View Full Version : New Video: Watercolor for Beginners: Falling Leaves

03-09-2012, 12:18 PM
In this video workshop, playing now on ArtistsNetwork.tv (http://ArtistsNetwork.tv), Jan uses her easy-to-follow steps to help you paint overlapping leaves with a focus on using tonal contrast to create drama and maximizing impact with color. Preview Watercolor for Beginners: Falling Leaves with Jan Fabian Wallake (https://artistsnetwork.tv/p-388-watercolor-for-beginners-episode-12-falling-leaves-with-jan-fabian-wallake.aspx) here now.

The visit ArtistsNetwork.tv (https://artistsnetwork.tv/p-388-watercolor-for-beginners-episode-12-falling-leaves-with-jan-fabian-wallake.aspx) for access to the full-length version of this video so you can follow along with each step of this demonstration as Jan shows you techniques for creating a variety of edges, blending, negative painting, wet into wet mingling, and more for a painting filled with depth!

(Originally produced as Paint Pal Club 10_11 Falling Leaves.)