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06-24-2003, 04:38 AM
A VERY good morning to you all (and especially to Mo),

This is Mo-Day as I am so excited for her! I mean, really.....get serious.....those swans of hers should bring her a fortune, don't you all agree? Don't sell it cheap Mo!

What's the day like.......looking out of the window of my study.......grey and boring........the school down the road is just about to start and loads of cars with parents and kids are passing by. Am gonna write some more today....and will have drawing class tonight. Last week did not go very well as I could not get proportions right, but tonight I hope to make it difficult for myself again and focus on those darn proportions.

No more news really....just another day behind a desk and a computer.....(would rather be behind an easel......ooh....the day I could be a full time artist.....sigh)

How are you all doing?

06-24-2003, 04:52 AM
Good morning Sophie.
I'm just about to go to bed after working last night.
Our computer is a tad wonky..........found it's not doing the system restore......something has got us dispite an anti-virus running and a fire wall!
Ah well hubby has the job of sorting that one out.
My friend saw my next castle in progress and was pleased.......so all is well in the world.........oh and i have been asked at work to go proper full time on contract........so that will be better as i will be covered for holidays and sickness....i must be mad!

06-24-2003, 06:50 AM
Oh, a Daily Scumble thread - exactly what I need today!:)

I have nothing new to post, in fact haven't seen my pastels in a month, but I'm back! (if anyone remembers me... )

We moved from NJ to Linköping, Sweden four weeks ago - the town where both I and my husband grew up. We've been staying with my inlaws until now, waiting for all our stuff to arrive. Last week it finally got here, and we moved in this past weekend. Our boys were thrilled to see their own cribs, and all their toys again!

Almost all the unpacking is done, but unfortunately we seem to have more stuff than space to put it, moving from a townhouse to a two bedroom apartment :(. Other than that, our new home is great - lots of light with windows in all directions, a large living room where a 19-month-old can gain quite a fair amount of speed, a nice playground outside the entrance, and walking distance to the town center.

It's so nice to 'see' you all again, and catch up with the threads! Hoping to get back to painting soon again


Kathryn Wilson
06-24-2003, 07:40 AM
Good Morning Everybody from the east coast of the US: Today promises to be hot and clear, although it will be overcast here until about 10:00 with our usual morning clouds.

Up very early for me, but couldn't sleep. Been working out in my little pea brain what I am going to tackle next. Want to start selling some of my things on Ebay and not coming up with a good name. Any suggestions? I know Ebay has been tough lately so am prepared for disappointment, but things do usually pick up in the fall.

Hope everyone has a productive day! :D

06-24-2003, 08:24 AM
Of course we remember you Gunilla! Welcome back! Gosh, that sounds like quite a move! I hope you can find and unpack your pastels soon (good to take a break from moving hassles :D) and see some great portraits and such from your hands.

06-24-2003, 09:10 AM
Hi everybody and welcome back Guni!

It's supposed to be a rain free day here - so I have to get a walk in and work more on a pastel in progress, before the flowers die.
I'm using a FULL SHEET of Canson - very unlike me since I just don't like framing large pieces. However, I've noticed an old watercolor in a large frame that has dropped off the backing (must have been improperly mounted) so I might replace it with this pastel.

Have a great day!

06-24-2003, 09:55 AM
Hello friends ... welcome back Gunilla! ... and congratulations to Mo on her exhibition :) ...

Got my life class tonight ... skipped it last week because I was too tired. I am not finding enough time lately for the important and enjoyable things [husband, pastels, reading, cooking] and it's hard to maintain my enthusiasm for evening classes.

It's lunchtime now and here at work we've been madly validating the beta release of our online information service, which is being relaunched with new-and-improved functionality. Stressful yet boring ... who'd have thought such a combination was possible? :D

Last Friday, a few of us here at the office held an arty get-together in our lunch hour. One colleague gave us a slide show of his digital photographs ... another is learning to draw and she showed us her first portrait drawing in graphite ... I let people see one or two of my pastels and demonstrated WetCanvas for them ~ told them how much help and support is available on here :) We are going to hold similar meetups in future lunchtimes! A cool way to escape work for an hour.

06-24-2003, 12:47 PM
Although it's sunny and glorious outside, I'm slow to wake up and fit into the day. In a bit of a funk and yet it's a good one. Please allow me to go on as I sort out my issues but no need to respond - it's mostly a ramble to talk it out.

Last night I got into a heated discussion with my oil painting teacher about styles of work and although his intentions were in the right place, he's difficult to understand at times and I found out I was taking it a bit too personal. I brought in a book from one of the teachers I had taken a workshop with. He told me he had mixed feelings about his works. I've been taking classes with others in the city and also mentioned other artists and he's also torn them apart as well. I can't figure out if it's his insecurities or if I really am not getting his point. I don't want to write him off as being too opinionated and insecure and yet I find my opinion of him fluctuates as well. I lose respect of him when he's so adverse to anyone I think is pretty talented.

I've learned a lot from this guy and yet have been torn lately about going to his class. It's not as much fun when I feel like I have to defend anything I say or like. He's well recognized and on the cover of artists magazines so I know he's valid - but why be so abrasive and strong in knocking others down? I just don't get it.

Enough - I've got to decide if I want to continue and see what else I can learn from him or not.

Thanks for letting me vent- Barb

Kathryn Wilson
06-24-2003, 12:59 PM
Usually when someone knocks others down all the time, they are insecure about themselves - makes them feel better to belittle others. hmmmm . . .

Take what you can from his class, then move on. Painting is supposed to be a joyful time - feeling badly certainly can't help the creativity process.

06-24-2003, 01:03 PM
kat - thanks I totally agree. when I went in there I was feeling so happy and wanting to paint and then I left feeling "slimed". I agree - I think it's his own neurosis but I want to make sure I'm not missing something.


06-24-2003, 01:36 PM
Gosh, I thought I had a negative art class, as in mine nobody really speaks at all......LOL......suppose that's better than this.....LOL....

Indeed, Barb.....learn what you can as long as you can....then go. Just don't go into discussions with him anymore as it distracts you from what you came to do....create.

06-24-2003, 01:39 PM
Unfortunately I do have to have these discussions with him - though I've tried to avoid them.

I figure I'll only have next week for sure - then he goes away for a month - and then I go away for a few weeks and perhaps in September I'll be onto something different.

I keep trying to tell myself that if he didn't care, he wouldn't say anything at all.


06-24-2003, 01:44 PM
I keep trying to tell myself that if he didn't care, he wouldn't say anything at all.

Well, if you ask me (but what do I know) he comes across, not as somebody who cares, but as somebody who does really like to be heard. Kyle is right - he is probably just insecure and has a really bad way of showing it. Annoying enough though.

Sounds like you've got a good plan.

Am now off to my silent life drawing class ;)

06-24-2003, 01:45 PM
Sophie - don't worry about the quiet - it's perhaps just a bit of time before everyone will talk more. all it takes is a few of similiar personalities and it will strike up. that's happened to me before too - not to worry.


06-24-2003, 05:38 PM
Hi everyone,

I think its way past all your bedtimes, its 11.04 pm here in germany but if anyone reads this, i just want to say i think we are all spoilt by wet canvas, i know when i go to my art class and start talking wet canvas everybody tries to shut me up, there all so one way orientated, and i think we have the benefit of being more outgoing, asking more and getting more, sorry for the outburst but i think ´d rather come on here than go to a class..............well most of the time LOL I like to see people now and again..........we have pretty high standards here and don´t accept everything we are told from lectures in classes cos we have such good people here who help us, yeah ok, that was it, and goodnight LOL

06-24-2003, 06:22 PM
I agree with what flower said. WetCanvas is WAAAAY more positive than most , what shall I call it?- arteeste environments. There's a lot of ego, elitism , backstabbing. and nose-in-the-air stuff. I don't know why. It just makes WetCanvas all the more inviting. We have respected and reknowned professionals in here who freely give advice and encouragement to the rest of us .
WC rocks!
(and,flower, it's nowhere near bedtime here, 5 hours earlier than you!:D

06-24-2003, 07:02 PM
G'evening all, it's almost tomorrow here, just another hour to go. LOL

Sophie thanks for the support, and I won't sell cheap promise, that's of course if I sell, there's no guarantee unfortunately.

Welcome back Gunilla, good to see you again.

Barb been reading what you said, that's such a shame, the first thing that stuck me was he's insecure. You say you've learned a lot from him, and maybe because you are in his class, he objects to others teaching methods, some are like that want you only to learn their way.... is this insecurity or professional jealousy? Dunno, but if it's making you unhappy, then look elsewhere otherwise you could get soured.

Not bedtime for me yet Flower, it's only 11.10.p.m. lots of hours left yet. :D

06-24-2003, 07:35 PM

Guess what, i´ve got my no sleeping hat on its 12.35 am and i´ve come back on here, can´t sleep, just read your lovely comments and am motivated, can´t paint cos its too dark but its nice to know you´re all going when i´m sleeping, going to try chat again for about 15 minutes then its in bed for me, have a nice day/evening all bis bald which means in english till later......................................

06-24-2003, 08:03 PM
Nos Star Patricia...which means in Welsh...goodnight.:)


06-25-2003, 04:01 AM
shuddup ....... which means in English........ Shut Up!! ....... how can I sleep with you lot yakking :D ;)