is slow too many other things taking up my time....must knuckle down to it later..... Barb the cards were made with a piece of free software I found on the net.... it's free for 30 days fully functional, then after that you have to buy the license.....I can tell what it's called but can't remember the site, if you do a Google search it should come up though. It's called: Business Card Designer Plus 7, it's a neat piece of software.

Keep singing Dawn :D

07-03-2003, 07:00 PM
Now Dawn - you just keep sneaking up on me! :eek:

Back from shopping and managed to find something because I just got tired of looking, had to put a stop to it! There is just too much stuff at the mall!

To answer Sophie, yes in the US, if you are not a multimillionaire, you have to have a job because the insurance rates are ridiculously high (for people my age).

Barb - we have mangoes now too - please share the recipe - if it turns out good!