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03-11-2001, 06:58 AM

donīt know if this is for any good. But maybe some beginners will find some useful information of how to use photoshop in this 18-minute record. It shows ALL the steps on the way to the image shown below. The graphical quality of the logo is not very impressive, but since I wanted to keep the size of the capture as low as possible while showing quite a lot ps-features, I had to make some compromises.

The capture is about 18 minutes long and consists of three parts, about 10 megabyte at all. All steps, mouse-movements and ps-palettes were captures at 640x480 screen-size. I used www.camtasia.com (http://www.camtasia.com) for recording, so you need to install the tscc-codec to view the avis with windows media-player. The codec as well as the avis can be downloaded here:


I donīt know, if tscc-avis can be viewed on mac.

I commented most of the used technics, but since my english is far too bad, itīs all still in german. Maybe if the record (itīs done with the english version of photoshop) turns out to be useful for some people, I will consider an english translation.

some of the technics shown and explained:
- using paths to create typography and outlines
- using layers (grouped-, adjustment-, layersettings, linked layers)
- creating and using selections to draw details like bevels, shadows, etc.
- using overlay-layers to add some texture
- using screen-layer-mode to add some lenseflare (ughh...)
- using the blur-filter
- using the smudge-tool

<IMG SRC="http://www.pixtur.de/Tutorial05/Pic/mtw_final.jpg" border=0>

have fun...

www.pixtur.de (http://www.pixtur.de)
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03-11-2001, 01:52 PM
Interesting for all sorts of reasons! It's actually the first time I've seen and used Media Player,(let alone the camtasia stuff!) and I am not sure I've yet got to grips with all the technology. I find the "film" runs too fast for someone relatively inexperienced in Photoshop to follow, so I must explore the situation with more use of the Pause control. Maybe an English translation of the notes would be a great benefit. Isn't there some facility on the WWW for automatic translation of web-pages? Does anyone know how to access it? Use of the English language version of Photoshop is a great help, of course, but Tom has, naturally, used German expressions for naming his layers etc.

Tom, am I right in thinking that the AVI-file is always run from a fresh download from your site, or can it be saved for future off-line use?

Finally, Tom, your English looks pretty good to me. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

Regards, DaviF

03-14-2001, 04:09 PM
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Hi David...

Actually the files are thought to viewed locally and offline. You probably have to watch them a dozent times with intensiv use of the SPACE-Bar ;-)

If you find out anything about that auto-translation-thing (maybe altavista babelfish?), please leave me a mail (send the translation, so I can put it on my page...)
thanks for the reply ;-)


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