View Full Version : lily 02

06-09-2003, 07:56 PM
(Fresh off the press!!) This one was still damp when I scanned it, hence the buckle in the middle of the page, that'll dry flat (it's still glued down)

After doing the lily study after Georgia O'Keefe's painting, I decided to do one of my own, I had this idea, for something really simple, and clean....

It's not 100% finished but it's pretty close, what I want to know is, is it to 'simple'? I was pretty happy with it, so took it into the study to show Ross and his reaction was pretty much "Is that it?".

Which of course made me question myself.

"Self" I said, "Is that it?" I responsed that indeed I did think so, but then, changed my mind "well-- maybe it's it. Maybe it isn't. Now that you've asked self, I'm not so sure."

so, since I can't answer myself with any certainty, it's over to ya'll -- does it need more?

(it's Acrylic on gold leaf. This is an A4 section of the whole page, while it's not much wider than the scan, it is 2 or 3 inches taller on both the top and bottom.)