View Full Version : A little experiment

02-11-2001, 04:16 PM
A mixture of bryce and painter 5.5. Looking to see if the mix of computer generated and hand generated elements succeeds.

Thanks for your support!

<img src='http://www.primenet.com/~dhenton/galaxy.jpg'>

"Art is anything you can get away with." -- Marshall McLuhan

02-11-2001, 06:13 PM
The sky around the galaxy is a bit too uniform - try to add some detail/depth to it.

Other than that, I think the experiment is quite successful, but I'm not exactly an expert.


02-11-2001, 10:46 PM
I agree with Ryenke on the sky. Aside from that, I think you blended the elements together well. I especially like the treatment of the reflections on the water. Well done!