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06-07-2012, 04:30 PM

Title: Pfff ...... not now!
Year Created:
Medium: Oil
Surface: Canvas
Dimension: 40x50 cm
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

A poem (of my hand) was originally accompanying this painting I did in 2011. Because it is in Dutch I won't bother putting it down here. Since I'm a slow painter, and I wanted to show you something, here's a work from 2011.

One of my goals was to elicit a smile on your face. Does it?
Does cartoonism goes along with painting in this form?
Any other crits and comments will be appreciated.

06-07-2012, 05:10 PM
Wow, Coen, this is great! It's so clever! And yes, it did made me smile! I really enjoy your style, it is a bit cartoony but it's masterfully done! I love the texture in the wood in the background, and the mice are great! The white mouse if perfect, just stilized enough but yet so realistic.

I'm sorry I can't give you a more constructive feedback, I don't quite feel I'm the position of critiquing this I think your technique is far better than mine anyway, kudos anyway!


06-08-2012, 02:43 AM
wonderful whimsy, you had me looking for quite a while and i expect this was a lot of fun to work.

couple things that strike me a tad odd ... in such an odd painting, haha ...

where rat tail meets body meets ear (is this just too lined up?),

where tail leaves canvas (could be cool 'cause it could be linked all the way around to the paint brush),(could be bad 'cause it shoots me out of the canvas and it's nothing of a chore to sneak it back in again, with a little ink on the end of it),

rat body (it is a rat, right?), should it cast a shadow onto the sky or is it emerging from the sky,

note paper, so blank, oh so blank, please write me ...

difficult to assess such works, so subjective, i didn't smile, was/am more intrigued, but critically that's what popped out for me ... oh, and the mouth of 'sir', lines up quite precisely with the floor boards, is that intentional?


06-08-2012, 01:59 PM
awesome skill and lot's o' fun. Suggest that the trompe l'oil wood background seems a little too soft, as if an out of focus photo. Adding some edges might help. And let's see the Dutch poem. We've got Bablefish and google translate.

Jody Schmidt
06-08-2012, 05:29 PM
Knew this was worth looking at as soon as I realized it wasn't a crooked photograph of a painting on a hardwood floor but, rather, was a photograph of a painting in and of itself! Messing with the expectation of pictorial space always leads to unexpected perceptions.
And, just had to make sure this was done by the same person who did Safe in the Middle, cause the style is recognizable. It is. You are him!

You definitely use technical aptitude and a graphical style to give believability to absurd images, but not in a surrealist way, but in more of a found art collage way, so you are heading toward something more novel and not retreading familiar pathways, which is always important because it may be what matters ultimately.
The white rat, piece or paper, turquoise cloth and paintbrush all more or less resemble consistent reality. The rest does not! And, the non-absurd elements are all on the left side of the painting. Significant? Not sure.

The buffoonish caricature portrait, the mouse posing as if at a tourist attraction, the other mouse standing atop the hair, as if a part of the portrait, but sniffing at the rat who is obviously not a part of the portrait. Add to that the bubbles, the kerchief flowing off the portrait and onto the wooden surface, and the strange parallel between the painted sky in the caricature portait and the rumpled turquoise cloth and the result is pure Wonderland illogic.

Very nice!

06-09-2012, 05:51 AM
@ AntonioBernal: Thanks very much, but your too modest, my friend. Your definitely in the position of supplying critique, according to the making of Stargazer! (But in fact, anybody is, I believe, you don't even need to be a painter, you need to be an observer). Still I love to read your comment ofcourse!
@ La: Thanks very much. I appreciate you taking great efforts in commenting my work. Yes, it was a lot of fun making this one.
To me, the tail and ear are not bothering each other. The tail leaving the canvas: You're right, a chance missed I should have scored, another way of giving reality a twist! In future work I'll try to think of your comment.
It is a rat indeed, La. Don't know about the shadow it casts. Maybe it should have been more prominent on the wooden surface, instead of on the air. Thanks again!
@ tgsloth: Thank you! You're right about the wooden surface. It should contain sharper edges. In this one it's too late, it's varnished already, in future work I shall try to take your comment with me.
The poem rhymes, in Dutch, so the translation will leave nothing I'm afraid.
@ Jody Schmidt: Appreciating one anothers work when it's so different. Life is funny. Thank you very much in taking so much effort in commenting on my work.
I like your description of my work (and not just because it's flattering!:) ). Collage fits, surreality doesn't. The originality-level is important to me, so that's what I'm trying to acchieve.
So the left side does dominates the right: it's not intended, Jody, but I will read Freud once again during summerreces.:crossfingers:
Finally and I'm quoting: 'pure Wonderland illogic'. You made my day!