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08-29-2000, 02:12 PM
I got this info from a mailing list and thought that some of the fine digital artists here at WC might be interested...

Bit by Bit LogoCall for Digital Artists.

Announcing: bit by bit - an all digital visual exhibition of on-screen art that aspires to recognize, promote and reward the best creative and expressive digital work being produced around the world today.

This juried gallery exhibition will be installed on large format monitors in the Main Gallery of the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs, Colorado.
Entries for the show are being accepted online until (the soon arriving)
September 15th at the exhibition's website at: http://www.bitbybitdigital.org

The gallery installation will open on Saturday, October 14th and continue through November 18th, 2000. Computer artists of all levels are encouraged to
participate by visiting the website and uploading entries in one of three categories: still, dynamic and interactive.

Who Should Enter?
fine artists - digital artists - future artists - photographers - editorial illustrators - technical illustrators - 3d artists - print designers - web designers - graphic artists -
students - teachers - ceo's - filmmakers - painters - poets - animators - fractal artists - programmers - sculptors - software magicians - rocket scientists - visionaries - inventors - directors - experimentalists - 21st century netizens & of course : you

Prizes (including a $1,000 best of show award) will be awarded to artists based on quality, skill and originality. Juried prizes include hardware, software and services. Exhibition sponsors include: Wacom, 3D.com & Strata Software, Peachpit Press, Electric Rain, Corel,
Castlewood, www.firesale.com, (http://www.firesale.com,) www.scip.net (http://www.scip.net) and ArtisSoftware.

Along with Colorado's Mel Strawn, Author Sandee Cohen, and Fractal Artist Ken Musgrave, bit by bit is proud to include Graham Nash and Mac Holbert of Nash Editions as jurors for the show.

Visit the website to enter the exhibition and upload artwork online at:


Artworks by Gisela Towner (http://www.artistnation.com/members/paris/gisela)