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05-31-2012, 08:50 AM
These summer days put me in mind of water sports

Here are some of the greatest boating paintings & sketches EVER . Truly.

I hope you get an opportunity to enrich your day by spending time with one of these pieces of historic skill and beauty.

Lots of free ranging encouraged - in any medium--do brief sketches, minamulistic studies, light graduation studies, abstractize, color play(momotone, bright, wild, contrasting) etc. or the old faithful approach - copy.

see you around.

Two Small Boats Moored to Beach - John Singer Sargent -circa 1875
Deck of a Ship in Moonlight - " 1876
Men Hauling a Boat up a Beach 1876

05-31-2012, 08:51 AM
George Caleb Bingham - FurTraders Descending the Missouri (tethered fox)

Winslow Homer - The Gulf Stream
Sailing the Catboat
The Fog Warning - 1885


06-01-2012, 08:16 AM
Always admired Winslow Homer's watercolors. I don't know if I can paint boats...but will sure try. Good project. :cool:

06-01-2012, 03:21 PM

06-02-2012, 05:35 PM
Thank you, Robin, for the photo references. They are so varied. :clap: :clap:

Lyra 2B Graphite watersoluable crayon
Sakura Koi watercolor
Kimberly watercolor pencils
Derivian liquid pencil


Sakura Koi watercolor
Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India ink
Portfolio watersoluable oil pastel


06-04-2012, 10:14 AM
Nice boats and scarey creatures, Sandra. Have to try a boat sketch and see how I make out.

06-04-2012, 12:42 PM
love your shark sandra, good ones!!!! i am going to attempt Homers sharks and boat with pencil....this maybe a mistake:lol: tyree

06-05-2012, 10:31 AM
I also love that shark!!

I am going to have a look at Sargent's works to see his boats. I like his watercolours of people.

06-05-2012, 05:16 PM
Hi June, Janet, Susan, and Sandra

Sandra - I love what you have done here. the black Chinese ink sketch is so pleasant to look at, I keep going back to it. The shark piece is beautiful color and the water looks so warm and inviting but eeeek....that shark . The octopoid in the foreground is an interesting fellow.

Yeah, these painters are so accomplished but when I copy them I learn/ pickup things so easily therefore........so it is time for my left brain to hush.........and right brain to free range with these forerunners

06-10-2012, 03:42 PM
Whoa! Those last three make me feel positively seasick! So real are the waves - particularly nervous for the guy with the sharks around.

Nice work on those sharks Sandra.:thumbsup: didnt know you could get watersoluble oil pastels (note to self: no, do not buy any more art products! lol)

Hope to have a try at one of these this month... if I can get out of the house decorating for awhile. :)

06-13-2012, 07:16 AM
my homer with the sharks is coming along very slowly,,,,boats are hard for me, so much detail.....tyree

06-13-2012, 07:37 AM
Inky & Tyree - oh joy......looking forward to seeing your schtuff-

06-18-2012, 09:28 AM
Here's a sketch of a boat from the WDE this weekend...to show I am thinking about boats, although they're not a natural subject for me. This is 8 by 12 ins, watercolours. OP for the foam!



lovin art
06-19-2012, 02:08 PM
This is beautiful June .... Lovely and soft full of light too ... :-)

Sandra ... Great sketches the shark is cool I love them, they are a misunderstood creature much like myself for that matter :D

I live at the ocean will try and do some life work to post something have some time to kill ... Thanks for such a fab thread to enjoy !!

06-20-2012, 07:15 AM
june....its wonderful, very simply done, nice touch!!!! tyree:clap:

06-27-2012, 10:03 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/27-Jun-2012/65063-homers_man_sea.jpg yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.....tyree

06-28-2012, 02:52 AM
Good one Tyree.

06-28-2012, 07:27 AM
thanks June....this one was really difficult to do:eek: ....tyree:wave:

06-28-2012, 08:30 AM
June - simple and restful boating piece....I like it

Tyree - ahh, that guy is living large, AND dangerous.....It is an interesting commentary on what slave life must have felt like......a emotionally loaded piece Homer was quite capable ..... I think you did a GOOD job:thumbsup:

I too chose a Homer piece....I did one off- the -cuff and the fisherman has awful posture. So I did a small study. I thought the water hardhttp://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/28-Jun-2012/88676-hunchback370_copy.jpghttp://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/28-Jun-2012/88676-winslowstudy374_copy.jpg

lovin art
06-28-2012, 01:14 PM
Both very lovely Robin !

06-29-2012, 01:20 AM
I agree with Sandra. And I like the addition of the sea creatures around the second drawing, Robin!

06-29-2012, 07:35 AM
ROBIN...wonderful,,,,love all the little details around the boat.....that boat just about did me in:D tyree

06-30-2012, 09:35 PM

07-01-2012, 09:16 AM
June, I like the canoe and the oil pastel really works.

Sandra, hope to see yours too.

Susan, your shark is dangerously close!!! Neat dark colors.

Robin, I like both of your versions. I've never figured out how to do water with pen and ink. The frame works well for your second piece.