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04-28-2003, 01:08 AM
I was sifting through my productions of last year and I found quite some work I wanted to share with you people. The images I show in this thread are made in Illustrator and Photoshop and where later on printed on canvas for sale.
I miss that. Printing on canvas that is. Since I am here in the USA I am lacking of resources to get things done and that is very beotch for me. In the area where I live (Hannibal, Missouri) are no real good printshops that can do custom work like I want and sponsoring is a thing they never heard of either. In the Netherlands I cleaned out the printshop and dusted off offices in trade for canvasprints, which I could sell for money, but here... grmbls.

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/cluster.jpg" width="349" height="450">
Cluster is inspired on an afternoon of drizzling leftovers of paint on pieces of cardboard. It seemed kinda nice to simulate that effect in the computer and voila. Printed on a 70 cm by 120 cm canvas and currently hanging at an insurance office in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/snail.jpg" width="536" height="400">
Snail is done with Photoshop and Illustrator. Being bored and wandering around my backyard jungle I saw the snail, ran inside for a borrowed digi-cam and started taking photo’s from the little creature. Placed the poor animal on cardboard, my trashcan, bike-saddle, old sofa and finally a piece of blue paper. With the last photo I started to doodle in Photoshop and made a background with Illustrator. The lighting is done with several layers in Photoshop. Printed on 60 cm by 90 cm canvas and traded for a month supply of food and beers.

<img src="http://www.hoevenaar.com/wetcanvas/chrome.jpg" width="300" height="400">
I found a shell of a snail the other day in my back yard jungle and scanned it on a super high depth (2400 dpi). Then made about 35 layers with the same image and did the crack effect by displacing small selections. The chrome effect was just a matter of endless doodling until it looked good enough for me. Printed on a 120 cm by 70 cm smooth canvas and sold it to a former co-worker from the laboratory.

More will follow, otherwise these pages will take centuries to download (not everyone is “gifted” with highspeed-superduper-broadband-bytes-out-of-the-yinyang-internet (I deal with 56k also)).

Thanx for making the effort to look,

Martin Hoevenaar