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04-26-2003, 10:15 AM
Well...as far as ways for Christians to be creative, one is how we might consider creative ways to get an idea or message across "as artists."

I took an incident in our family's life when we had to put a five month old puppy to sleep.

I was asked by a high school to come and do a keynote speaking for the student body based upon a recommendation from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes regional leader. I had done quite a few talks for him in other capacities.

I sat down with the school counselor and principal of the high school of near 3,000 students....

I had only a week's notice to come up with something that they had hoped would not be "lecturing" in presentation, which tends to bore or turn the kids off.

I prayed about it of course, and knowing God opens doors for opportunities did not shy away from the challenge. The challenge was to address the risks and dangers just prior to prom of drinking and driving.

I believe God gave me a metaphor thru our puppy circumstance and the success of that presentation which was astounding led to doing it again and again.

That initial high school was so impacted, that they took the destroyed image and set it up at the entrance of the prom hall night of prom for kids to see, and be reminded of. Here is a link of the article of that particular high school experience I put together for Wetcanvas-

I have revamped the presentation now where it becomes a two part presentation. The first deals with the pain, and dealing with the pain. The second with redemption and how God turns bad intended to destroy us to victory and good. I have the second portion as an option for high schools to have me speak at an area church that same evening where I can share the faith side of it.

Here was last year's painting 4' x 6' in acrylic on masonite panel to prep for the presentation-

And, here is a link to my presentation I did at Lifest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin last summer; a music festival for about 20,000 people.

I have been asked to come back again this year and do a repeat of the seminar. Also, plans are underway that I will begin to initiate an arts festival within the festival similar to what involvement I had in helping Artrageous in their development at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.

In time...we will have a gallery of artist's submission works from across the continent for the fest, speakers and workshops.

Here is also a past Wetcanvas article on my participation at the 2000 summer Cornerstone Music and Arts Festival in Illinois.

This festival has evolved now to about 45,000- 60,000 attendees, mostly campers on 575 acres, with 300 bands, and the Artrageous festival, and now to two other locations in the US! ...and here is a link to that festival itself-

I will be attending this year the Cornerstone festival just for fun, in its 20th year. I've attended 18 of those so far. My sons have practically grown up on this event, and my oldest son, (also a WC member here, Jason), has played in Dove award winning bands at this festival and abroad. He will be set up to caricature at this fest this year.

Finally, a link to the Oshkosh music fest I'll be at this summer, Lifest- http://www.lifest.com/


04-28-2003, 08:20 AM
A city on a hill cannot be hidden... thank you for letting God work thru you.

Wally's Mom
04-28-2003, 04:26 PM
Obviously an inspired presentation.:angel:

God Bless You !