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This is my 1st post in this forum. I had originally posted this in the drawing and sketching forum and it was suggested that I might want to post it here.

Before we left I found a Moleskin City Directory sketch book 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. Neat little book for traveling to a new place and many cities covered. It comes with a set of key maps and tab pages, labels etc to organize food, places etc.

Thought I would start this thread out with my basic travel set the one thing missing is my Sharpie silver refillable pen. (Missing since I got home, think niece has it :( )





Much of my book is writing notes at many different museums, that I have to go back and make sketches some sketches of.

This is the thread that I started in drawing.


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Welcome. Thanks for posting. This is a great little travel journal. Your little sketch kit is delightful.

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Cool sketching set. . . the one looks like a Sakura Koi box, but curious what brand is the other one?

Nice work on the castle!

Joan T
06-04-2012, 12:42 PM
Welcome!!! Nice sketching setup. Looks like a nice way to journal about your travels.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome! Great work :)

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Thanks for all the welcomes :)
Yes, big one is Sakura Koi box and I love it. the little one is a Windsor Newton one I picked up in England.

I have been working on finishing up and refining some of my sketches in this journal since I have to turn this one in for a grade. This was a college trip and the sketch book is part of my grade.

Here are some of the ones I have finalized.

some folks on the subway as we traveled into the city for the 1st day. The gentleman was sitting in front of me and I think I made him nervous with my sketching

Our drawing instructor wanted us to sketch some of the paintings we liked as we went through the museum. I sketched a few, but took pictures more than sketched. Hard for me to spend too much time sitting in one spot in a place I may never be again and spend hours sketching. If it was a local museum or they did not allow photos which some did not. that would be different.


another Painting one by Guido Reni, St Jerome. and part of the plant that was in our courtyard at the B&B we stayed at in Klosterneuburg.



a little village area nestled in the valley of the foot hills of the Alps on the way to Prague by train, and another painting from a museum Egon Schiele the Four Trees 1917. Found I really liked a lot of Schiele's works, not so much the erotic ones but so many others. Come to find out over 1/2 of his vast works were landscapes though not as popular as his nudes are really beautiful. And I enjoyed his works way more than Klimts that every one else was so in love with. I came home with a huge book of Schiele's landscapes but this one I saw in person at the Belvedere in Vienna

06-07-2012, 02:16 PM
Our Art History Teacher is originally from just outside of Vienna so we had a really personal guided tour. Which made for a very fast paced and packed tour of what would take a normal tourist several weeks (way more than our 2 weeks) or trips to accomplish.

I hope it is ok to re post some of the ones I posted in the drawing thread here as it appears a dead thread and I know some folks don't like to click links.


Hundertwasser haus is a very unique apartment complex that Friedenareich Hundertwasser a famous architect got the city of Vienna to allow him to build. He believed that even in an apartment complex that people deserved to have it individualized he had each contractor design each apartment according to their likes and much of it has crooked floors.

The red mouse, What can I say, saw it at the Mumok in Vienna, sorry but I was hard pressed to find much in that Museum that interested me. They had a couple of Andy Warhol and a few pieces, but what struck me about this red mouse was that the guy that did it was obsessed with this one form.

If I did not learn any thing else from this trip. I learned this one thing. I may not be the best artist in the world may not even be good, but there is always some one out there that likes some thing you do and finds value in it, no matter how bad you think it is. And there is always "Important" works out there that yours could be classified better than in some one's eyes. It truly is a world where one mans trash is another's treasure



We went to the Opera on the 1st Monday there, and saw Salome, or should I say listened to it. We sat in the side boxes closest to the stage and about 3 floors up so unless we stoop over the railing we could only see the walls above the stage or the folks in the boxes across from us. A case of there to be seen boxes not to see. LOL


the pic on left was of the archway in Pargue behind the Tin Cathedral from my bed room window.

06-07-2012, 04:51 PM
I have a book on Hundertwasser (Taschen is the publisher if you are interested in seeking it out) - a fascinating man with ideas ahead of his time.

You learn a lot sketching work in museums - it intensifies the way you look at a painting.

Good luck with your course.

06-07-2012, 05:30 PM
Fascinating travel sketches. Thanks for sharing some of the background information too.

06-07-2012, 08:03 PM
Thanks vhere, thanks for the book reference. I really enjoyed the trip through the museum dedicated to him and reading many of his ideas and sayings. And thanks for the reminder that sketching helps to focus on the painting.

Thanks DrDebby.

I still have a few more to add to this thread.

The one on the left I wish I that I could have colored it or taken better notes on the coloring while I was in the museum as I can not find it on the web and it was in a museum that no pic allowed. The drawing instructor was kind of shocked that I liked this one as it is not what I typically gravitate to.


To more art works



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While we were at the Gugging Museum. They were having an August Wella show. The teacher got into some kind of video and the rest of us sat outside in the sun shine.




reconstructed buildins at the ruins


Roman Ruins of Carnumtum


Left a color drawing of the Building at the Roman Ruins and a Sketch of the rose bush in the corner of the courtyard at the B&B on the right.

06-07-2012, 08:34 PM
The last 2 in the book. Not sure how many more I will do before I turn it in. I have a lot of stuff written that I want to look up and go back and study more. and Yes you are right in the sketching does help get to know the works better. But we were doing 2 and 3 Museums a day out of the top 150 things to do in Vienna we hit 90% of those and that did not cover every thing we saw. So I did not feel I could spend as much time with each painting as i would have liked to or I would not get to see every thing that I possibly could in each place.


Left a reflection in the glass table at the B&B and right the view out the little breakfast window.

My last day there we had free and I wanted to do the Mozart tour. Well needless to say they only conduct those a few times a month and I missed it but I tried to do it myself in the little time my nice left me after dragging around with her for the morning.


Took a while to get to the 2 graveyards, the Central graveyard where Beethoven and a bunch of others are burred and where Mozart's city supplied marker is. Then to the old cemetery where he is actually buried in an unmarked mass grave. Not really a paupers burial but how every one was buried at the time due to the law at the time. No funeral, mass grave, no markers. This marker was constructed on the mass sight by one of the graveyard workers from bits and pieces of broken stones laying around the cemetery. I was able to take some time before I had to get back to sit in the grass and do a quick sketch of it.

Thank you all for looking at my sketch book and making comments. It really means a lot.

06-08-2012, 12:36 AM
These are great. Thanks for posting and sharing your work. Keep them coming.


06-08-2012, 12:11 PM
That's a very nice sketch book for a hillbilly from Mississippi. Haha, I enjoyed looking Dejaa !

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Hey Raymo,

where have you been honey, some folks in the Quick Dry Cafe have been missing you :) you might want to stop in and let them know your ok.

Huggs and thanks

PS. I'm a river rat, no hills in the Delta.

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Even if the sketches weren't quite up to what you wanted, they are still a wonderful reminder of your trip and all the things you were able to see.

Joan T
06-09-2012, 12:02 PM
It is so hard to be touring and sketching at the same time. You always feel like you're missing out on one or the other. Thanks for posting these! I've enjoyed seeing your sketches of life on the tour as well as the paintings you enjoyed at the museums.