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05-29-2012, 07:00 AM
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any experience/opinions on final fixative.

I have a couple paintings that I am completley finished with and I want them to be totally fixed in place. I would need to do many layers of workable fixative to achieve what I want.

Anyone use it before? If so, what kind would you recommend?


05-29-2012, 10:01 AM
Unfortunately, none of the fixatives will totally fix your pastel in place. The pastel will still be a little smudge-able after you fix. It depends, of course, on how many applications of spray you put on. The more you spray, the more fixed. Alas, the more you fix, the more you dull, darken and change the appearance of the pastel. My guess is that the majority of pastel artists do not spray the final piece - although many do spray the initial layers. The final layer - in order to retain the sparkle and vibrancy of the pastel - is often left unfixed.

The top of the line (re: more expensive) pastel fixatives generally do a much better job of not altering the look of the pastel. Based on discussion here, the fairly new Spectrafix has become the most popular fixative. Many say it does not alter the pastel noticeably.

As far as I know, the top of the line pastel fixatives are all considered workable.

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Hope this helps!