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05-01-2003, 12:48 AM
What a great occasion to share the beauty of my dogs with you all. Of course, I'm aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But they are more special to me than ever because they've all gone. Paco, the red Ibizan, 3 years ago, and Gucci, the Greyhound, and Weepee, the Whippet, 33 days ago.

So here they are...


Can't figure out how to include my photos.
I've read the vB code help, but still don't understand. Help!

05-01-2003, 03:11 AM
Hope I can explain this right.

When you get to the reply box (the place where you type) look to the top above where it says "Animals and wildlife subjects" to those long buttons and find the one that says "uploader." When you click on that you will be taken to another screen and there will be a "browse" button. Click on that to find your photos in your computer, select the one you want and click "open" Then below the "browse" button is an "upload image" button. In a few seconds (may take longer if your picture is bigger-try to keep it smaller- I do mine at about 400X500) a new page will appear with a long url sequence (it explains it when you get there) Go to Edit in the upper left and chose "copy" making sure you have selected the WHOLE thing and then close down that screen, then go to edit again and choose "paste' to put it in your reply box. Then choose "Submit Reply" and if you've done it right, your picture will show up in your reply!

Hope this helps!:D