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05-15-2001, 10:03 PM
<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/15-May-2001/crystal-still.JPG" border=0>

OK I HAVE DONE IT!!! (put together two images into one - I am so proud). As for the painting, I feel like I put toooooo many lines into the crystal vase. The flowers and bottle seem good.

05-16-2001, 12:36 AM
What a great picture. I love the colors and the reflections. Don't change a thing. I'm moving into a new house and have just the spot to hang it! Akkid

05-16-2001, 01:01 AM
I also love the colors in this as well as the lines! I would leave it as is....very nice!!

05-16-2001, 01:02 AM
This is lovely and I don't think that you have too many lines in the vase. Maybe techniqically you may have but I don't think it matters. I think that it blends the vase in well with the other crystal objects.

Don't worry, its gonna be all right....
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05-16-2001, 05:15 AM
You have done a wonderful job on this. Congrats. I love crystal and would love to draw or paint it. Pat yourself on the back. Well done.

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Phyllis Rennie
05-16-2001, 07:39 AM
Wow! Really lovely! I think the best parts are the fringe and needlework. Flowers and bottle look great too. I'm in agreement with you on the vase but I think you could probably fix it by just connecting a few--notice I said "few" -- of the dark areas. I'd probably make a couple of them even darker than they are. And I'd consider putting a touch more dark in the center of the foreward facing blossom at the top. But those are just minor points.

Can you shrink your image so the whole thing shows on the monitor without scrolling?

05-16-2001, 08:05 AM
Thanks for all the comments. I really like this one but don't have it framed YET. I just wish I had a place where I could hang all of these darn things. Soon I hope.

The fringe was done with masking fluid applied with a toothpick. It would be impossible to paint around each strand.

05-16-2001, 09:13 AM
This is great! I love the flowers and your crystal vase is perfect. I would not change anything. Your colors on the reflections and shadows are beautiful. *SMILE*


05-16-2001, 10:20 AM
Wow Fink - This is great. I have been playing with watercolors the past few evenings and find it's totally unforgiving, and my trash can is bulging with wadded-up watercolor paper hehe..

I think the crystal looks fine.

05-16-2001, 11:44 AM
Beautiful! The vase has nice movement. I really like the colors and warm/cool interplay. Great flowers too.


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05-16-2001, 03:26 PM
I think a few darker areas in the vase would help make it less 'busy' and give it a little more dimension. Good composition, very nice piece over all.

05-16-2001, 10:53 PM
Jimbo, you are right about watercolor - it can be unforgiving but with enough water and an old toothbrush almost anything can be changed. I just watch that I don't use too many staining colors when in question.

Thanks for all the good comments. When one looks at your own painting for awhile you can't really see it anymore and it becomes impossible to evaluate.

05-17-2001, 03:49 AM
Marvellous work. Excellent.