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Devoted 2Art
04-11-2012, 02:39 PM
I used some W & N gouache many years ago and they were so-so. Within the past couple years I bought a couple tubes that didn't get used much... Today I toyed with them a bit & found them to be MUCH different & better than the paint I used back when. I really like their punch & I'm thinking about ordering some more. Does anybody know if they have changed their formula over the years?
- John

M.L. Schaefer
04-29-2012, 07:11 PM
Hello, Novice99! I'm just now buying my first artist's grade gouache...so probably NOT the best person to answer; however, be that as it may, I believe in recent years manufacturers have taken gouache more seriously: aiming at lightfastness, color vibrancy, etc. Nope, taint "poster" paint any longer! :lol: Winsor & Newton Designer's Gouache seems to be a favorite with many artists, again; however, Designer's Gouache is just that: made for the illustrator, made to photograph well, not made especially for final, long-lasting art masterpieces. Many manufacturers do have Artist's Grade Gouache: Schmincke, M. Graham, Holbein...among many others. Blick's is favorite reference of mine...you can look up the quality of the paints: Artists, Designers, Student, etc. and look up the pigments each color is comprised of. Another favorite resource is http://www.artiscreation.com/yellow.html With this, you can look up a pigment number, see what other manufacturers make the color, and also lightfastness, etc.

Hope this helps some...if you do mainly hobby gouache, possibly the Designer's Gouache is the best....if you want longer-lasting results (and possibly better results: less fillers in Artist's Grade) try the Artists!


:heart: Margarete