View Full Version : Need a slideshow or screensaver program?

06-09-2003, 02:53 PM
Since I've made the switch to professional digital photography, I have been creating slideshows of wedding 'proofs' for the bride and groom to keep. To this point, I've had to put them on VHS, as CDs, of course, would enable them to print their own.

I was told about a program called Pictures To Exe by a frame and photo album supplier of mine. When you create the slideshow, you can select the option to disable the ability to print from the images. It creates the slideshow into a self-extracting .exe file, but keeps the images intact within the slideshow. Now I can offer my customers the option of having their slideshow on DVD, playable on either a DVD-ROM drive, or a DVD player that accepts DVD-R/RW. And I do NOT have to worry that they'll print illegal copies of the photos on their cheap injet printer.

Any of you who might be looking for a way to share your work to prospective customers without their being able to print their own copies, check out www.wnsoft.com .