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04-26-2003, 01:48 AM
Yippee it's the weekend!:D

I just thought I'd come out of lurking long enough to say I'm still here..... I've had a few pm's from concerned people asking if I'm okay (thanks, you guys are amazing!) because I haven't been posting much lately..... and so I'll be honest and say I've had a minor setback but I'm on the road to recovery again.:) But even when I'm not well enough to do much posting, I'm ALWAYS lurking and I always read "the wash"!

I did submit a photo for Fun2cook's portrait exchange and was really excited to see that someone actually painted me! Fun! I hope to be able to reciprocate soon.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend in all your various corners of the world.:cat:

Bill J
04-26-2003, 02:01 AM
Getting up early and going to spend the day on the Gulf of Mexico.
The enclosed pic will be a pasenger. It's always nice to have someone who is easy on the eyes. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

04-26-2003, 02:43 AM
Nandie I hope you feel better soon. It's not tomorrow yet but I stayed up long enough to get on the morning bandwagon. It's 11:45 pm Friday night. Usually I'm the last to post here.

I stayed up to do little old lady's portrait. i am pleased with it although I got an interruption.

My husband made it to the LA area at around 5pm Friday. I miss him...:( but that's the way it is with the job situation.

I hope all have a good weekend.

04-26-2003, 05:41 AM
Morning Andrea, Bill, Sylvielu! It's sunny for the first time in days here (poured yesterday) so a big smile on my face. And I got some painting done last night, after a long break. Feels great to wet my brushes, mix the colours up etc.

Today, must get started on the Portrait project. It looks like it's going to be pretty big, so the sooner the better.

((Nandie)), glad you are OK! Maybe I'll paint you later on.

Have a nice time Bill!

04-26-2003, 05:50 AM
Morning folks. Just drinking my coffee, cruising through the channels here and excited by the fact that I have my watercolour class this morning (seven more Saturdays like this:)).

Nandie - I think Phillip did a really good job on your portrait -- really good for a first attempt, he's a keener, I think we'll see more good things from him.

Bill - Gulf of Mexico -- now *that's* that place to be!!! Have fun boating.

Sylvielu - cool, starting with JoAnn's portrait. Great reference picture she submitted, eh? (Oh, did I say eh? --- it's not really a Canadian thing!) lol.

Sarah - I think it's cool that you submitted a baby pic for the reference pics in the exchange. Great varitey of reference photos to choose from. Good stuff!!!

Have a great day everyone! See you after class!

Strawberry Wine
04-26-2003, 07:29 AM
Good Day Everyone:

Sunny here and just above freezing but it is looking like it will get warm before noon. I have the first of my daffodils blooming. YEAH!!

Mary Ann: Have fun at your class and pics will be taken this morning for the portrait exchange and will upload and download later today.

Sarah Glad to hear you are getting the brushes wet.

Andrea: Hopw the setback is a minor one, lurk all you want and post when you can :)

Bill : Lucky you to be out on the boat all day. No boats on Lake Simcoe yet. The ice from the main part of the lake has been swept ashore by the winds this past week so we now have ice again on the lake at least for a few more days. maybe by next weekend my labradors will get to swim. As soon as they see open water they are ready to dive right in.

Slyielu: Enjoy the bit of free time you have to paint and do whatever you want when you want. I always enjoy the first couple of days when hubby is on an evening shift and then I miss him.:) But luckily he has not had to travel for years.

I did finish an acrylic painting yesterday. I have a senior client who is moving from her home into a seniors apt. building and told her I would paint her something for her apt door. It is the same picture of the robin sitting on her nest that I sent to madmum in the postcard exchange. I have posted it in Tole and decorative forum if anyone wants to take a peek. "Robin Nesting Welcome Sign"

Gardening is in order today and a little painting this morning.

Everyone have a great day doing whatever. See you all later


04-26-2003, 07:30 AM
Hello everyone

Nandie - Glad you're feeling a little better. Take it easy. I printed out that whole process you did on the last pic. Wonderful.

I'm going out to breakfast with an old friend I don't get to see too much. He & I got together & took some photos last fall & I have been wanting to see them for so long.

Got housecleaning today & I think a supper out with a group of girlfriends. My now 18 yo is going on a solo flight today so I will try to stay busy so as not to worry too much. This will be his last solo before he gets his liscence.

Well everyone have a good day. Will pop in & out as the day unwinds.


04-26-2003, 07:31 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!!!!
And good it is, I think it is a reality that spring has finally arrived and about time too.

Nandy, you have such a wonderful attitude!!!!!! Wishing you VERY, VERY fast recovery!!!!!!

Bill, yup, definitely easy on the eyes, lucky you!!!
and talk about easy on the eye

JoAnn, that photo you sent in is soo good, you were such a beauty, joy of life sparkling in your eyes!!!!

Silvie, I hope your husband finds a fantastic job. I stayed behind with children when my husband first came to Canada. Was hard.

Well, I gardened all day yesterday, Evening Primrose has completely taken over my perennial garden. Had to dig them all out because they kill everything else in sight and yet I love them.

My two sons and family are coming for visit today so I will actually have to cook and no gardening nor painting today.

Have a wonderful day!!!

04-26-2003, 07:37 AM
Morning all...gray day here in Ohio. But spring is definitely here and everything is so lush with color.

Been reading my new books like crazy---Making Color Sing, Exploring Color, The Watercolor Book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, The Artist's Way...now maybe I can finish a painting someday with all this knowledge I will have ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend.


04-26-2003, 07:41 AM
Good morning! We had some big thunder boomers roar through here last night. DH was not home, so his dog, Muppet, came to me for comfort--she doesn't like thunder!!

We're still taking pics of the baby robins--they are really lousy, so I won't post, but will be painting more babies and nest--they are about to fly away--maybe today.:)

I'm working on a really different subject for me--if it works, I'll post it--if not, I'll try again.

(((Nandie))), happy to "see" you!

Bill-have fun--be good--naw, just have fun!!!!

Sylvielu, glad hubby got there safely. Remember, we are here for you when you get lonely.

Sarah, saw your painting--great.

Fun2cook--enjoy your class--I'm trying to find one around here.

Gail, I'll check out your sign on the Tole forum!

Anita, when my boys were teenagers, I had to keep reminding myself that once they were out of the driveway, they were on their own--I just kept busy too!!!

May today be better than yesterday, and may tomorrow bring peace and joy!

Happy painting!


P.S. Uschi and Kate--we cross posted--it took me too long to type!
Good morning!

Little Old Lady
04-26-2003, 08:07 AM
Another cool sunny day!
Should be doing some cleaning but those portrait reference photos are calling me!
Bill have fun. Who is the beauty?
Sylvia I am anxious to see what my portrait will look like.
Gail daffodils at my neighbors (who has thousands) still only about four inches up.
Mary Ann have fun at your class.
Uschi thank you for the compliment. Later I will psot a current picture and you can see the damage that 55 years can do!!
Everyone have a good day!

04-26-2003, 08:31 AM
Just a quickie before I leave

Originally posted by Little Old Lady
Uschi thank you for the compliment. Later I will psot a current picture and you can see the damage that 55 years can do!!

JoAnn, I have less years under my belt than you and the damage is extensive HA!!!!!!!

04-26-2003, 12:05 PM
A query for all our French friends..........is 'Tuscany' any different in French? I'm polishing off my prepared answers for my French speaking exam, and talking about an ideal holiday. The old answer was about going to Venice and Milan in Italy, decided I'd also go to Tuscany. All those lovely towns and hills.

lyn lynch
04-26-2003, 12:38 PM
Hi, Nandie. This too shall pass. I've been lurking more than posting these last days, too. You were beautiful 20 years ago, and you are still beautiful today.

Hi, Bill. Sigh, wish I was still easy on the eyes, I'd love to cruise the Gulf. Shelling looked fun too, were these eaters? Did you open flame 'um? Loved your reference of the sewing artwork, first thought it was a dress you were showing--wondered who was wearing a 12 x 12 dress? LOL, might want to upload that ref into the RIL, someone might want to paint it. Also Cafe likes varied stuff and gets people from all over the community.

Sylv, isn't that a fab reference of JoAnn? I snagged it too. Imagine that's what has been hiding out in Sister Bay, Wisc all these years. Use hubby down-time to paint those exchange portraits. Take a lot of time, don't they?

Kate, you are ready to enter portrait exchange project.

JoAnn, yes! enter a current into your personal RIL. I want to do it, too. We all know what life does to our faces...if I ever get scanner pumping I'll show you what only 15 years has done to me. But, all is can do is LOL, so that's what I do...LOL, and after my meds I ROFLOL..

Morning Washers. I certainly missing our {{Pamps}} and waiting patiently her safe return from daughter's graduation from culinary school. Nice to be with her family, but better to be w/WC! family. LOL

Looking forward to Starbucks w/Em, her sister, Al and hopfully John next week.
Shim to puppy class today; fear we are going to get an "F" because of me. Focused on myself this week and him to the extent of socializing w/other pups and people at the park. Big improvement yesterday, no doggies beat him up, but none run w/him either. Next week big clear-out at the park, winter visitor exodus begins. We will practice our commands there, less doggies and less distraction. I paint on portraits today. Love and good thoughts to all. Auntie.

04-26-2003, 01:11 PM
Had a lovely time on my hols, even though the weather was of the typical English variety! Will go through all my photos as soon as I can and select the best :D

Came home to sad news - our 2 year old hamster died while we were away, my friend and her daughter were looking after her. Now the children want a rabbit :eek:

Also some good news, Katy entered a poem in a competition through school, and it has been accepted for publication in a book of poetry by children from our area. :D Here's the poem she wrote:

There's A Fire

The fire's spitting all the time
The barn is lying there paralysed,
It's heart burning,
Suffocating in the smokey atmosphere.

The flames are restless,
Never dying.
The fire feeding on the golden hay.
Food is low, it's dying, dying down.

Everything is crumble, black crumble.
The fire is now a faint flicker,
But not yet dead.
The fire will never die,
Memories are everywhere.

Katy, 10


Back later, missed you all!


04-26-2003, 01:27 PM
Hi everyone, just wanted to say good afternoon to all. I'm kinda shy and can never think of to much to say. :-)
Ruth, Katy is very talented, of course you know this I'm sure.
What insight at the age of 10 no less.

04-26-2003, 01:40 PM
Welcome home Ruth! Make sure you enter the Portrait Project - would like to paint you if you have a good photo. Katy's poem is very good, creative talent being passed down methinks.

Sharon Douglas
04-26-2003, 01:59 PM
Evening everyone,
Ruth I`m glad that you arrived home safely, it was nice to meet you and your lovely family the other day.
When you speak to Doug again call him "Frank" and ask him how his singing is getting on and if his shoulder is any better from all the dancing:evil: :evil:
I`m sure that he will explain all, my new name is "Gladys Painter" btw.
Nandie, I`m glad to see that you are back, hope your feeling better day by day.
Everyone else I`m sending you all my good wishes, I haven`t been around much lately, and probably won`t have much time this week either.
I`ve got a hospital appointment on Monday,prob sort a date for my op.Then I`ve got another app at the hospital on Friday to have accupuncture in my back, I hope this works , it`s a last resort they`ve tried everything else:rolleyes:
I had thought that once danielle started nursery I might get a bit of time to myself, but I`ve been busier than ever:rolleyes:
Never mind, I`m going to go now before boring you all to death, so take care and have a bgood time with whatever you are doing tonight.

04-26-2003, 02:12 PM
Hi everyone!

Gosh, what a horrible day I had yesterday!! :crying:

It was a beautiful day here and as I was coming home from the market, I got involved in this 3-car accident! YUCK!! I was getting ready to take a left turn into my street (I was less than 3 houses away from my house!). I was waiting for a pickup truck to drive by so I can make my turn. Then this guy rear-ends me from behind!

He swirved at the last minute, so he only caught the corner of my bumper and little more, but then he slammed right into the oncoming pickup! It was a total disaster... his passenger (his daughter) hit her nose somewhere and was bleeding, the pickup driver had her dog in the front seat, and he slammed into the windshield, but is also doing fine.

The car who hit me then caught fire, and since my Jeep (MY NEW JEEP THAT HAS LESS THAN 700 MILES!!!) was wedged next to it with the windows open, I got all the black smoke in it, and water from the firehose.... I'm just so mad!!!!

Luckily, no one was badly injured, so I should be happy. BUT!! This is the FIRST ever brand new vehicle I've ever owned... and now it's not "pure" anymore! Not to mention, this is my 4th car accident in just over 3 years, and 3 of them were not my fault. What the heck is wrong with the drivers around here??!!??

Feeling a bit whiplashed today, but overall am doing good. It's going into the shop on Monday to get fixed and cleaned. They better do a good job!!!

Okay, enough venting... now I'm going to the local Art Show that I've been itching to go to!

Thanks for listening...
Lynn :)

04-26-2003, 02:12 PM
Carolyn, Sarah, Katy loves poetry :) She has a good collection of poetry books and is always on the lookout for more - looks like I'll be adding another to the collection :)

Sharon, it was lovely to meet you too :) Sounds like I missed some fun with having to leave early! :confused: :crying: I still have the scars from the classroom experience - my legs are a lovely shade of purple! lol

Hope things go smoothly with the hospital and acupuncture, Sharon.

Sarah, I might have to search out an old photo of me from the years BC ;) lol Flattered to think you'd want to paint me!!!!! :D



Sharon Douglas
04-26-2003, 02:19 PM
LOL Ruth,
I laughed all night about our classroom experience.
Maybe you can use the colours from your legs on your next painting, I believe that purple is youe fav colour.......lol.......
Btw congats to Katy, my eldest daughter also had a poem published a book , isn`t it a wonderful feeling:D :angel:

04-26-2003, 02:30 PM
Afternoon all! Woke up to about 6" of snow and a raging blizzard.

Had to get the kids out to swimming lessons for 9 am. The drive was awful, but they had fun once they got to the pool. Now we are safely at home and I have no plans to leave. :D

I can hear the ice covered branches knocking at the window. The sounds just makes me feel colder... :p

So, I guess I just have to paint.... sad life I lead. :D

Nandie, I hope that your small set back does not keep you from doing too much.

Have a good day everyone!

04-26-2003, 02:48 PM
Good morning to all from Portland, Oregon, rainy, gray, bits of sun breaks, your normal weather for Portland at this time of the year.

Lynn, so sorry to hear about your accident. Be very careful about settling up the accident with the insurance companies. My daughters were in a similar accident but my daughter's car was totaled, she had only had it about a month and they were patiently waiting for the light to turn green and were hit by a truck and a car. Fortunately, they weren't bloodily injured by both have had remaining back problems (for years). Insurance companies want to settle immediately but it is best to wait at least one year before settling personal injury.

Nandie I really admire you. You are so upbeat re your illness and your painting that I also printed out to study was incredible. Hopefully you can get back to painting soon

As for me, I plan to start painting \as soon as I get off the site. Have some work to do on my painting for class and then I am going to venture into trying something on my own without someone telling me what colors to us. Well see, may not be ready for it as yet but you only learn how to swim if you jump in and try.

Everyone have a great day.


04-26-2003, 03:18 PM
Lynn............. thats really dreadfully bad luck. As someone who had two cars written off outside my flat in London while I was asleep in bed...... and my only brand new car written off by a Jaguar.......(car not animal:D) I can sympathise. get your wiplash checked by a good chiropracter.

Nandie. youre inspiring.............. Im telling everyone about your If life gives you lemons make lemonade and trying to use it as my theme-tune daily :)

Sharon.... hope hospital visits go well

Maddie.............. good to have you back.......... great poem..........whe you get tired of oding holiday washing, and kids return to school. ring me and Ill come to Hereford :D

Everyone else........... all personal mentions impossible.......


:cat: :cat: :cat:

04-26-2003, 04:33 PM
Originally posted by jaytee

Maddie.............. good to have you back.......... great poem..........whe you get tired of oding holiday washing, and kids return to school. ring me and Ill come to Hereford :D


:cat: :cat: :cat:


Right, will this do for the portrait exchange, or should I take one specially?
This is me at 20, in the years BC ;)


04-26-2003, 04:58 PM
Ruth, nice pic and nice poem--soooooo happy to have you back!

Update: I finished painting I was working on--please check it out -- Sandro's Mask

Update on Robins--the little birds I painted in Thread of Lifefledged today! I saw two of them flap their wings and fly away about 45 minutes apart and about 2 hours and at least 20 worms later, the runt took off! I've got lots of lousy pics and will paint some more versions. You can see what a life I lead--watch birds eat worms and poop over side of nest AND house! LOL


04-26-2003, 07:05 PM
Lynn - sorry to hear about the accident. hope you're feeling okay soon.

Ruth - do you want me to grab your pic from this thread? It looks nice. :evil:

Today's watercolour class was wonderful as usual. Here's one of the little paintings I did in class. We're studying values by painting glass.

Have a good evening (if tomorrow's thread hasn't already started!)

Bill J
04-26-2003, 11:45 PM
Here is a wc of the pic I posted last week. I'm part way thru. I just started on reflection- have to work in that area and shadows on the sail.plus give the water a little more action--suggestions ?