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Persian Kitty
04-25-2012, 07:58 AM

Does anyone know what palette Ingres used.

I am trying to figure out the blue of this dress and have gone through all the blues I can think of and still not much luck.

The closest match is phthalo and a bit of cerluean any ideas are appreciated.



04-26-2012, 06:54 AM
some info here (http://www.lilinks.com/mara/history5.html):
they say:
Prussian blue
Cobalt blue
Ultramarine blue

"Ingres' palette, however, was very much the same as David's with the addition of cobalt blue and the new artificial ultramarine,"
the other blue that David used was prussian according to this source. I believe that these were in general, the primary blues used in that period.

04-26-2012, 06:59 AM

Persian Kitty
04-26-2012, 08:27 AM
Thank you, just found a dried out tube of it and will give it a go. Its the only blue that I missed!!

I have alreay given a wash of phthalo all over my grisaille so we shall see what the colour will come up as.

Thanks again.

10-09-2013, 07:19 PM
It all depends what color you used to tone the surface if its a warm color like umber or burnt sienna
then it's really easy to get a bright blue even ivory black mixed with white can make a good blue, the relationships with the colors is what makes 1 brighter than the other