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Shirl Parker
06-01-2012, 12:02 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to the Scumble, our monthly chat thread where we share the happenings of our everyday lives! I hope you will all chime in and look forward to hearing about them.

Hi Robert.


06-01-2012, 04:48 AM
SOOOO tired.... we were awoken at 4:30 this morning by our bed suddenly collapsing. :eek: :eek: :eek:

06-01-2012, 09:09 AM
oh no Mercy!! I would be dead on my feet if that were me. It's raining here, and is the perfect weather for sleeping...I pushed back my alarm 4 times before I got up and eventually dragged myself out of bed. 20 minutes to get ready for work? no problem! ehehe

Mary Robinson
06-01-2012, 10:37 AM
Horrible way to have wake up, Mercy. I don't think I could be ready for work in 20 mins, Angie. When I lived in Los Angeles, used to take me 2 and 1/2 hours just to get to work and I was only about 30 miles away. I have to say I don't miss those days any at all. Living out here in the boonies in OK is wonderful, so peaceful and quiet. My biggest problem at the moment is going through 6 hard drives of photos from our days as truck drivers and trying to figure out what to paint next! I feel very blessed this morning.

06-01-2012, 01:24 PM
Dead on my feet is a good word for how I am right now. I can't believe I've managed to type two whole complete sentences.

CM Neidhofer
06-02-2012, 07:44 AM
Heading out for the Denver Peoples' Fair later this morning, before it gets too hot! Looking for my next new bouquet of roses from the fair. Have a dozen made from feathers, another dozen from wire/mesh like material and a dozen made from birchbark. Wondering what this year's will be! :clap:

06-02-2012, 01:51 PM
I am so excited! I am bringing my pastels and coloured pencils back into my newly fitted office/studio today!

OK, so its not quite done, there are some drawers and a door still to be made, but its usable again. Below is a picture of the office corner of the room.


The counter top goes around the next corner and all the way down the window wall, with a kneehole in front of the window where I will paint.

I am a happy girl today. But I can't stay here gossiping, I have pastels to move. :)



06-02-2012, 02:07 PM
Mecy hope you and the bed have recovered!
Hope you all got a a lazy lie in this morning except Christine who is up and away searching for amazing roses!
Carol I am sooooooooo jealous. What a wonderful setup and so worth the wait! Have a ball setting up all your pastels and then have at it. No more excuses! I see lots of room for more pastels!
I guess Robert is really feeling poorly as he has been so quiet. Hope he gets better soon as I miss his cheery chatter. I am so glad he has Ari to keep him company. :grouphug: Robert!

CM Neidhofer
06-02-2012, 06:23 PM
Mecy hope you and the bed have recovered!
Hope you all got a a lazy lie in this morning except Christine who is up and away searching for amazing roses!
Carol I am sooooooooo jealous. What a wonderful setup and so worth the wait! Have a ball setting up all your pastels and then have at it. No more excuses! I see lots of room for more pastels!
I guess Robert is really feeling poorly as he has been so quiet. Hope he gets better soon as I miss his cheery chatter. I am so glad he has Ari to keep him company. :grouphug: Robert!

Didn't find any roses today. I must've gotten them at the Taste of Colorado, which will be Labor Day weekend. I think Taste of Colorado is a bigger event than the Peoples' Fair. Today's booths had a lot of jewelry and trinkets and hats and leather goods and all that stuff. Ah well, maybe I'll have to make some "paper" roses! lol...Marie Osmond....Paper roses....paper roses....:music: :music: :music: :music: :lol: I think I need a nap! lol

06-03-2012, 12:34 AM
Oh bad luck Christine! I would love to see what you came up with.
Well Carol inspired me to organize all my pastels and get them broken in half and sort them into colours. I have a set of three wooden drawers from Dakota and they and my pastel pencils just fitted into them. I can't buy even one more pastel as I am full up!! I don't know if I will ever be able to sort them into values but they are certainly better than they were. I will send a photo when my computer is working again. DH is installing new stuff and updating. I won't be happy as I will have to relearn stuff but hopefully this will get rid of the dropping online problem.

06-03-2012, 01:16 PM
No new bed yet, but we bought a used car today (we haven't had a car since our old one died on the Autobahn (read: interstate for USians) two years ago in 100 degree heat.)

06-03-2012, 03:00 PM
Mercy that has happened to me before, actually a couple times at least. When I was a little girl I slept in a small bed, I guess a child sized bed that had been my mothers. Now i'm # 10 of 11 and many of my siblings had used it before me and it just gave out one night. Gave me scare! then several years ago my boyfriend at the time(single now) made me a bed out of lumber that was on the property. I have a heavy memory foam mattress and at some point the bed gave way and down I went. He never was too handy at stuff like that:P

I can't believe your car broke down on the autoban. I have heard stories of how fast the drivers are on that. If I were there I'm not sure I could drive on it, too scary!

Yay! for new studio and boy does that look great! You will have lots of space to organize your supplies. My studio looks like a hurricane went through it. I have nothing for organization yet except one of those Todd Reifer workstations. It stores my pan pastels and different mediums for different things like acryllic(which I haven't used in years but the mediums can be used for other things like glue for collages(which I still haven't done yet.) and it stores my oil paints in the top drawer. i gave them a go but need to seriously learn more as I can't figure out how to paint a painting in one session without producing mud. And I want a thicker application so you can see the brushstrokes etc. i know daily painters can do this so I just need to learn the right techniques. i'm going at it blind as i've never used them before. And the top is closed so I can put my big Dakota box of pastels on it and then I have a narrow folding table that I put my other working pastels on and store the rest in a bin underneath.

I have too many pastels right now and need some sort of storage system. i got one of those Dakota trays that have the screen and dividers to put pastels on and has an oven tray underneath it to catch the dust. i have not had the time or energy to arrange some pastels on it to see if I like it. I got it in the swap shop. If I like it I will buy more as they are stackable and would save lots of space. I also have these cubes that I can stack to make a low storage system for things like my still life objects and books etc. But, they have to be assembled, so have been sitting in their boxes in the living room (that is not used for anything but storage). I have a friend who is good at putting things together so she has volunteered to put together my easel that I got back in Jan. and help with the cubes. They will go along one side of the studio and will help a lot but I will still need something to store my boxes of paper etc. I would love a flat file on wheels but they are so expensive!

In other news, my income goes down in half as of the next payment on the 14th. It's alimony from my ex and it will only last for 5 more years and then I will have no income unless i can get SSI(as I'm disabled like Robert is). I can't get regular disability as I was a stay at home mom for 14 years of my marriage(i worked when my ex was in medical school to support us). So I have not worked enough quarters in the past 10 years. I did get in touch with my lawyer from the divorce and sent her the divorce decree to see if I could have it extended for life which in most cases you can. But, either his lawyer was really smart or he was and there is a clause in it that it can't be changed at all. I don't remember that clause but it will make life very difficult for me until I can get half of his SS at retirement age. I will be 55 when the money runs out.

So, this brings me to something that was kind of dropped on me last night. I have a good online friend who is in my FMS chat group and we talk on the phone every week. He is the only guy in our group and has many medical issues like many of us. But, he knows about my money situation and is a very kind and loving friend. He asked me how i would feel about moving to North Carolina just 18 miles from Raleigh. I could live in his house rent free(he almost has it paid off) and He lives in the smaller guest house in the back of the property. He said to not read into it that he wants to have a relationship other than friendship unless of course that ends up happening and he has no expectations of that. But, we both understand that there are days that we can barely get out of bed much less get anything done(today is one of those days for me). He told me we didn't have to rush into anything and that I should think about it. I'm such a mush I started crying when he told me all of this because how many people do you know who would offer you their home(which he could rent out for some income) and to live there without having to pay any rent? Not many that I know of, though I have some wonderful friends. I have people telling me to beg my ex to extend the alimony and i know there is no way in h*** that he would even consider it. I mean that is why the clause is in there.

So, I have a lot to think about and it is a bit overwhelming. I do love it here in S. AZ. love the desert and mountains etc. i live in the high desert so it's not as nice as the regular Sonoran desert but it is about 10 degrees cooler than Tucson is. However, I have heard that North Carolina has decent temps(I really am heat intolerant and spend most of the summer in the house with AC. Have also heard how beautiful it is there.

It would mean leaving my friends and community here and starting over. My kids live in MN, and when my son gets out of the army he too will go back there to live. I tried living there last year and it was really so difficult health wise. Not only did i not have a doctor who understood my health issues(I ended up keeping my doctor down here and traveling down at least twice to get an exam so he could renew my meds). But, my friend in NC has a good doctor whom i could probably see and he has a good pain clinic that he goes to so I might be able to do that too. I am currently on pain meds and wouldn't get through most days without them. Of course they don't take it all away but they make it tolerable enough to be able to function most of the time.

Lots to think about. There is also a room that I could use for my studio in the house etc. And it makes sense from a financial perspective. And he is a good friend and I know we would get along great without needing to be around each other constantly. We both like our privacy and we both need to lay down during the day etc.; so there is a built in understanding about that.

Still, I have to think about this a lot and am kind of overwhelmed still about this. It will take time to process!


06-07-2012, 07:28 PM
Sara, that's so wonderful your friend wants you to move in with him. That would make it easier to live on a lower income. It sounds like it could be great. It might help to go out there and visit him for a while. See the house, meet in person, spend time together, feel the air, get the feel of what people are like in the new place.

It could be a good stable situation. If he lives in the smaller house for ease of keeping up activities of daily living, having a caretaker in the main house will literally reduce his upkeep and expenses. It sounds like a win-win. You're making the right choice by taking your time with the choice. If it's not an emergency move, it can happen more gradually. Maybe go visit him for a while without completely pulling up stakes to see how it works out?

Mercy, it's trippy when beds break like that. I've had it happen a few times in my life with old beds and it's always at least startling.

My baby sister used to break her crib when she was a baby. Before she could even walk, she would pull herself up by the rails and jump up and down, sort of like pull ups deliberately slamming down as hard as she could. She wasn't scared when it happened. My parents were three times as scared as she was, she sat in the wreckage and giggled because she'd been trying to do that. She was just using her favorite escape method to get out of Baby Jail, she really hated those railings.

Dad gave up on fixing it after a few months and just got out the other bunk bed that hadn't been assembled yet. So she got a child bed early and quit breaking out because she could get out of bed on her own. She got the bottom of course. Her bed was almost on the floor so she wouldn't hurt herself.

A few months ago, Ari was doing his trampoline act on our bed. I've got a two inch mattress pad on it. He likes to jump up and down while chasing his tail in circles, then pounce on pillows, throw them in the air and pounce on them again. He got so rowdy that he literally threw the mattress pad off the bed - he went from throwing pillows to throwing mattresses. The look on his face when he landed on top of that mattress on the floor was priceless. He wasn't expecting it.

Carol - your new studio and cabinets are so fine! That's a glorious work space. Congratulations on being able to start using it. That's a wonderful place. I know we'll see lots of gorgeous paintings from you. Now just to make all of us feel human again, take some new photos when you're done moving in and you've got the usual colorful mess that develops organically from painting in one place more than three or four hours. Please post messy studio photos so we don't think you've secretly got Mrs. Weasley's wand in one of the drawers! That's what it looks like now, but I know that's just because it's new and you haven't even put everything away yet.

New storage spaces are always a joy and so is getting to spread out while painting.

Jen, purries, that's only some of what happened. A lot of why I've been very quiet lately is that I'm having trouble getting into WC forums. Especially this one. I open the site, click to get into it and don't see the subforums or don't see any threads. I try again and again. Sometimes it takes half an hour or more to actually get to post and sometimes I get too frustrated and give up. But I'll keep trying. I missed everyone too much.

Other than that, I finally got up the gumption for Rob's Latest Get Rich Slow Scheme. Yep. The one I was trying to fund by selling enough art to pay for print on demand. I just finished 26 hours of editing and did the second draft of The Sword of Arkatyr. This is a traditional fantasy novel in a world of dragons, elves, magic swords and magicians. My hero is a royal B-word (illegitimate son of a village tart), my bad guy made himself one even though he had everything in the world my hero ever wanted.

Or it's a deeply emotional, poetic novel about fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, siblings and friends, trust and love in all its forms. It's both. I grew up to be a science fiction writer because of Ray Bradbury, who left this world with the once in a century Venus Transit.

Ray Bradbury taught me what it means to be a Science Fiction Writer. Both in his life and his work, Ray Bradbury was always there at the worst times. He's gone now, but he'll never be gone. I can replace my copy of Death is a Lonely Business, the one I reread in the 80s anytime my pain, stress and exhaustion ran so high I wanted to kill myself. The Martian Chronicles are forever. Dark my neighbors are, and golden eyed.

In the loneliest, most painful, most despairing parts of my bitter youth, Ray Bradbury sang to me and told me I was a pretty good Martian, it didn't matter what the Earthlings thought. He underlined that metaphor again in Death is a Lonely Business, where his young writer-character got called "The Martian" by his neighbors for the content of his books. In Something Wicked This Way Comes, he gave me the childhood I never had and seamed it perfectly with the one I did.

I tried to write to him more than once. I never had the money to buy a copy of Raven Dance for him and ship it to him with a note. I wanted to, life happened and I never got to shake his hand.

Now he's gone and there will be no more ever, except that me and everyone else who's been inspired by his stories will come roaring up like ten thousand dandelions good for making wine. I've got to pass it on. That's what I owe Ray, more than anything else.

Yeah, I cried. I'm not going to keep deleting and rewriting this post. That's who I am and what Ray Bradbury was to me.

06-07-2012, 09:31 PM
I know Ray Bradbury would be tickled and proud of you to know that he had such an positive influence on you. I am glad you had him to brighten your dark days. He probably saved you so we could have your benevolent and creative presence here on Wet Canvas. It would be wonderful if your stories could give hope to another child or adult in a bad situation.
I am very glad you made it through those times to be a friend and mentor to all of us here. :grouphug:

06-07-2012, 09:58 PM
Jen: I couldn't have said it better myself!

06-08-2012, 08:29 PM
Whooops! This is a rest day. After going out three days in a row, I'm taking it easy. I started a long post, thought it got too long, cut it and rewrote it a bunch of times - so long that I got logged out and lost the whole thing on the final version.

Purr thank you. I just realized why I'm not sad today. Ray Bradbury's final message was his death itself. He finished his life with a perfect flourish, letting go on the Venus Transit the same way that Sam Clemens arrived and left with Halley's Comet. The story of his life is complete and the very last lesson I'm taking to heart, it's not to fear the end that's the same for all stories. I've got a long way to go before I'm old enough my life's complete and I hope to smoke Marlboros on my 100th birthday.

That's to show the Health Police that Moderation is better than All or Nothing. It's a joke because it'll be nostalgia. I like my half length hand rolled filter cigarettes made with smooth mellow pipe tobacco a lot more than packaged Marlboros. They're just the bad boy brand I smoked as a teen. They taste harsh like cheap whisky because of all the additives, while the cheapest stuff tastes better and has fewer toxins.

They're also super-size portions compared to the size of my hand-rolled ones. I use the shortest roller and papers so that I can have the same amount of tobacco in more small servings and put them out halfway. It got to where I don't count how many times I smoke in the day, I count how many weeks a bag of tobacco lasts.

I still think of it as an accomplishment every time I smoke less. That's a bigger chance I won't get sick and have to quit altogether. When I first moved here, I smoked a bag of tobacco in a month. Now that bag lasts me two months. That gives me $25 a month more in spending money. I'm creeping up on a balanced budget!

Lots of good news this week!

On Monday, Ari became an official Service Animal. I have a letter to show if I want to take him on a Paratransit van or with me to my clinic visits or any other place pets aren't allowed. I have a Prescription Strength Cat.

I feel so secure. I didn't realize how much I feared the risk of being homeless again and losing Ari, or having to go in a nursing home to recover from an accident and losing Ari. They'd have to let me take him with no matter where I was now. They're going to mail me a tag when the forms are processed. I'll put it on his harness. I might even get him the bright red jacket a lot of service animals wear, though I don't know how he feels about wearing clothes. He looks so good in just his fur.

Diablo 3 arrived today from Amazon. The delivery bloke came right up to my door! So now I'll install it and see if it runs on my best laptop. If not, no harm done, I'll store the game till I can save up for an upgrade. But if I don't need one and I waited, I'd have felt foolish not getting to enjoy it all the months in between!

Graciela, my case manager from IHSS, came by yesterday afternoon to check on me and see how well my two home care workers do their jobs. I raved about both of them. It's like I have two multicultural favorite aunts who dote on me and come over to take care of me and bring treats three times a week. The treats are always fresh fruits or vegetables, so I am actually eating a fresh fruit or vegetable every day. Big ones, so it's more than one "serving" by all those nutritionist definitions. I think a serving is a half banana, that kind of thing.

I mentioned how much easier my budget would be if I got something like Meals on Wheels. I was wrong. The program still exists and while there's a two month waiting period usually, Graciela's going to tell them I'm in an emergency situation. So I might get it sooner.

I'm laughing about it because the "emergency" is really that I only have three more easy meals with meat in them. I have plenty of rice, oatmeal, olive oil, brown sugar, stuff to put on it and half a pound of real butter. I've been letting myself have cholesterol once a day, either a meat meal or the butter on my carbs. I've got some variety in the non perishables. I'm nowhere near out of food!

Oh, but I might be drinking black coffee by the end of the month, or run out of coffee and have to drink tea. I bought a big box of 100 cheap teabags and stored it for just this kind of thing.

It still makes me feel so safe, so appreciated in my city to know that they set higher standards for "still have some food" than I do. Meals on Wheels will give me two cooked meals every day. My food budget will drop to Drinks and Snacks, extras easily sacrificed if I want something I can almost afford or need something and it gets tight.

That means I can finish moving here from Arkansas. Next month I'll send my daughter some money for a box or two. Then I'll sort what I get ruthlessly and put anything I don't need or intend to use on the Swap Shop. Same thing with my books. My room here is less cluttered than my room was in Arkansas. I've gotten used to it being organized and clean.

Once I sign up for cable Internet, I can have Harry the manager take the big television out of my room. That'll let me get a tall bookcase to put in that corner next to the radiator and the window. I used to have two, one packed solid with books and the other with supplies.

So as I unpack, I'll trim down till I've just got enough to fill one. Some of my stuff became redundant because I got review stuff. I'll sell off all but favorites on mediums I don't use as often and trim my books the same way. If I do this right, I won't have to live in a pile of stuff where I can barely move around - and I can relax knowing I'm done, that everything's here.

Then save up for a laptop upgrade so that Diablo 3 runs better and I can make videos again. I liked making videos but this laptop wasn't powerful enough to handle editing them.

I'm planning to spend all month polishing The Sword of Arkatyr, sort of like sanding a hardwood floor. Every time I look at it I find minor problems, a misspelled character name that the spell checker won't catch, a poorly constructed sentence, a minor repetition. Those little things are distracting and will make a big difference to my readers, who didn't make it up and don't know what was supposed to be in there if I left it out. I found a couple of those too - things I should have explained and didn't.

So that's all going extremely well. Next month I send it to my editor and when she's done I'll pay the Formatting Guy $30 to make it available. If they work fast I might even have an early launch!

I have also set myself a maximum of 40 hours a week if I'm going to be a full time writer, part time artist. That leaves me painting time as well as the time I need for appointments and events.

I feel like - my life is going right. I'm where I need to be, doing what I need to do to make it just right and I'm almost done settling in. The longer I'm here, the better it gets.

06-08-2012, 11:15 PM
Rob, A touching tribute to Ray Bradbury in your earlier post. I'm glad he was there for you when you needed him most. And a wonderful reminder of how important the Arts are - whether it be writing, painting, poetry, film making, etc.

Ray was one of my favorites when I was college aged. While you are a full time writer - writing novels in seemingly no time! - my science fiction writing output consists of about 5 stories written over 30 years. (All unpublished, in case anyone is wondering...) But the very first one I wrote was an attempt to emulate - at least in its somewhat poetic prose - Ray Bradbury.

Even though I was in college in the late 70's, my science fiction tastes ran towards the older authors who began their careers primarily in the late 30's and 40's - Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Simak and Van Vogt. All gone now - but not really gone, as their writing remains. Another reminder of the importance - and the timelessness - of Art.

Perhaps as a tribute to Ray, I'll read a few of his classic stories this weekend.


06-10-2012, 06:01 PM
Hi everyone! I used to be somewhat active here a couple years ago, so some of you I know, to others I may be new. Have been experimenting with other mediums (hi, Don! :wave: ) and so havenít been posting much here, although Iím contemplating a return to pastels.

Carol--Wow! What an efficient use of space in your new studio. Looks like youíve created lots of storage for yourself. It will be fun to fill it up.

Jen--this is off-topic for this thread, but I saw your name here and just wanted to say that the ďedgesĒ spotlight you did of the people walking really made an impression on me. I was thinking of trying the same ref photo, and your interpretation really captured a certain ghostliness that was evident in the ref photo but not as evident in the figures themselves, and so I thought it was great that you could do that--take the feel of the picture and transfer that feel to part that had an interesting composition but didnít have the same mysterious feel. Super cool.

Sara--hi! We donít know eachother, so I hope itís okay to jump in, but that seems like an exciting opportunity for you. I second Robertís advice: why not go out for a visit, or even a series of visits over time? That way you can get to know your friend as he is in the way you will be living with him, which is to say in the day-to-day world, rather than the online world. I hope things work out for you and also that you feel better.

Robert! I have been thinking a lot about something you said last year prior to your move to SF: that weather is one of the things that you have no control over, so itís important to choose a place that suits you in that way. As I contemplate a big move, I have been hoping that yours has turned out well. This weekend I caught up on a few monthly scumbles and I am so happy that things appear to have not just ďworked outĒ but in many ways maybe even exceed your original expectations. (Ariís new status as a companion animal! yay! :clap: ) Iím so happy that you found safety and security there and that you are thriving creatively and otherwise. You are a huge inspiration for me. This last year has been a tough one for a variety of reasons (one of which is that I finally submitted to a full body work up to see why Iíve felt increasingly tired and achy over the last 10+ years, and the answer is fibro, which I know you can relate to.) But I know you have it so much worse, and looking at you and your attitude and all that you do and do so well, my new mantra is ďIf Robert can . . .Ē If Robert can be wise and recognize his physical limits, so can I. If Robert can allow himself to rest when he needs to, so can I. If Robert can jump out of bed and be raring to go and really take advantage of his good days, then so can I. If Robert can find joy and excitement and make festive creative plans and honor his dreams by showing up at the computer and the sketchbook or easel, then so can I. Seriously, this has been a shot in the arm. Not to get too religious, but I actually prayed the other night: God, please show me the way. The next day I got up and thought: you always liked those nice Wet Canvas folks. Why not see what they are doing? Why not, indeed. :-) :heart:


06-12-2012, 12:48 AM
Hi All - wow what a lot of news since I was last here! I must say that I second Ann-Marie's post to all of you! Go for it Sara!! Carol, you must start painting now! Robert - wow, lots of changes for you - and good ones!! So glad that Ari is your companion now - officially! I would love for my Rudy to be a companion animal ... he really thinks he is a person actually :-) I don't have disabilities, per se, but have still been dealing with migraine with vertigo - more the vertigo than the migraine. Motion-sickness is just such an inconvenience when one has to drive distances to get places!! I live with the sea bands around my wrists.

I just got back from my week at art camp - my sleep away camp!! Spent time on pastels and on my oils. Had lots of fun with friends and laughed and laughed. Anne-Marie, I spent a little time chatting with you on the oil part of WC some time ago. I know you were enjoying your oil paints. With fibro, the fumes may be bothering you. You should know that the Artist's Air not only takes care of the dust from pastels but with the carbon filter takes the VOC's out of the air. I can paint with oils in my studio and not have issues with headaches. I know they come at a premium price ... but your health is worth so much more!!! I have been coming into the City for art lessons at the Old Town Art Center for a couple of months - we are now not in session. I would love to get together with you some time - perhaps we could even paint together!! The way the calendar looks right now, I'm thinking August? If you would like information on the class, PM me. Our teacher is Kathleen Newman - a wonderful artist and a very good teacher. She teaches pastel, but also paints in oil, so we have one lady who does oil in our class. Anyway, yes, you can do your art - at your pace - listen to your body!!


06-12-2012, 02:14 AM
Robert we all knew Ari was special and now it's official. I am so glad you wont ever have to worry about being parted from him.

Anne Marie thank you for your lovely comment. It was a challenge to do and I was pleased with the wet feel. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't get the people just right. Don PM'd me and explained the perspective problem so now I feel better.

I told you a while back about my new kitchen set up and sorting my pastels into colours. I haven't gone as far as sorting into values but I am enjoying having them ready to go. Here are some pictures.

I have an inoperable torn rotator cuff so have to paint low almost flat but I lean on my terry Ludwig darks for support. if I need any I can still get at them.






06-12-2012, 03:01 AM
Wetcanvas has become such an important part of my life that I don't think I can stay away from this chat thread anymore...so happy to come across such a beautiful bunch of people who are so friendly and so encouraging...have learnt so much here.....discovering the artist in me thru wetcanvas has literally given me a new lease of life .....

Robert you've been such an inspiration though I haven't said it in so many words before....your feedback on my paintings are very precious....congratulations on your upcoming novel....what a tribute it will be to Ray Bradbury.....

Looking forward to getting to know more of you here on this thread...

sorry I forgot to introduce myself...am an at home mama to my 8 yr old daughter....used to work once upon a time in the field of social development...am blessed with a wonderful husband who really encourages my new pursuit ...art....

So blessed tobe a part of this lovely community....


06-12-2012, 03:07 AM
Jen ...wow your pastels look so beautiful and inviting ....laid out so beautifully and neatly....

Carol....love your studio....so lovely to have that kind of space ....I'm sure it will add to the joy of painting.....


06-12-2012, 04:22 PM
Lynn! Hi! Yeah, I "saw" you back on the oil painting threads. How are you doing? It's great that you have kept up with both oils and pastels. Funny you should mention Old Town Art Center--I had actually thought about going there for (yet another medium) a water color class! I ended up going to Palette and Chisel instead. I would have loved to get together with you this August, but as of yesterday it (appears) to be official: we will be moving to Turkey come August. Thinking back to Robert's move to SF last year, and how he managed to get all his art supplies gone through and weeded and selected and prioritized. That was my primer. Yesterday I started going through stuff in earnest. Unfortunately I am a pack rat and so it's pretty stressful, but I'm trying to be ruthless. Went through a file drawer yesterday and today through out another box of files. Some stuff--IRS stuff, bills, bank statements, went back to '92, shamefully enough. So that is going to be my big project, toss, toss, toss, toss for the next two months. Sigh.

Jen--I love the pix of your pastels! They look so organized and inviting!

Prashanti--nice to meet you. It's nice that you have a husband that supports you in your creative work. One of the things I always liked about the pastel board (and many others on wetcanvas) is that the people here are so nice.


06-13-2012, 09:38 PM
I am excited! I am now in a local gallery! I also just sold my first original painting, framed and at a time when we really need it!
Some lowlife got my debit card # somehow and emptied our bank account :( Fortunately we didn't have a large amount in there for them to steal but they took what we had. Thanks to family and the fact that it was protected by visa we will only be out for a couple of days, but what a hassle! They did make some stupid purchases that can be traced so they will get caught eventually and will pay big because it is a federal crime. I would love to see their faces when it catches up to them!
Life has been crazy!

06-14-2012, 01:56 AM
Jen: Great set up in your kitchen. Lots of light and a nice space.

If I may make a suggestion - there is a lot color and pattern in your table cover along with the lavender pad. A change up to something neutral - beige, grey ...
may assist with value sorting. J

06-14-2012, 01:04 PM
Wow, so much going on!

Welcome back Anne-Marie!
Laurie, congratulations well deserved!
Jen, your pastels look gorgeous!
Robert, you are an inspiration every time I think I'm having a bad day / tough life.
So glad you found WC Prashanti and grace us with your beautiful paintings! Lynn, a week at art camp? Heaven! You must be full of fresh ideas and invigorated. Very envious!
Hooray for everyone, for just getting through every day of this crazy life.

06-14-2012, 01:58 PM
Today, I'm feeling very proud of myself for what simultaneously seems like a huge and a tiny accomplishment. For the first time since my slipped discs (2007), I managed to empty, fill, and run the dishwasher without lots o back pain, AND do a little hand-washing, ditto.

06-15-2012, 01:11 AM
Oh Anne-Marie! Turkey! Well, yes you will be paring things down. Believe me it is a good thing. I have been working on my parent's house and there is 57 years worth of stuff in it. We finally almost have everything out of there, but the personal stuff and photos is all at my house waiting to be gone through. I was throwing out Christmas cards from 1993 today! As soon as we are done going through their stuff, my husband and I are starting on our own stuff. We have been married for 33 years, and we seriously need a 40 yard dump box in the driveway for all the crap. I can't wait to start weeding through things.

Jen - nice setup! Although a more neutral tablecloth might be a good idea.

Prashanti welcome to WC! All the way from Bangalore! It really is a small world. My daughter did her semester abroad mostly in India, in Cochin, and just loved it.

Laurie congrats on your first painting being sold! That is terrific! I have my first painting in a show right now - never had that before. Just a student teacher show, but still!


06-15-2012, 03:19 AM
Robert: Every time I read one of your posts I admire you more and more. Sounds like life is on an upswing for you and I am so happy!! I know your book is going to be fantastic... :)

Jen: Great juicy looking pastels set! I love my Terry Ludwig darks too...they always seem to come out when I'm painting.

Laurie: Congrats on the gallery sale!! Very cool...

Lynn: I hear you both on the vertigo and the house cleaning. I had a period about three years ago where I got vertigo on and off without warning...It's a horrible feeling. Then suddenly the attacks stopped as mysteriously as they started, thank goodness.

When my grandmother passed away in 1994, my mom and I were cleaning out her house. We found all sorts of old things she never got rid of. She had some greeting cards from 1952! I guess folks from that generation just didn't like to throw things away.

Aelfwynn: I hope your back continues to improve! Here's to feeling better...

06-15-2012, 10:20 AM
Hello Everyone. I've been a little absent for a while too. Busy with the garden, construction and getting my husband back on his feet after knee surgery. Well, the garden is planted, and he's back at work- but of course now my son is out of school for the summer.....

Carol- I love your new studio! I was watching the transformation, it looks great.

Sara- good luck with your decision. Hopefully things will look up for you soon.

Rob- I love the prescription strength cat! I'm glad he's now official.

Anne Marie- welcome back. Good luck with managing your health issues. Robert is an inspiration.

Lynn- after the last few months you've had, art camp sounds like a much needed vacation. Hope you get more time planned for yourself.

Jen- I love seeing pictures of every one's setup. Thanks for sharing.

Parashanti- Welcome. I have a similar life. I worked in graphic design for almost 20 years, then quit to stay home with my son. Enjoy your art!

Mercy- I hope every day there is a little improvement with your back and this is only the start.

Life here is still a little crazy. I have had 2 black rat snakes in the house so far this year. I'm starting to handle the bigger ones a little more, but the really big ones are so strong I've resorted to snake herding to get those ones out. We're still not sure how they're getting in, the house is now pretty tight. at least it's better than it used to be.

the appliance deaths continue- now it's the lawnmower.. my husband just fixed my dryer...

I haven't worked on my art much. I've been in a slump. I did copies of Van Gogh's vases of sunflowers just to go through the act of painting without thought of comp, color or subject. It helped a little. I cleaned the studio (scrubbed everything) now I hesitate to get it dusty again so I did a small watercolor instead. Maybe I'll post it.

here's a picture of my garden setup. The whole garden is 40 x 60 feet. This is landscape fabric held down with conveyor belt paths. It saves me SOOO much time in the summer. I still have to weed and water green beans etc.. but at least half the garden is done with the fabric. I've had this set up for 6-7 years and it's worked great. (the conveyor belt was from the powerplant where my husband works)


06-15-2012, 11:46 AM
When my grandmother passed away in 1994, my mom and I were cleaning out her house. We found all sorts of old things she never got rid of. She had some greeting cards from 1952! I guess folks from that generation just didn't like to throw things away.


And thank goodness they didn't! I sometimes think of how everything is electronic, and soft copy. No one writes anymore, letters, diaries, documents...I guess "our" history will be unraveled by computer forensic technologists!

I was looking at my mom's old high school yearbook not long ago. Everyone had beautiful penmanship. Handwriting was gorgeous, a work of art in its own way. A lost art I guess.

06-16-2012, 12:04 AM
Was just debating what to do with my Mom's old year books. We had to let them go ... There is just too much other stuff that is more important.


06-19-2012, 01:44 PM
Wow! Thank you, Anne-Marie. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy - well, the fuzzy is being covered in cat hair but that's cool too. Purring at you. It must be such a relief having the diagnosis. Having those symptoms and doctors saying "I don't know what's causing it" or worse "It's all in your head, get some exercise and see a psychiatrist" is crazymaking."

Purr! Congratulations, Laurie! That's a wonderful feeling and an important start - so cool you got into a gallery!

DB - cool garden. That's really clever with the fabric. Weeding is a big part of why I didn't get into gardening. Next time you get black rat snakes in your house, you could always catch them and take them to a pet store. I've seen them sell for good money in pet stores. Maybe it'd discourage them if they start to figure out snakes go in and wind up in captivity?

Mercy, congratulations on the dishwasher achievement. I know how that kind of thing feels, it's awesome. Doing something that's been out of reach for a long time is heady, it is one of the greatest things.

Jen, I'm drooling at your big table and all those luscious colors. What a beautiful painting area!

Lynn, that's good to know about the Artist's Air. I'm tempted to get one someday when I've gotten prosperous, the day will come. It would be awesome to be able to use solvents in my room and I miss the air filter Kitten got that I had in my room in Arkansas.

Lynn, maybe your mom's old high school would like the yearbooks. Sometimes they lose their copies and like to have a bit of the school's history. Or the local library might want them. They're the sort of thing genealogy folks treasure and want to look things up in, not just about your mom but everyone else who was in the book.

I never kept mine, school was a holding pattern for me that was tons better than grade school but nowhere near as good as adult life.

The weather here in SF has been perfect. Incredible. It's warm but not insanely hot. I go outside and every time I do I feel so good. I've been getting more sun than I ever did anywhere else because it's not too hot out and not so miserable. Also it helps that the city is so darn beautiful. Flowers everywhere, literally, climbing roses going up two stories onto an old Victorian heading for the roof in masses of blazing red, blooming trees, blooming bushes, blooming borders.

I have also been seriously goofing off. I bought Diablo 3 and finally got it installed on my computer, something I procrastinated on because I knew once I started playing I wouldn't stop till I mastered the game. Well, I'm now happily immersed in getting used to the game. It's been a little vacation from reality.

I was looking forward to that game for ten years, ever since I got Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction (the 2 and a half version, it had the expansion disk in it for the fourth act.) These games are great.

The art is beautiful and doesn't look like a cartoon. The story is good. It resembles a really good graphic novel that you play and the game structure is elegant - the amount of effort to get to the awards is precisely calculated to be its most pleasurable. On top of that, unlike all the PS2 games and other computer games, I don't need to learn a game controller or a lot of keyboard commands - it's all done with the mouse.

The controllers or keyboard commands put me off almost all the computer or video games out there, along with an aversion to characters that look like little kids rendered in a cute cartoon style. Even as a kid I didn't like cutesy cartoon characters as much as realistic adult looking comics art.

After taking all those landscape classes, I'm looking at the game's art in a new way. I understand more of what they do with design and edges and color harmony to make the game's images so intense and moody and real. It's not photorealism. It's darn good digital impressionism. No wonder I'm that hooked on it and no wonder it was that big a seller.

So that's why I haven't been online much. It's nothing bad. It's just my goofing off big time in a long-deserved vacation.

It has been a year that I was going full tilt getting ready for the move and moving. Now I've finally got time to unwind and relax. It feels good. I will be back once I've completely got it to the point that it's background again like the previous one still is - another cool thing, it's not so different that it makes the old game unplayably boring.

06-20-2012, 03:47 PM
Robert: Everybody deserves some goof off time! So glad you are getting a vacation...More power to you! :D We Californians get spoiled by our weather, don't we? I forget sometimes (especially in winter) that the rest of the country has to consider weather when making plans.

Last week when my dad was visiting me we spent a lot of time outdoors. Friday we went up to Los Angeles, and after lunch at the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax we went to LA County Museum of Art. They have beautiful grounds as well as the museum. It was also nice to spend Father's Day with him on Sunday.

Lynn: I like Robert's idea for the yearbooks. I'll bet your mom's old school would want them.

06-24-2012, 09:43 AM
Robert- I'm not big on weeding either. Even with the fabric there is still a third of it I have to hand weed and that alone takes a lot of time. I couldn't keep up before we came up with that idea.
I never thought a pet store would be interested in black rat snakes. It's only a matter of time until I get another visitor...

Well I finally had enough cash saved for a rainbow pack of Colorfix paper... The minute I hit the "buy" button- The riding lawnmower died. My son is now push mowing a couple acres until we can get that fixed...
Which comes after a new (used) car. My husband hit a second deer (in less than a month) and the insurance company totaled it. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me with only 3-4 straight body panels left on a car with 182,000 miles it. I hate car shopping. His old car looked terrible, but still runs great. I keep telling him we should use this opportunity to test drive a couple Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers just for fun....

One thing nice about driving all over looking for the right car- I get to take a lot of farm and landscape pictures while we're out.

here's the only art I have done in a couple months. It's a watercolor 9x12 called "Pare". I'm getting the urge to get the studio dusty again now that I have more paper.


06-24-2012, 07:44 PM
ITS FINISHED! I am now the proud owner of a completely finished new office/studio. I am so happy, its gorgeous.

May I share some photos? This is the "working" end of the room.


And here is the "library" end.


and lastly when the sun goes down, I turn on the lights and it gets real cosy...


NOW I have room to work. All the carpentry tools have gone and its all mine. :)



06-24-2012, 07:49 PM
Spectacular office/studio space!!!

06-24-2012, 09:10 PM
Wow! It looks great. I love all the cabinets. enjoy it!

06-25-2012, 02:15 AM
Wow, wish my studio was this organized! Looks fabulous!


CM Neidhofer
06-25-2012, 02:25 AM
Wow Carol! Great space!

Sad days here in Colorado. Thirteen wildfires now burning and a female police officer, mother of two, was shot in the head this evening while patrolling our summer jazz concert series at City Park. Apparently a fight broke out and she tried to stop it and was shot. She has died. :(

06-26-2012, 12:30 AM
Oh Christine, how awful! I hate guns!!! Everybody says guns don't kill people, but I say people with guns kill people!!! Lots of people!! Nobody needs to have automatic weapons and handguns.

I have a friend whose home is about 50 miles from one of the fires. They are truly awful. Let's all pray that they will get control of them soon.


CM Neidhofer
06-26-2012, 01:46 AM
Oh Christine, how awful! I hate guns!!! Everybody says guns don't kill people, but I say people with guns kill people!!! Lots of people!! Nobody needs to have automatic weapons and handguns.

I have a friend whose home is about 50 miles from one of the fires. They are truly awful. Let's all pray that they will get control of them soon.


Updates on our officer killed is that she was a single mom of a 12 year old girl. Came here from Detroit and has been covering the jazz fest for several years now, off duty. She was off duty Sunday night. Appartently there was an anti-gang rally on the other side of the lake from the concert. Just as the concert ended, a fight broke out between two groups and she stepped in to break them up. They have a 21 year old man in custody, and a gun, but no news yet on whether it's the gun used.

We just plain need rain here in Colorado. There is another new one this evening southeast of Denver. A car lost it's wheel and the sparks from it set this one off. That's how dry it is here. Another was started from a pine tree brushing against an electrical line when the winds picked up.

06-27-2012, 12:02 AM
Laurie--congrats! That is very exciting about selling your first painting!
Kris--hi again! So good to see you!
Mercy--thatís HUGE! Congrats! It sounds like you are doing things right--body position, etc.
Lynn and Jason: yes, I sometimes think about how important it is to prune oneís own things, while one is able to, rather than just letting everything accumulate and then if something happens someone else has to deal with it all. So totally not what I would want for someone else, nor for me.
DBfarmgirl: those snakes sound super scary! But your garden set up is sweet. And I love your ďPareĒ watercolor. The ďparedĒ part is so real itís crazy! And at the same time, the shadow is lovely: varigated and brooding. I love the super photo realism juxtaposed against the looser style. Very interesting.
Robert: Iím so glad youíre enjoying your game. There have been times I have gotten really involved in games in the past, and itís a certain kind of pleasure. This year has been a year of projects and change for you, and so a little ďvacationĒ as you say seems just the ticket. Enjoy!
Carol: WOW! What a dream-space! You must be in heaven. What a lovely thing to do for yourself and your art.
Christine: Iím sorry that these are difficult days in your neck of the woods. Thoughts and prayers your way.

My two big activities for the moment are studying Turkish and continuing to get the house ready for the move. Last weekend, we went to IKEA and got 4 shelving units of the kind that goes in garages. We put them in the storage unit we are renting and put the first one up and brought out a big load of stuff. At one point years ago I counted 86 boxes of stuff to go through. Iíve gone through 9 so far, and have thrown most everything away. Another 5 were things like Christmas stuff that I want to keep but wonít bring with me, and so it went to the storage bin. Itís a relief to be doing this at long last. Before when Ididnít have the push of a deadline, I could never make myself go through stuff before.

06-27-2012, 01:20 AM
Carol what an awesome studio! I love all that counter space to set out art supplies while you are working.

I also see that you have a Macintosh. You are clearly of superior intelligence... :D ;)

06-27-2012, 05:48 AM
Christine, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Not good.

Jason, I wouldn't be without my Mac. :)

Yes, one of the stipulations to the carpenter was plenty of counter top to spread out on.

I have a knee hole area to sit in with a cupboard one side with shelves to hold my pastels, a cupboard the other side for all my colored pencils, and then immediately behind me two very deep, big drawers to keep my paper and other art materials in.

Typically, though, as soon as it gets finished and I have space to work, my day job has gotten extra busy and I have had to put in 5 x 18 hour days in a down. :(




06-27-2012, 12:17 PM
Carol...what a lovely studio...hope you get some time to paint soon...


06-27-2012, 01:38 PM
Farmgirl, yuk I hate snakes too!

Robert we miss your presense but I am so glad you are doing something fun for you.

Christine, the fires and shootings are horrible. Unfortunately this is the world we live in.

Carol that studious to die for but is far too clean! Go get some dust flying and a bit of mess!

My Grandbaby is due next week so I will be chasing a four year old and hopefully getting in a cuddle with the baby for a couple of weeks. Probably won't get any painting done! I will be lurking though!

06-29-2012, 06:52 PM
Prashanti and Jen,

Thank you. I have a weekend off coming up and that pastel dust is going to fly! It has been the busiest week I can remember at work, but just found out we have been given a large bonus for working so hard, which makes it much easier to bear. :)

I also got a promotion offer today! So guess who is a happy lady?



Shirl Parker
07-01-2012, 12:58 AM
Time for a new chat thread. Click here. (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=17499412#post17499412)