View Full Version : Site Policy Addendum: 3 Strikes Rule

04-26-2003, 09:16 AM
As of today, April, 25th, 2003, the following addendum has been added to the WC! user agreement.

Three-Strikes Policy

Unfortunately, in an online community of our size, there will ocassionally be the need for the site administrators to take action against a member for continued non-compliance with the rules and guidelines of this site.

"Three Strikes & You’re Out" simply means that you will receive three warnings before your account is temporarily disabled. The first two warnings will come from site moderators, and will state the offense and ask politely that you adhere to site guidelines. The third note will be a warning and result in a three (3) month time-out from participating and posting on this site. After the three month time-out period, your account will become active again. A further offence will result in another three-month suspension. After the second three month time-out period, one further offence will result in complete and final account removal.


Note: any warning issued prior to today do not factor into this policy. Clean slates abound.