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06-25-2003, 04:11 AM
Aloha everybody - a new day! Looks like it's gonna be a nice day outside if the haziness would just lift. Worked on my text until late last night, so am a bit hazy myself.
Had my drawing class last night, and it was not that quiet thankfully as another chatty woman came to join us finally. She'd missed a few lessons. We agreed arrogantly a while ago, that is must be British thing to be so quiet and only whisper. She's German and me Dutch, so we go on and on....and try to keep quiet when we're all drawing. LOL We decided to go sketching 'in the fields' someday soon. My drawing went alright, just with pencil. Am trying to 'draw' - just lines, instead of all that shading.

Plans for today? umm.....write some more....play around here at WC and then go to town to look for a dress and go to the library if I can bring myself to be that studious.

Oh, and go to the bank to pay a deposit for a French Gite. How weird that we still cannot pay somebody in Europe in Euro's without troubles and extra costs! Now I have to get a Banker's Draft -- hassle.

Anyway, hope you'll all have good one today!


06-25-2003, 04:27 AM
Good morning.......it looks like a gorgeous day.....one where i wish i wasn't sleeping through it all!........Ah well last night tonight......then lots to do for sunday!.......getting really excited now!
I have a night out with my best friend for her birthday friday night.....and packing on saturday. Thursday I have to get up early and go to the reception class meet for my daughter to start school proper in september.
I have nearly finished the commision castle....found new techniques to use with those pencils! huge learning curves! really enjoying it.....will post when i get a pic done of it.
I'm shattered now so off to bed I go.......................................................have a fab day all.

06-25-2003, 06:48 AM
Morning all:D

Just red eyed it back from NY, had a great time...will tell all later... time for sleep... im so tired..ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

06-25-2003, 07:23 AM
Morning all.... just finished my daily chores, including walking the dog, I'm off to town now to meet my daughter and have lunch and a good natter, we've loads to discuss. :)

Welcome home Smudge, good to see you again, hope you recover from your jetlag soon.

Good luck with the dress hunt Sophie... seeya later.

Have fun.:)

Kathryn Wilson
06-25-2003, 07:23 AM
Up early, early this morning - sun is not even up yet. It's been hot and humid and today won't be any different. Been slacking off on painting this week - get out the whips. I find if I have to push myself to paint, I won't be happy with the end product. So, have been busy doing other art things - reading supply catalogs and art magazines - playing on WC.

Have a great day!

06-25-2003, 08:58 AM
Good morning folks! My plans today are the same as yesterday because I didn't accomplish what I set out to do yesterday - so today I will try to work on a painting. Yesterday I ended up job hunting - and may have been successful, but won't know more until next week. I think it's the lucky bamboo I bought!

Have a great day!

Mikki Petersen
06-25-2003, 12:45 PM
Well, I'm saying good morning here where it is 8:35 am but by my reckoning it must be mid to late afternoon for you all.

Mo., your lunch date with your daughter should be so much fun. The energy of all that enthusiasm will surely rock the restaurant! I so wish I could plan to be at the showing but they haven't yet built a tunnel under the Atlantic...sigh! It's so much fun to chat with artists from all ove the world but the downside is, we will likely never meet in person.

Sophie, have fun looking for something amazing to wear.

Smudger, welcome back to WC! Home your trip was successful.

Angeline, you bring back so many memories. I worked in the Emergency Room of a major metropolitan teaching hospital for thirteen years, five of them on graves. I so remember coming home in total shut down mode. I could not have even looked at a computer until after I slept, LOL! I did love the casual atmosphere of the hospital at night though!

Yesterday I mostly spent the day arranging for utilities start up at the new place and shutting them off here. There is so much to learn about moving to the country...wells, septic, liquid propane... what an adventure this will be! Anyone here ever raised checkens? I have this idea I would like to have chickens and fresh eggs...probably have no idea all the trouble involved.

Today is more packing! As of next Tuesday, DH and I will be homeless and living off our kids for a week, tee hee! Just found out that the record low interest rates on home mortages will net us a $600 savings on the new place over our current mortgage payment! That will help stretch the retirement budget for sure.

Hope everyone is having a terrific day!

06-25-2003, 12:47 PM
Greetings all.

We are having the most fantastic weather and my plein aire painting buddy bugged out on me. Rather than run around and get to that on my own, I think I'll work on a few pastels and finally have something to post here for a change.

Darn - I put my sunscreen on for nothing - just seems like I should go out and go for a long walk instead and bring my camera.

What's a natter? I'm really struggling here you guys.

Oh - forgot to mention it, my teacher called me back yesterday and we worked out some of the issues. I think I understand better what he wants from me so I'm finally feeling a bit better balanced.

Mo - best of luck on getting that show together!!!

PS: Loved the middle of the night chatter at the end of yesterday's scumble.

06-25-2003, 01:32 PM
Evening all............got up with a nice huge bucket of coffee by my side.....now i can take in what I read a bit more......lol

Sophie..........did you find a dress?
Welcome home Smudge.
Bet you had a fab lunch Mo...it's all very exciting!
Kyle.....you watch out looking at those art catalogues.....I always end up buying!
Doe....what job did you go for?....good luck!
Mikki....thats good news about the interst rates for you.....chickens and fresh eggs sound wonderful!Not sure there is much to it appart from making sure you don't loose the chickens!
Bnoonan......a natter is a chat /talk.......I read about your teacher yeasterday.....glad you feel better.

06-25-2003, 04:00 PM
I just got back from ferrying 5 teenaged girls to Moncton (1 1/2 hours from here) to put them on the bus for Prince Edward Island. Hubby's already there; he's in for 3 days of giggling!
On the way I participated in a teeny-weeny miracle. It was a busy 4-lane highway, speed limit 110 kph, most people going faster (that's 70 mph), lots of big trucks. All of a sudden I saw right in front of me a mother partridge leading a whole string of babies sedately across the highway! It was a beautiful sight, but I thought, "aw jeez, I'm going to go right over them"- I couldn't change lanes, there was a car there, no way could I stop in time, and there was a huge truck right behind me.
I drove on the shoulder, hoping I would get there before they did, and I JUST missed them. I looked in the rearview mirror to see the trucker successfully veer to the left, and the cars behind him as well, and the girls were cheering as the whole family made it successfully into the ditch. Whew! I still can't believe nobody hit them.
That's my adventure for the day....the rest of the day will involve laundry and dust bunnies :(.

06-25-2003, 04:16 PM
Sounds pretty exciting Sundiver! I'm glad you didn't hurt them or yourself! ANd ferrying 5 teenagers! Whew! Good for you!

THat's great news Mikki! YOu must be so excited about the move!

Welcome back Smudger! Go restttttzzzzzzzzz..........

Find that dress Sophie!

The rest of you sound busy with life too!

I am tring to chill out a bit now...nice fan blowing on me. Painted this morning in the neighbor's garden....thinking of walking up the street to bug another neighbor about his garden!
Yesterday's watercolor class was fun. I did 3 pears...not great but not as bad as they ight have been. I suppose I should do a little watercoloring before I go back to class next week! :D


06-25-2003, 04:44 PM
Evening all... Gawd I sound like Dixon of Dock Green... Another one for Barb to wonder about. :evil: :D

Well had a great lunch and hours of nattering over umpteen cafe latte's.....then more nattering over the phone when I arrived home, it hasn't stopped. LOL

Doe I didn't know bamboo was lucky... hope it works for you with your job hunting, wishing you all good luck. :)

Mikki we have a gas tank too, they top up every six weeks, no different to town gas, cooks just as efficiently, although we are linked up to main drains and electricity, one drawback being in the sticks is not being able to get cable connection, can only get dial up.... but might be able to get satellite one day who knows.

Friends of mine used to keep chickens, they were great layers, and really big eggs, then one night a fox got to them...they were in a run too...but he managed to get in somehow and killed off a few.

And hey didn't you just meet up with Barb? So nothing is impossible you never know what's in store for us. :)

Barb, glad to hear that about your teacher, maybe he was having an off day, sorry you missed your painting trip too.

Good you are awake and ready to go Hayley, think Smudge is still catching up on his jetlag. ;D

Glad I wasn't in the vehicle with you Wendy... sheesh... glad you all made it safely.....I bet the adrenalin was high.

Sandy I have the desk fan blowing on me right now too, it's heaven..seems you are enjoying your watercolouring.

Sophie did you buy a dress? Come and tell. :)


06-25-2003, 05:20 PM
Hello all - nice warm evening here - It's nice to read everybody's adventures and chit-chat! Those birds on the motorway! Amazing they made it. Mo, I am sure you and your daughter are buzzing! Must be so exciting! Oh, and Mikki, same for you I suppose.....buzzing away and on the move! Into a great house! (it always seems Americans have big houses and loads of land.....so much space there......we are happy with a tiny plot of backyard...LOL) Your place looks very inviting! Lucky you. (am not complaining of my house - am quite happy with it :D)

Well, I did finally go into town today to look for a dress. The plan was to just look and then maybe go back after some thought and with my other half as jury. I soon realised these things are expensive! And also, there is not a lot of choice as most stuff is summer dress and holiday wear now......Anyway....I did find a beautiful skirt which was 50% off (still expensive LOL) but affordable. Bought a top with it. Took it home for the jury (I can still take it back) and the jury voted positive. So, all I need is some glittering decoration for my ears and neck and I am done! Ooohooooo......great......must admit.....I don't enjoy shopping for clothes as much as I used to.....( I sound old LOL)......anyway succcess!

(my other half is now shouting from downstairs that it is sad that I am sharing my dress story with the computer/cyber world LOL......ooh.....don't I have any 'real' friends, instead of cyber ones.....so sad .......LOL ;)

Anyway.....that's my story for the day.......hot and tired but...content.

06-25-2003, 05:41 PM
Oooh a bargain Sophie... glad you got fixed up..... I was going to suggest if you hadn't found anything to try a dress hire shop, but I think they can be quite expensive too.

Hey and tell your significant other we are real friends...cyber yes, but very real. Don't forget we want pics of you in your outfit all dressed up like a dog's dinner :D

06-25-2003, 07:24 PM
Mo, I'm going to start calling this the daily translator.

What's a "dressed up like a dog's dinner "?

And "Dixon of Dock Green"?

Sophie - would love to see the dress - I feel the same way about shopping and sharing my life with all of you here. So what if they don't get it.

Wendy - thanks for saving those little birds and for the smile I got thinking of your husband with 5 teenage girls all giggling. It's so much fun.

Sandy - did you post the watercolor on that forum? I'll have to go investigate to see.

Hayley - thanks for translating the last batch of terms.

Welcome back Smudger - can't wait to hear of your tales.

Off to cool off some before my class tonight - it's about 94 degrees F out - which is hotter than we typically get. (Sorry I'm bad at converting to centigrade).


06-25-2003, 07:45 PM
Okay Barb... 'all dressed up like a dog's dinner'.... it's just a saying that's used when folks dress up in party clothes, clothes you don't wear everyday ... another way of putting it is.......

'All dressed up like a christmas tree' Best bib and tucker and all that.... I'm sure Sophie won't look like a dog's dinner or a christmas tree though. :D:D

'Dixon of Dock Green'..... this was an old TV series about a local bobby.... Jack Warner was the actor... The show would open with him saying 'Evening all' Showing my age now aren't I.? :D:D

Good luck with your class.

Mikki Petersen
06-25-2003, 08:11 PM
Barb, I can't believe you are whining about the heat! Just last week you were looking for a way out of the fog! It's summer, girl, if you aren't fog bound, it gets HOT! LOL:D 94F is nice weather here in the valley. We're over 100F again...

Sophie, we are getting land yes, but the house is a little cottage in the woods, only 1100 square feet (sorry, we Americans don't catch on to the metric system unless we are scientists, LOL.). Most Americans are crammed into the cities here, too. You pretty much have to be farmers or retired to live where you can have land. Our back yard in the house we are selling is just a tiny patch, too. That's why we are soooooooooo excited to be moving to a quiet wooded 3 acre property where you cannot see our house from the road.

Wendy, I'm so glad you didn't have the trauma of wiping out a whole family of birds...but I just shudder at your description of the traffic you were in at the time. Better to loose the birds than you and those five girls...So glad everything worked out.

Sophie, your outfit sounds perfect. If your happy and he's happy that's all that counts! And that you have fun at the event, of course! I too hate shopping for clothes. I mostly buy from catalogs and the internet.

06-25-2003, 09:23 PM
Originally posted by 1mpete
Wendy, I'm so glad you didn't have the trauma of wiping out a whole family of birds...but I just shudder at your description of the traffic you were in at the time. Better to loose the birds than you and those five girls...So glad everything worked out.

Oh, I didn't even swerve, just did a quick lane change, except onto the shoulder, which was paved. I've seen more reckless driving most days during rush hour! I knew I had precious cargo. I don't think anyone else swerved either. Everybody's reflexes just happened to be perfect at that moment, luckily for the partridge family!

Sophie, last time I looked I was all too real! And I would have trouble shopping for a gala, if I ever went to one, so I'm glad your quest was successful and look forward to pictures!