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06-05-2003, 05:10 PM
Hello everyone,

This is a companion piece to "Isabella", which I posted recently. It's on a 40x40 inch canvas. Media was acrylic, ink, gesso, and gel medium. I used the same colors as on the last piece, but decided to go a bit darker on this one. I think I'm finished, but plan to set her aside for a few days until I'm sure. Thankfully, this one caused me a lot less trouble than the last! LOL By the way, I chose her name because it means beautiful woman. I felt it kind of suited her. I'd love to know your thoughts, please.


06-05-2003, 05:24 PM
"Belladonna" suits her perfectly. :) I have been wanting to try the gel medium for awhile. Any helpful hints? A detail shot would be great to see the texture! Anyway, I like it very much!

06-05-2003, 05:36 PM
mmm nice one, jolie :) glad you stuck with those colors- i like the darker interpretation here.
her right arm, fisted by her leg, is great. - love the lighter strokes you've employed here and on her thighs.
her other arm seems a little off from the rest of your stylization - perhaps a bit too high, a bit too flat near the shoulder. but..i don't think i'd change it - i like the darker area there under her 'shield' of hair :)
also, the breasts are nice - soft shape and that gentle jolie curve.
nice piece!

06-07-2003, 06:39 PM
thank you so much for the replies. i have some better pictures of it now...though still not great. i'm afraid i'm a mediocre photographer. lol the color is more accurate, but the highlights don't seem to show as well. i'll post them at the bottom here.


i don't have many tips on gel medium yet, as i have only used it on this painting and one other. i've always wanted to try it, but was never willing to shell any cash out for it. i got a gift certificate to a local art shop for my birthday and decided to get some with someone else's money. lol i'm so glad i did because i love the stuff. i used it on a collage to isolate the layers and add texture. you've probably seen it, but in case you're curious about which one it is, here's the link: http://www.joliedennison.com/gallery/picture.php?album=collages_3&picture=1&lang=en
the effect ended up so rich that i used it the same way for the background area of this nude and will proably do so for the one i'm working on as well. i like the gloss gel medium, but i might try the matte next time for when i'm only doing patches of texture. i can always add gloss in a final varnish.


i see what you mean about the arm, but i think you're right. i'll just leave it for fear of messing the whole painting up. i know i'm far from being able to interpret a perfect rendering of the human body, but this series has been great practice. if i were smart, i'd stick to smaller pieces, which are a bit easier to sketch...though not much easier! lol i love going big and bold though, so i've got 3 30x30 canvases to work on more for the series.