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03-12-2001, 03:39 PM
The Petersburg Biennale of computer graphics.
In 2002 , a world-wide exhibition of computer graphics is planned at Cultural Center " Pushkinskaya 10 " in St. Petersburg, Russia (www.pushkinsraja-10.spb.ru) . Artists and galleries from all continents will participate. Up to 1000 works are expected to be shown .
All digital artists are invited!
In 2001, an exhibition of computer graphics by the artists from group DIGITAL (Russia) and PODgallery (NY USA) (www.push2001.narod.ru) has already been held in the “Museum of nonconformism art” at the Center .
Fundamental rules
1. Stage of selection of works.
At this stage, every artist sends to the organizing committee, 2 files in jpg format of no more than 30 kb each or his Web address where it is possible to look at his works . After the review of the works by the organizing committee, a decision about involvement of the artist in the Biennale will be taken and an invitation and a program of the Biennale will be sent to him. All conditions of his participation to the exhibition will be detailed in the invitation. Some principles are given below.
2. Participation to the Biennale.
2.1. Free-of-charge.
In this case, after having been invited, the artist sends 1or 2 files in tiff or jpg formats of such dimensions that it will be possible to print works of good quality . The printing is made at the expense of Biennale. In case the jury recognizes it necessary, the participant gives his work for printing of a calendar (only 12 artists from all participantes). After the Biennale, the printed work (not files) becomes the property of the sponsors.
2.2. Paid participation.
The artist prints his work himself ,and pays its insurance and mail services. After completion of the exhibition, the works will be sent back to the artist. The artist does not take part to the award program , the works can not be printed in a calendar.
3. Copyright.
All copyrights are saved. An exception is made for the works selected for printing in the calendar.
The curators of galleries of digital art! Your gallery can be represented as a whole. But the final selection of works is made by the organizing committee. Principles of selection are the same for galleries and separate artists.
Send works and all questions to [email protected]
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