View Full Version : Thank You!!!

04-26-2012, 04:52 PM
Having bought stock in Scotch for the blue tapes, and bought several stretchers and not having been totaly thrilled with either, and remembering my dad using that really wide butcher tape and wet sponge that he ran the tape over and not being allowed to chatter while he taped his surfaces (I was imprinted with the idea that this mysterious process was the making or breaking of fine art), I was stunned when you started off with saying you dont do any of the normal things we struggle with, and you use cement board.

So naturally I had to try it immediately, and did, with heavy water, wet paint, salt here and there and 4 glazings so far, ....it was bubbled when I left each glazing to dry and was flat fat and sassy when I returned.

Wow, Jo Beth, it really works and I am thrilled. To day my honey is cutting some left over he had from a new bathroom he put in for me, and I gave him a list of all the sizes I could possibly think I would use.

I dont know how you are going to top the best tip I have had all year, but I look forward to next weeks class!