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04-27-2003, 11:33 AM
Just wanted to share the title of a book that my friend and teacher used and that we played with a bit. There was a thread a while back about salting and we'd gotten on the subject of off-the-wall methods. I don't know if that's where Gary got the idea of using coffee, but I know the saran wrap technique came out of it. It's available at Amazon for around $20. Thinking about getting a copy for myself since Gary lost his. Here it is:<P></P>How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself: Experimental Techniques for Achieving Realistic Effects by Nita Engle.

Patrick Marion
04-27-2003, 12:05 PM
I have this book and I highly recommend it if you want to
try experimental techniques.

To sort of sum up what Nita Engle does here is:
Gives you a few exercises with spraying,squirting,
paint and water on paper and/or board.

Also pouring and tilting board to make
paint run. You'll love the effects of the
"Six Way & Twelve Way Washes".

She states that it's really making abstract forms
and then adding focused detail to make the abstract
look realistic. She does this well.

If you're looking to copy a painting from a book
then this is not for you. She doesn't really go
into step-by-step to copy her paintings like
alot of other books do.

This is a book that gives you ideas and techniques
and let's you go in your own direction.

Ever tried throwing pine needles on your painting
to achieve an effect? She is loaded with new ideas.
Her workshops are about $500 to $800.

Here you can see some of her prints

Here is the workshop page

She also has two videos

Nita Engle's Wilderness Palette video which is not a teaching video tape.

"Loosen Up & Let It Flow"
which is a complete workshop video.

Both are located here:

I don't usually have such high praise for a book or
video but I believe this to be one of the best.