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05-12-2003, 12:13 AM
I am looking for 1 artist or photographer to represent the following cities:Chicago, Portland, Philadelphia, Orlando, and NY. I am featuring the chosen artist on the www.wildsidepdx.com website under the location.
We are not looking for an established artist. We are looking for an artist to feature who would like more exposure.
The deal we are offering is the chosen artist will stay featured on the wildside website for as long as they wish to be there.
He or she will be the only artist for that city.
We realize that their art is only borrowed and that they retain all rights. We do not wish to sell their art. We only wish to promote them as an artist and list them as the featured artist for that city.
Our hope is to promote works of beauty and open the minds of our current traffic to art as a whole.
We are a portal for extreme sports and places to be seen. We were hoping for a work of art containing the city skyline or something of special interest. Please click on the Boston link to see our first featured artist or the Seattle link to see our first featured photographer.
The first person who has a good work of art reflecting what we wish to show will be the chosen artist for the city.
You may email me direct or you may contact me from the website.
Lorilee Chastain
Wild Side
[email protected]