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06-07-2003, 06:24 PM
Hi, I posted this on the drawing forum a while ago but (since being slightly less new to the site I think it would have been better over here...hope its ok to repost it here then--

I'm very new to admitting to wanting to be an artist, and to studying it (at home by myself, no classes yet) properly. Anyway, this is of the three norns or fates00I wanted their faces to be like a collapsing fan.

It's just fat charcoal on water colour paper.


06-07-2003, 08:49 PM
ooh this is eerie. i know it's of the fates, but what i see reminds me of an old "strange occurances" book my grandfather had. in an elderly woman's kitchen in a little town in italy, mysterious, distorted faces started to appear on her floor tiles. hmmm.....thanks for the spooky recall.

06-08-2003, 10:18 AM
That's interesting jenna--when I was a kid (really tiny) I used to see faces in the chipped pain on the walls and in the textured paint on the ceiling--always the same faces, always in the same place and I think I hallucinated their movement into all kinds of emotive shapes according to my mood. I never thought of that when I was drawing this, but that's how it works I guess...


ps- I'm using this as a draft for a painting, so if anyone has critical comments I won't be offended, I realise I have a long way to go!:o