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09-05-2000, 03:22 PM
hello all,

I am taking one of graphite drawing, that I have scanned in and coloring it... ( getting uses to color pencels my way ) ):

My question and area of help is can and should I use the kind of pencel strokes that I have read about in color pencels books or not?

what I have done so far looks like some one is sribbling on the picture..

any help ???

Jim Weir

09-05-2000, 04:47 PM
are you drawing on paper then scanning the image, or are you using a tablet to draw? If your are using paper, the question would be at what DPI you are scanning in. If you are using a tablet, I've found that "drawing" with a tablet is hopeless for me, and that I use the tablet to "Paint." A lot of other people are able to sketch using a tablet. See the Craig Mullens demo off the front page for an example.

"Art is anything you can get away with." -- Marshall McLuhan

09-05-2000, 06:39 PM
I scan my drawing into PhotoShop and then create a new layer. In this new layer I trace the drawing and paint it in with the colors that I want. I use a wacom tablet to do the painting on the new layer. My idea is then to turn off the layer that was the drawing that I scanned in.

should I use the same strokes that I am learn how to do in the color pencels books that I am reading or not?

Jim Weir

09-06-2000, 04:34 PM
That's a tuff one. Photoshop isn't necessarily the best software for "artsy" use, that would be Painter 6. On the other hand, Photoshop is IT when it comes to the layer manipulations you are talking about. There is a big difference between natural and digitial media, and in my hands, what is out there in books on natural media doesn't move well into the digital realm. I you should post some of your stuff so we can see what's up!!!

In my case, I tried to identify a general concept from the natural media world, (such as coloring a greyed image) and find an analogous method in the digital realm, (layers with the blending option set to "lighten" or "multiply"). The trick that worked for me was to figure out what I pictures I really liked, and then beat my head against a wall on Photoshop or Painter until I got close. I think trying those strokes would be really cool, then take a look at the effect of reducing the size of the image.

Good Luck.