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04-29-2003, 07:34 PM
here are the two paintings i am working on...the first is the flags, so far, and the second are the tulips i am painting.



04-29-2003, 07:46 PM
looking lovely. did you save the lights for you flag poles?


04-29-2003, 07:53 PM
thanks Bethany :)
i did save the lights for the flag poles

04-29-2003, 08:00 PM
I like the composition you created with the leaves from the tulips. It looks so much better than the straight up & down leaves I usually put on my tulips.

Both paintings are lookin' good so far.


04-29-2003, 08:05 PM
They're both coming together well, Sarah! Are you happier with these two? I'm anxious to see how you treat the tulip background? What is your plan?

04-29-2003, 08:10 PM
hi CharM

i really don't have a plan for the background yet :p i am just concentrating on the tulips for now.
i am definitely happier with these two paintings :D
thanks Michelle :) the tulip leaves are not really tulip leaves:p they are lily leaves my mom has in the garden. i liked them better!

04-29-2003, 08:31 PM
Both are beautiful. Do you often paint more than one painting at a time? Anxious to see them finished.

04-29-2003, 08:36 PM

04-29-2003, 09:10 PM
:clap: :clap: :clap: I am such a fan. These are looking wonderful.

04-30-2003, 12:21 AM
These both are looking great so far. You must have great patience. Keep on trucking!

04-30-2003, 04:13 AM
Wow - I can honestly say that is my first wow on this website ever!!! - I can really see the potential in these two pictures. I love the colouring in the flag picture, I'd love to see them both finished. Do you sell many pictures? Are they from photos or another painting? And how long have you been painting?

04-30-2003, 08:19 AM
Sarah, I really don't know wich one I like the best!!!

04-30-2003, 08:51 AM
Sarah, is there anything you CAN'T paint and it turn out just awesome? Seriously.....do you find yourself struggling with any type of subject? Mine is flowers and leaves :p

These two are going to be beauties!!...but I haven't seen anything yet that isn't.... :D :clap:

04-30-2003, 09:54 AM
Just curious Turtle33.

Hows the turtles?

With the tulip painting : do you mask it before you do the background or not?

04-30-2003, 10:02 AM
They are both looking great. I really like the tulips so far. Are there only two flowers in this or are there more to come? Makes me want to get to the Botanic Gardens to take some photos to paint - but it's raining!

04-30-2003, 10:28 AM
hi Karen
there are going to be more tulips on the painting. i am painting them from my mom's gardens so i am outside painting.
hi Philip
the turtles are doing great :D
i won't mask the background or around the tulips at all. i just paint the background carefully around the subject
thanks els. i will post an update later today. i have to go to my college today to meet with the professor of the art department about advancing my classes.

hi Annetta. i do struggle with a lot of my paintings and give up on some. i like painting these though.
thanks rebus. the flags painting is a commission. i had an exhibit in February and sold 11 of my paintings. i have a few commissions and one is done.
thanks Carolyn, Sandy and Lyn
thanks Jan. no, this is the first time i am doing 2 paintings at once. it is alright but i am mainly doing the tulips because they are done from life.


04-30-2003, 10:36 AM
Looking good Sarah........will keep watching.........

04-30-2003, 12:18 PM
That finished flag painting is amazing, I too thought it was the reference photo. The second one coming along beautifully.

Tulips - beautiful start!!!!! Had to laugh at you exchanging the leaves, would never occur to me but keeping it in mind now HA!
I too enjoy painting tulips life while sitting in the garden. Weather not too hot and they are so beautiful and begging to be painted BUT ours aren't quite there yet.