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04-28-2003, 01:32 AM
And hello again, the neverending story continues. It is rather depressing to upload a few of the works I have made, not that I don’t want to share, but more like that I want some break here in this sorry excuse for a country. Doing my freaking best to get things done and still being blocked by rules and lack of funding is too much messing up my mind. I am still looking for another place to stay and more work to do and most people are like: “I am sorry to hear that” and turn around and walk away, instead of handing out some tips what to do and where to go. I took one of my biggest risks in my life to leave everything behind in Holland and going to the States, because of the hugeness and variety of the country. Well, huge it is, but not very varied, if I look at the inhabitants. And the crazy thing is: I love this country. In Germany they have a saying: Wass man liebt, neckt man. (You hurt what you love). That might be exactly in it’s place here.

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/moonchild.jpg" width="400" height="301">
Bryce, Poser, Photoshop and Illustrator. Made it as a contribution to Poetry 2001, an initiative for young artists in Rotterdam (Netherlands). All I did was just write a little poem about how I feel most of the time and according to that I worked. First the colors, then the moon, I had the choice between a nude man and a nude girl, but since I am a man and I had to look at the thing too for some time, I chose the girl, rendered it all off and finished it in Illutrator. It has been used as postcard, flyer and a few posters were made from it. Not one of my best works, but hey, everyone has a lousy day sometimes!

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/outofcontrol.jpg" width="400" height="279">
Out of Control.
Photoshop, Illustrator and alot of anger. I was sifting through my mother’s old newspapers and I found a photo that became the base of this work. If you look good you see alot of bulletshells laying around. The picture has been taken in Tel Aviv, just after a really nasty happening. At the horizonline of the photo was a Palestinian man who shot ONE bullet at a group of Israelian soldiers. All the shells on the ground came from bullets shot at that one man, according to the newspaper. There was hardly anything left of the man’s body after this brutal and cowardise execution.
It made me so pissed off that I scanned it and started to make it more doomey and scary and then I came up with the “exit”. The piece has been doing its job since it made alot of people angry about the unfair policies of the Israelian and the Palestinian governments towards their own people. I also got smacked in the face by one man who said that I was polarising people’s opinions with it and all I did was smile. Art and design are fun.

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/enikvanjou.jpg" width="311" height="450">
En ik van jou.
Photoshop & Illustrator. Sifting through my vast archives of photo’s I found this old picture of my mother while she was pregnant of my sister (1974). That period was very hard for both my mother and me, since my father is not that much of a descent human. The title is Dutch as answer to “I love you”. I have made more dedications to my mother, since she is my superhero and managed to raise both my sister and me, even though we were not the easiest kids in the world. Respect!

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/beachgrl.gif" width="311" height="400">
Photoshop, Illustrator, projector, filtpens, acryl, cloth of linnen (later printed twice on canvas). I love the beach and the beach loves me. In Holland I lived about 10 minutes walking from the beach and I have made alot of photo’s, especially of the girls and women hanging out there. I did most of the image editing in Photoshop, made the lettering in Illustrator and I wanted to print it on canvas, but... summer is summer, also for printshops and they were on vacation, so I needed to find another way to get this enlarged. I found an old piece of linnen , nailed it to the wall, took my projector and traced it. All I had left was some red acryl, a left over black and a white marker. The later printed canvas I gave away to the girl on the image, just as a gift. And as grateful and thankful as most people are: I never saw her again. A man from my town saw the image and told me he wanted to buy the second print from me, which made me happy. The cloth where I traced the beta version on is burned. I got so angry on the ungratefulness of that girl... aaaaarrrggghhh.... instead of making and breaking things I should take some tai chi lessons to calm down a bit.

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/murals_001.jpg" width="350" height="450">
Photo’s of two murals I made, touch ups and cropping are done in Photoshop and used in my cd-rom brochure-project.

The first mural is done in a backyard of friends in Holland. The used paints were latex white as primer, Belton & Montana spraycans, Windsor and Newton acrylics for detailing. Also used my airbrush for applying those details. Size: 6 meter by 2.5 meter, time to do it: two days of 16 hrs per day.
The second mural is done in London (UK) in a rundown factory. Cutting the fence, getting my butt inthere, whiting the wall, spraypainting it and going out took me 4 hours and 45 minutes. Size: 2 meter by 5.5 meter. Nice tip for speedy work like that: use fatcaps of Belton on Montana-cans and drink some Martini’s on beforehand. It works, take my word for it...

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/angel_canv.jpg" width="338" height="450">
My Angel.
A black&white photo projected on a large canvas and then traced with pencil. Then the annoying process of coloring with oils and smearing and smudging with turps and cloths. The photo has been taken by Jake, a friend, he also did the cropping for me. Thanx, buddy!
Size: 120 cm by 80 cm, medium: oil, beer and alot of cussing. Time to make it was about three weeks, just because of the drying process. The tricky part was to start smearing when the paint was drying already, so the background got a better cloudy and still rough look.
The dedication was to an internetfling I had and is over now. Next time I just send a box of chocolates, instead of making a huge ass painting. Good thing I didn’t send it over. (And again the proof has been stated that most people are as thankful as a pig’s ass). The repro’s of it will soon be finished and then it is looking for clients to buy them.
If I have to go back to Europe than this probably will be the last oil I will ever make, because in Europe I will not have any chance on getting good material like this ever again nor the money to buy it. What a waste and just when I started to like that oilpaint. Back to crappy prints and silly webdesigning, ho-ho-ho.

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/dragon_kruin.jpg" width="450" height="191">
8 Spraycans, two 16 oz cans of beer and a bottle of Martini bring this kind of work. Total time, referring to bystanders, this took 35 minutes. Size 4.8 meter by 1.5 meter and I actually can’t remember all too well how I pulled it off.
The spot was pretty cool though, right in the centre of the town where I used to live and all legal. Well, for me that is, since the owner of the wall was a friend of me and owned the restaurant close to it. I did the rest of the wall the next day, with a hangover from hell and alot of audience, which I actually hate to have. Nitwits watching my fingers at work is making me pretty nervous, so later when I was finished with all of it, took another bottle of Martini and a few beers and that was my little party. B.t.w. I don't drink that much anymore nowadays and for the mental state it is a relief, for the crazy actions it is a shame, since they are not there anymore.

So, now you know something about what I have made the last year and something about me.
All I hope now is that I also can post some of really expressive work, because if you have to announce nudity with neonlights on the thread, then I think I will just add a link to my own server then for that kind of content.

Thanx for your effort to look at my crappy works and have a blast!!
Martin "BingoBong" Hoevenaar.

04-28-2003, 02:22 AM
Gods, Bingo, I wish there was something I could do to help you, rather than just say "I'm sorry to hear that". Your stuff is absolutely beautiful - I love the angel...That cloudy background is just.. gah..stunning, and the colors are amazing. I really like the forest mural as well; it's just wonderful (hehe, I actually have a photo that looks a lot like that - I was staring at the trees through the screen roof of my tent last year and was fascinated by the way the trees were reaching out to each other). You have such an amazing amount of talent (and if you say it's "crappy" one more time, I may have to cut off your pinky toe.. :D )

I'm really running out of adjectives, so I'll stop there.. :D