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07-01-2003, 02:04 AM
A new day! First of July.....Mikki is all packed and even managed to get a great commission as well. Good job! Should be so much fun doing murals!

This is what my Vermeer's Girl looks like in a 'cheap' (ahem) frame....

My day today will hopefully bring some writing inspiration. I will post an image of what I am writing about later.....
Drawing class tonight...if I make it....is also our 'anniversary' today...so might opt for more romantic ideas than life class....

Looking forward to my first 'ball' next Saturday....

Mo-well done on your cards! I think you will always have to handfeed art papers into your printer. Only standard paper will go through automatically....Are you gonna post a piccy of what your cards look like?

07-01-2003, 05:01 AM
Morning all.
Hey Soap... Congrats, i hope yo have a great an anniversary:clap:

Vermeer's Girl looks great in a frame

07-01-2003, 05:46 AM
Sophie, is the earring girl a pastel, or did you paint her in another medium? Feel like I've missed something somewhere ... I seem to recall she was a project in the Oils forum ... anyway, she looks good!

The latest copy of 'The Pastel Journal' plopped through my letterbox this morning. Since the scorching weekend weather here has now turned to miserable grey and rain, I'll probably go to bed early tonight with a hot drink [yes yes, bor-ing!] and read that ... want to fit in some painting before that but am hopelessly undecided and blaaahh lately as to what to paint. In any case, any pastels I do this week will have to wait to be posted, since my lucky husband's attending a five-day conference in Barcelona and has taken his digital camera with him!

Enough rambling.

Bonne journée à tous!
[A bit of random French to start the day :)]

07-01-2003, 09:08 AM
Happy Anniversary Sophie! Enjoy your day!
The painting looks wonderful!

I got the new Pastel Journal too. I have been nejoying poring over it...again and again. The woman in one of the articles, Janice Drevitson, apparently grew up in the same town I did. I think she is a little younger but I wonder if I knew her....maybe some of her talent would rub off if I could make the connection. Both she and her husband do such fabulous work!

Heading off to my second watercolor class again.

I am getting ready for the first of the 3 outdoor shows this week. Friday the 4th is the first. I think I am ready...not sure! Getting nervous though. I am trying to prepare myself for the possiblility of sitting in the hot sun all day and selling nothing. And I know that is not a ridiculous possibility. It does happen, especially in this economy. I am bringing a variety of stuff and pricing them reasonably. But I know the big thing up here is prints (which are obviously a lot cheaper) and I really have not gotten into it. Maybe I need to. Sigh...always something new to deal with. Oh well!

HAve a good day everyone!

07-01-2003, 09:15 AM
Good morning!

Sophie, happy anniversary! Your girl looks very close to the original and the frame is nice.

Will have to go see if Pastel Journal is at Barnes & Noble.

My car is giving me trouble again, spent alot of time with the mechanics yesterday and problem is still unresolved.

Hope you all have a nice day.

P.S. to Kat if you're looking, have you been to Skaneateles, NY, near Finger Lakes? We lived there for one year - no indoor plumbing and alot of beautiful clay in the creeks. Not to mention all the wonderful cows and sheep in the neighborhood.

Kathryn Wilson
07-01-2003, 09:35 AM
Doe: We lived on Seneca Lake (2 lakes west), amongst the vineyards and cows. I wish I had had a digital camera back then for some great vineyard reference shots. I love grapes hanging from the vine, and the long perspective shots of vineyard rows. These are always in the back of my mind for the next round of painting.

Have a good day today everybody!

07-01-2003, 09:38 AM
Sophie ... I managed to track down your 'Pearl Girl' [I got it wrong: was in Portraiture, not Oils] and it's beautifully done! With that and the Red Shorts painting, you are definitely my hero of the day! :D :clap:

07-01-2003, 10:16 AM
aahhww....at least I am somebody's hero today then! ;)
Thank you E-J - you give me a little more confidence! Was just popping in to say that it is indeed pastel (keep on thinking about venturing out in other media, but then I think, is there anything I cannot do in pastel and would be able to in oils/acrylics..........neah...stay with my addictive pastels...what's the use of oils he?! :D :D

Gonna go pick up my photos of the country house.......


07-01-2003, 11:13 AM
Where's that DS hiding today?

07-01-2003, 11:20 AM
Sophie have a great 'anniversary' bring out the candles and romance the night away. :);)........cheap frame or not your Vermeer Girl looks cracking....had to go racing back to yesterday's scumble to find out about Mikki's commission..so for those that missed it here's the post.

Guess what??? I have new neighbors here at the old house and they just commissioned me to do murals in the three bedrooms for their kids! Unfortunately, I cannot do it in pastel BUT I'm getting paid!!!!! One room a soccer theme, one room a baseball theme and one room a princess (in a monster truck?). This should be a lot of fun!

Well Done Mikki!! :clap::clap: Don't forget to share the pics with us....and you Sophie... I'll post my cards up later for you.

Doe, hope your car is sorted soon, not fun being without transport, just came back from Cardiff, and although the car has just had new brakeshoes etc fitted, the brakes were iffy coming home, DH was rather worried, his foot almost touching the floor to brake.... so back to the garage for us too it seems....

Had an email from Dawn at work, she cannot get a connection on her home computer, hope it's nowt serious.

07-01-2003, 12:42 PM
Hello all. I'm off to paint yet another model and see what I can accomplish in 3 hours. to prepare, I gave myself caffeine coffee for the first time in months so I'm finding the fingers are flying across the keys. Just sent a note to Karen U and hopefully I'll hook up with her down there on my way back. Of course I'll bring my camera.

EJ - I have thousands and thousands of images for you to choose from if you would like a photo to work from. I don't mind sharing with friends but don't want to post to the entire WC community as I am a photographer and protect my images carefully. (or at least I try).

Sophie - congratulations on the wedding anniversary - and that Vermeer of yours is tremendous!!! I think I saw that exact frame and piece hanging in den Haag when I was there - are you sure you painted that??? tell the truth.... Actually I was so daunted by the results of the entire project I never had the guts to enter.

Doe - good car karma your way.

Mo - happy framing!!! Can't wait to see some photos of your business cards for inspiration for the rest of us.

Mikki - cool commission though I'd have to say Monster Trucks would be an entirely new subject for me. Take lots of photos even though they aren't pastels. I'll want to see them. You'll appreciate this - I have a good friend who is a faux interior painter and has done paintings at Danielle Steele's home in San Francisco to drop just one name. she's also had to paint 30 steps to look like wood and did a fabulous job from what she described. You guys impress me with this type of work.

Kat - skip the grapes - just send us all bottles of wine! Actually the vineyards are gorgeous right now as I saw in Sonoma Valley this weekend.

Sandy - wishing you the best of luck on your outdoor shows. Do keep up posted and if your husband can take some photos of the show exhibit I'm sure we'd appreciate seeing them.

Cheers to all - boy I haven't typed this fast in years - gotta love the power of caffeine!!!

Smudger - almost forgot you - say... get away from that computer and come play with us.

Dawn - good luck - whenever you sign back on.


07-01-2003, 02:45 PM
My building.......it is much more beautiful and dramatic in real life of course.....
The interior burnt out in the 19th century....it just adds to the drama, I feel.....



Sandy - do post some piccy's of the show.....and tell us all about it!!

07-01-2003, 10:11 PM
Well thanks Mo for re-posting Mikki's mural news, since I had missed it too. Congrats Mikki! That's alot of work!

Well, the car is just going to have to be lousy for a couple of weeks and then we're getting a new one. But be careful with those brakes Mo.

Sandy, I missed your post this am, we must have been posting simultaneously. Good luck at your shows and bring some shade with you if you can.

Barb I saw what you did today! Thanks for the car karma but I was into job karma today, the car karma was yesterday and now I'm employed! Yikes, now what - well less painting that's for sure but I'll make up for it in quality.

EJ - I completely forgot to stop and get a Pastel Journal because I was flabbergasted that I'd be hired on the spot and had to go for a drug screening test! It was an entirely new experience and I felt like I was a prisoner or new recruit in the army! "You have 4 minutes to pee in the cup up to and not over the line, voiding any excess into the toilet. Of course you may finish in less than 4 minutes but cannot be in there over 4 minutes." And I kept a straight face! How's the journal?

Oh Kat, I thought for a minute we were school mates briefly. The vineyards sound beautiful though.

Smudge - Dawn went back into the tunnel again!

Sophie that building is awesome - you could live in that fireplace!

07-02-2003, 02:30 AM
Well, you've all been having a fully day! I've done my 40 hours of paid work and am now off until Saturday. We're taking the new tent trailer out for its maiden voyage - just to a local campground where we can pop back home daily to feed the cats. I'm hoping to get lots of plein-air sketching in, with a little different point of view from the usual. Long-range weather report says rain to the east of us, rain to the west of us, rain to the north and south...but our area should be reasonably sunny. If it isn't, we'll just come home early, being sissy campers who don't like the rain.

Mikki, your mural commissions are thrilling! Not one but three, whoopee! And $$$$ yet!!! I hope they're allowing you lots of time so you can recover from your move first.

And, Doe, a job, hooray, and a drug test, ewwww! Good thing you didn't take a little something to steady your nerves during the interview. Working full time does cut into the painting time, but as you're already discovering, there are compensations. First of all, getting some relief from financial worries releases a lot of energy, and then you don't have to worry about making the painting pay, so that leaves you free to paint just as you choose when you do have the time.

Soap, just what is this project you spend so much time on? A degree in architecture, or perhaps interior design? History of Art maybe? That's a very fascinating building. Makes me think of one of those sprawling novels about six or eight generations of a noble family. Your earring girl looks great in the frame, by the way, and is a very able copy. Do cut class and have fun for your anniversary. You'd want him to do that for you, wouldn't you?

Sandy, good luck with your show. It's a lot of work, I know, but don't worry if you don't sell anything. I once spent a whole hot August day at a show at the local Highland Games, with a bagpiper's competition on one side and a pub-band playing "Black Velvet Band" hour after hour on the other. Didn't sell a thing, neither did anyone else (it would have been a miracle if we had, wouldn't it?) The main thing I got out of he experience is knowing I really, really, do love he bagpipes, because it didn't put me off them, and if that won't nothing will.

Mo and Doe, hope your cars hold up as long as necessary. How did we ever get so dependent on them?

Enjoy what's left of the day, everybody!