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05-17-2012, 05:39 PM

Title: The Madam
Year Created:
Medium: Acrylic
Surface: Linen
Dimension: 12 x 24
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

Completely revised the Lady in Red. Addressed proportions and told a story

This is not my usual precise work..I've tried to be a little looser here and fill up the negative space with things to tell a story. Please comment on my efforts to create something interesting.

05-17-2012, 10:34 PM
I think that I prefer your painting of the lady in 'Lady in Red" but do really like your new background. But I would crop it just above the cat's head. For me, the animal doesn't really contribute anything.
That loose background treatment was really successful.

05-18-2012, 04:19 AM
Her legs are too short for the breadth of her shoulders. LOVE the background and the cat!

05-18-2012, 06:49 AM
Solid improvement, Phil. I especially like the red/green dynamic in the limited palette you've chosen for this piece.

05-18-2012, 07:09 PM
I agree the hips/legs and shoulder/arms sizes don't go together. It was the first thing I saw. Didn't even see the cat until it was pointed out so taking it out wouldn't be missed. Of course I'm looking at this on my phone so not the best image. Do like the new background and placement of the lamppost.

05-18-2012, 09:57 PM
kill thew cat and keep the rest

05-18-2012, 10:36 PM
I think if you raise and thicken her waist a bit and drop the feet down a little, her proportions are pretty. Left shoulder is also a little high/broad. I also straightened both sides of her dress from the hands down so it's sleeker.

I' would soften the shadows on her face and define her features a little more.

I think the composition is interesting and really like the way you've handled the background.

I like the cat but would crop the bottom.


05-19-2012, 04:21 AM
I shall join the chorus ! Your lady had no thighs ! She has legs below the knee ! If you made her up, perhaps get a picture of a woman to refer to . She may be too broad shouldered but I would need to see a picture of a woman to measure. I am thinking usually two heads measure shoulder width. I personally like the cat . It adds mystery . I would make its eyes a higher value both for contrast and for effect ! It would be nice to see the reds also in other areas of the painting so that the red dress becomes part of the whole and not a solitary spot . One thing is for sure, you have livened up this forum ! Your picture is very imaginative !!

05-19-2012, 02:01 PM
Much, much improved! I disagree about the thighs and shoulders. This is a real woman, not a Vogue model. Getting rid of all that floor business has redirected my attention, and the line breaking the scene gives the sign distance, perspective and interest. I would not crop so drastically to the bottom of the cat.

05-19-2012, 10:16 PM
Less crop. Nipped in neck a bit and under left breast. Very minor changes except for dropping the feet down. Thought the same thing about the kitty's eyes. He's got his night vision on now.


05-20-2012, 11:47 AM
Just to present a few statistics here. The lady is a little over 7 heads in height. Her shoulders are 1 and 1/2heads wide as are her hips. Her waist is is 1 head wide at its narrowist section. As for length of legs I believe that her crotch is about half way. If you have painted the female body, you are aware that many women have long torsos and shorter legs. From my experience with drawing nudes, I feel that the proportions here are very reasonable. I am only responding to so many of the comments about the proportions of the body. I'll sure be listening for futher comments on the subject.

05-24-2012, 03:22 PM
Phil I don't think it is the porportions that are off. I think her feet are too far the right to carry the balance of her weight. If you take an imaginary line and follow the ankle up the foreleg to where it would connect with the thigh and hip her knees would have to be bent to have the feet that far over. At least that is my feeling. I am not a figure painter but I think that is what others are picking up on. I try to invision her without the dress to get those lines. I like the cat but feel its eyes do need to be toned down some. I especially like the background and your color choices.

05-24-2012, 03:48 PM
Christine, I do think that you are correct. I'm going to play with that and thank you.