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05-06-2003, 09:01 PM
As I am going somewhere hot soon and doing plein aire I wondered if there were any useful tips.
I have windsor and newton soft pastels and my 60 half set of schminkes......the question is would a set of harder pastels help?
If so what make? conte? I have seen that the conte soft pastels are fairly hard anyway and i could get a set of 48 for 23.95
My other option is to get more soft ones either more schminkes or unisons.
Oh and do you think paper pads would be better for plein aire work .........so many questions!.........so much to shop for!

05-07-2003, 09:54 AM
How exciting! Yes a pad is nice to bring, I brought a 9 x 12 pad of assorted Canson with me and it was really convenient. Check your assortment of colors for good variety of greens and as far as the softness goes, anything goes I think. Most of mine are Rembrandt, but wouldn't mind Schminke at all. I have harder sticks, Nupastel, but hardly use them, just for the beginning sketch.

Have fun!:)

05-07-2003, 01:32 PM
Hayley - whatever you take, yuo will use,and whatever you don't buy, or leave at home, you will wish you had with you! It's a law of some kind.

I would recommend a few things.

1. Drawing board. I use Fome-Core, available from art shops. I buy a large sheet, and cut it into two pieces, big enough to fit my suitcase. Then I put sheets of paper in between the two "boards". The Fome Core weighs nothing, and one of them will make a great drawing board.

2. Take a pad if you like, but I prefer, personally, to have large sheets. You can always cut a large sheet down to paint a small pic....but you cannot make a small pad bigger!!! A big pad is nice, but heavy to carry around. Instead, I clip or tape 3 or 4 sheets to my board, and if I make a mess of one pic, I have other sheets to use. I also have other sheets if I am out all day, cos its best to do one pic am and one pm, the light and shadows will differ so much.

3. Take a large sheet of plastic paper, the kind you get in the art shops when you buy sheets of paper. You can then clip this to your board over the top of your pic, and you can drop it down onto your lap like an apron if you like to rest your board on your lap.

4. Take a lightweight sketching stool and a lightweight easel. And a hat. Even if you prefer to sit rather than stand, you can drop your easel down and rest your board partly on the easel and partly on your lap, which is quite comfy.

5. Take insect repellant.

6. When you have finished painting, unclip your pic and turn it around to face the board before carrying it home.

7. Take different colours of pastel paper to try.

8. Have fun!!!


05-07-2003, 02:58 PM
Thanks so much Jackie I knew you would have some good tips for me......Off to find some foam core now..........oh forgot to ask what do you keep your pastels in when you are out?