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05-12-2003, 11:07 AM
Hi everyone!
It is a beautiful day here in the mountains of Virginia.
Nick and I spent the morning admiring my neighbours peacocks.
They sure are noisy fellows.
I'll see if I can get back over there and get some photos.

Hope everyone has a good day!

05-12-2003, 11:12 AM
YEA we have some more sun too today!!
ANd boy do I plan on going out and enjoying some of it. ANd I migt say getting the kidlet out to run off some steam.:rolleyes:


05-12-2003, 11:31 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Leaflin :eek: i remember those peacock noises!!! LOL yes get pics pretty please?

twyla - sounds like a good day to blow off steam - go for it!

Well today is going to be in the mid 90s here. I'll not complain because last year we were above our normal temps and hit 100 very very early. This spring is a treat! :D

I got a porch swing and matching table and chairs for mothers day. Ahhhh I just love it.

I'm finishing up a commission today, but its a little person face, not a little animal face, so I'll post it in the portrait/drawing forum when i'm ready for some critiqing. Dying to get back to some animals. Soon!

have a great Monday everyone:D


05-12-2003, 03:03 PM
Hi all,

I'm kind of new here. Don't know you all yet! I'm Erin, from Texas... where the weather is cool today! (In the 70s).

Anyway, my two female kitties are going in to be spayed tomorrow, and I'm really nervous. I shouldn't be, but I am.

We've spayed and neutered 21 cats and kittens over the last 6 months, (ferals and strays) in our little city, (doing the trap/neuter/release back into the yard where someone feeds and waters them) and one of these to be spayed tomorrow, (Sadie) is an ex-feral kitten, (older now) that I kept after her capture last October. She's tamed down quite well, but still she is really scared of being held too and it is traumatic to get her in a carrier.

But, since she's in heat, it's a little easier to pet her and I've been practicing lifting her up by the scruff of her neck for a few seconds, (like I'll have to do to put her in the carrier). It might be much easier to get her in the carrier while 'in heat' because she's really 'not herself'... (i've tried waiting till these females go 'out of heat' to avoid the extra cost and complications, but they never go out of heat for any length of time!)

The vet they are going to is one who does ferals, so if she goes wild, they can handle it...

so nervous.

my little darlings you know! Baby Cat is really a little sweetie, and Sadie is just a bit timid. Anyway, if you could send good thoughts/prayers out to them tomorrow and for the vet's skillful hands! We also have 4 neutered male kitties, and Rosie, the stray doggie from NM, (she was fixed when we found her), and the two new stray pups who I need to get to the vet soon too, for their operations. But, one thing at a time.

Thanks for listening!

I'll let you know how everything goes. I'm picking them up the same day. This vet doesn't keep them overnight. That's ok, if there's an emergency, the emergency animal clinic is only a few miles away.

Why am I so nervous?? It's just a routine operation... I just am! I don't want them to 'tip' the ears like they do with the ferals I bring in. Don't want the shots at the same time. Of course I will tell them these things. I just don't want them to mess up anything!!! Don't want Sadie to be traumatized as they take her out of the carrier. They are going to have to wear gloves... but, I don't want to take her in a trap because there might be a mix up that she is a feral. That might be easier for them to sedate her through that though.

Thanks for letting me ramble. So many other things more important to worry about...

oh, how is your kitty Twyla? The orange fella... who was very ill a month or so ago? I'm a little afraid to ask...

Thanks again for your good thoughts towards my furry friends!


Paul Hopkinson
05-12-2003, 04:19 PM
Hi, after a weekends painting it's back to the old grind stone and get on with some work.:crying:
You know what it's like when you really get into a painting you just can't get away from it. I get so involved that if I have to leave something for a day or two I get tense because I'm eager to carry on with it! It's amazing how time flys, my wife can be talking to me and I don't hear a word! You see painting doe's have some good points!:evil:

Have a great day!


05-12-2003, 04:26 PM
Welcome Erin;

Sad to say the we did end up putting Fire down. He had kidney stones and there is notheing they can do for that. We tried what we could but it did not help.
Miss him quite badly.:(

Try not to worry too much about the kittys getting fixed. Vets now are so good at what they do. I'm sure it wil be OK.

TJ thats what I wanted for Mom's day. No fair!! Thats it I think I'm just gonna come live with you!

Twyla;) ;)

05-12-2003, 06:05 PM
I'm sorry for your loss, Twyla, with Fire.

I lost my cat to cancer 2 years ago, and it was very hard too. I still think of her often.

Now, I have these 6 kitties though! and, more "just regular" worries with them... not disease worries, fortunately. They have such a good diet now, since I learned more about cancer and all of that. And, i started doing the ferals since MCat passed away too. They live on in our hearts. Forever. And, our lives seem forever changed by each and every one of our animal companions throughout our lives.

Now, I'm dealing also with little fledgling grackle birds that are falling out of their nests, or being pushed out. Buried 2 today, and took one to the bird lady yesterday that wasn't flying yet. She said they'd be on the ground for 5 days! Not so great with the pups ... so the pups are gonna be inside quite a lot the next few days...

Then, we had ducklings in our pool a few weeks ago. Seems like one animal crisis after another! Very interesting to learn so much about the birds though...

Now, if only I could get back to painting!


05-12-2003, 06:27 PM
Hello all,
I just came back from hanging for our local art show. Lots of great paintings. I am the photographer for this event so I'll see about getting some of the paintings on here.

We could have a new member here at WC! from my town. I have talked about this site to many of my fellow artists. One of them has taken a look in here & she said she LOVES it. She hasn't joined yet, but she said she will. :D I'm happy!

Twyla...I'm sorry to hear about Fire. :crying: I remember when you had to take him to the vet, but I didn't hear anything afterwards. (((hugs)))

Leaflin...I would love to see those peacock photos. They are beautiful birds!!

TJ...a porch swing & table & chairs, all I got was supper. Something is wrong with this picture. :rolleyes:

Paul...I have a husband like you. I can say something, & he doesn't hear me. ;)

Erin...please come & join us. We are a friendly bunch here. Your kitties will do fine. You are doing the right thing. :cat:

Happy Trails

05-12-2003, 06:38 PM
hi erin
sounds like spring is especially busy for you! You are doing the right thing like she she said. I heard when you remove feral cats from the local feral cat population that the result is actually production of more kittens. Mother nature replaces one with a litter, and it just goes and goes. Sterilizing them and re releasing the cats back into the home "area" keeps the population stable and actually reduces the number of feral cats in the long run. Sounds weird, but after all they are cats - whos a human to figure them out. ;)

hey she she... I got take out pizza... LOL not much thought into the actual dinner tho huh?

ok twyla, but I'll warn you ahead of time... looks like we'll be mule sitting for a while! 4 extra head to go with our own 4. Might get kind of noisy around here :D But yer welcome to come on down!

Crafy... isn't the "zone" the best! I love it when i can get there! Ohhhh you using your new pencils? Cant' wait to see!


05-13-2003, 02:58 AM
Hi All,

We too, had a very nice day, finally. The snow is almost all gone and everything is turning that beautiful Spring green. The forecast is for rain, starting on Wed. for 4-5 days, which will help it get greener faster. I sure hope it doesn't turn to snow again!

I have been very busy with a new painting, so busy, in fact, that I was going to do a wip and forgot to scan it! oh well, next time. I'll be posting it here when I'm done. (almost there)

Twyla, so sorry about your kitty. My own is getting old and deaf and hardly leaves the porch anymore. I am not looking forward to the day when.......

erinj, you are doing a very good thing, with those cats and I'm sure they will be fine.

Leaflin, I'm looking forward to some nice peacock photos, pretty please?

Paul, I'm afarid I'm very much like you according to my husband. When I get into a painting I go deaf! Today, I had to force myself to do the laundry, we were running out of undies! I hate leaving a painting that is going well.

She-She, at least you got supper! In my husband's defence, he did offer to take me out, but we had been out to dinner the night before and I was,(you guessed it) wrapped up in my painting, so I made dinner, so I could get back at it. (I know, shame on me!)

TJ, you're right the "zone" is the best! I got very inspired by my art getaway and just had to paint after being away from it for over a week.

I am writing this late, so have a great Tuesday!:D

05-13-2003, 09:50 PM
Everything is fine with my kitties. Came through their surgeries fine. My wild one, they thought was sedated and the tech began carrying her back to surgery but then she came back to life the tech said, her adrenalin must have kicked in. She got loose but they cornered her and no one was hurt.

It also took me quite a long time to get her in the carrier this morning. Husband had to do it finally.

It's only been a few hours, as they did the surgeries late in the day, but I'm sure the cats are happy to be home.

I only got charged the rescue price too. That was nice of the vet!

So, I'm happy that things are fine! And, tomorrow is b-day number 46....

I should celebrate by painting something, don't you think???

Well, going to cook some veggies and browse WC for now... one of my favorite things to do.

Thanks for listening everybody.

05-14-2003, 01:00 AM
Oh, I forgot to say, TJ, yes! That's right, for some :cat: reason, releasing the ferals back into their 'home' area keeps the population at a certain level... new cats don't come into the territory, I've heard that too. So, the Trap/Neuter/Release programs seem to really work. (It's been working for us, only one new litter this spring... guess we missed a kitty!)

Ok, one more update! It's been about 7 hours since my cats' surgeries and one cat is walking around (in between naps) and just did the 'cat dance', (the kneading, purring thing), and is grooming herself! Her eyes are much clearer. She even wants to play with a string. no no kitty, let's not play YET!!!

(Of course the extra wild kitty, Sadie, was probably sedated EXTRA, and is still in the 'under the bed' stage... at least she moved from the closet though).

This quick recovery of the one cat is quite encouraging to me, because we release the ferals after 24 or 26 hours or so after their surgeries. I am looking forward to seeing how fast my cats really recover now. Go cats go!

Thanks for listening again. I'll be looking forward to reading y'all's posts about more of your lives, in the future.

Happy Mom's Day to you mothers!
And, happy new painting week!


05-14-2003, 10:55 AM
:clap: to the kitties :cat:
Happy Birthday Erin!!