View Full Version : New Video: Watercolor Figures with Lian Quan Zhen

03-09-2012, 12:21 PM
In Watercolor with Lian Quan Zhen: Figures (https://artistsnetwork.tv/p-389-watercolor-with-lian-quan-zhen-figures.aspx), playing now on ArtistsNetwork.tv (http://ArtistsNetwork.tv), Lian shows how to capture the soft, translucent skin and delicate features of a child, and the more developed and rugged features of an adult. After a light underpainting to establish skin tone, follow along layer by layer to develop hair and skin tones, bringing in a smaller brush to create lifelike eyes, nose and mouth. Lian even shows how to paint hands, and backgrounds, and the soft folds of fabric to create two beautiful portraits full of life!

Preview Watercolor: Figures (https://artistsnetwork.tv/p-389-watercolor-with-lian-quan-zhen-figures.aspx) now to create an underpainting for a child that will make her skin glow, and use small brushes to develop final details that give definition and realism to the adult face.

Then visit ArtistsNetwork.tv (http://ArtistsNetwork.tv)for access to the full-length version of this video.