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10-28-2000, 05:16 PM
Hi, all.

I am new to the group. I create my digital works in Painter Classic and Photoshop.

I was browsing the alt.fractal-design.painter newsgroup where I came across a thread that said a British magazine called PCFormat, http://www.pcformat.co.uk/ had included a free, licensed copy of Painter 5.5 on their disk of the month in the September 2000 issue. It also said that the disk was available through http://www.gardenhose.com/digarts.htm with a purchase of one of their products.

I decided to take a chance and ordered a copy of Tubular Neon Nozzles from Digarts and held my breath. Four days later, I had the Nozzles, a copy of PCFormat (Issue 112, September 2000) and a licensed copy of Painter 5.5 Web Edition!!! It doesn't come with a paper copy of the manual. Luckily, the full manual is included on the disk in Adobe PDF. All of the 'extras'(additional brushes, patterns, grads. etc.)are included on the disk.

Well, I just wanted to pass this info along. I have been playing with the program for the last two days trying to figure out how to use the various floater options. I anticipate having a lot of fun with this package. I'll post the first complete work that I do in P5.5 here.

Digistyle http://members.nbci.com/digistyle/index.html

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10-29-2000, 11:03 AM
This is the software that I use the most. I never saw a reason to move to 6.0. Can't wait to see the work you do.