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Devoted 2Art
04-05-2012, 01:43 AM
Started this one today. Made more progress than I expected but I spent more time on it than expected too. Not sure if it is considered 'mixed media' since I did use Micron Pigma pens and colored pencil for sketching and Schmincke transparent Aerocolor for the under-painting to seal and tint the paper. The hair is also an under-painting (holbein acryla burnt umber & ultramarine blue) The painting is gouache on paper. The scan was terrible so I took a photo instead which which still doesn't resemble the soft matte glisten of the work. Still have a long way to go and the painting does include the entire figure. I am semi-stuck at this point since I would like to drape a piece of clothing or linen from her waist to partially cover the lower area.

'Cabana Girl' Gouache on Stonehenge Paper (Area Shown 7" X 7" - Full Painting size : 11" X 15") (Lynn / Age : 24 / Location : Mauritius / Photographer : Hegre-Art)

Materials Used (So far)
Just because someone might ask here's the palette info.... Palette from left top CC to right side - Lascaux Lemon yellow gouache + white), Old Holland coral orange Watercolor + Rowney white gouache, Shin-Han Pass Lemon yellow + Rowney White Gouache, Old Holland Cad Yellow Deep WC + Rowney & Schmincke white gouache, Turner Naples Yellow Design Gouache, Turner yellow ochre Design Gouache, Turner Raw Sienna Design Gouache, Schmincke Indian Yellow Gouache, Schmincke Raw Umber + Raw Sienna gouache. Wells - top left to bottom right. Schmincke White + Zinc white gouache, Rowney + schmincke white gouache, Lascaux white gouache, Lascaux white watercolor, Lascaux yellow ochre gouache. Flower palette : Shin-Han Premium WC Vermillion, Shin-Han Premium WC burnt sienna, (Green not used), Schmincke cad orange gouache. Paper (Soho Palette) Lascaux Light Brown gouache, Lascaux umber (greenish) gouache (misc mixes) The Soho paper palette wipes off easily when working with gouache so I often use it for temp mixes or wiping off color.

Thanks for looking. C & C welcome & appreciated.

Devoted 2Art
04-05-2012, 08:10 PM
Introduced a few new colors to the palette...
Holbein Gouache - Cobalt Blue / Alizarin Crimson
DaVinci Watercolor - Raw Sienna Deep / Aztec
M. Graham Watercolor - Naples Yellow
M. Graham Gouache - Cad Orange
Hair only - Holbein Acryla Lamp Black/Ultramarine Blue/ Crimson/ Titanium White


Added some more color to the hair & thin layers of color to some of the face & skin. The rough looking surface is not visible on the painting and it actually appears very smooth. I had a difficult time color matching the scan so I added an actual white & black swatch for comparison.

Devoted 2Art
04-06-2012, 12:32 PM
After about 3 more hours & a couple more colors...

Looks like my experiments are working. Though it is still really rough, with a long way to go, the painting is starting to show the smoothness & glisten I was aiming for. Added a couple colors to the palette:
M. Graham Gouache- Alizarin Crimson
M. Graham Gouache - Burnt Umber.
Used light washes of Holbein Ox Gall diluted with distilled water to blend some of the rougher areas. Time to start thinking about some sort of background.

Devoted 2Art
04-06-2012, 10:21 PM

Yet another update & a couple more colors added to the main palette :
Holbein Gouache : Sepia / Raw Umber / Ice Blue
M. Graham Gouache : Cobalt Blue
Added about 2 more hours painting / drying time & even more than that trying to figure out how to get a decent photo:confused:
Decided to go some Ice Blue with white smudged into it for a pastel effect on the background then maybe go in with some palm trees coming in from the top of the distance - haven't decided yet.
C & C welcome.