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04-18-2003, 09:58 AM
Here's another couple of sketches

04-18-2003, 10:11 AM

I love it when you toddle off from the train station to the Boy's Club;)
You are getting better with these

Next I would like to see more of the person done with shapes and values and less with LINE

04-18-2003, 10:44 AM
LOL... I'll give you this, Alan... you DO have an active imagination... How about developing some of these flerty little sketches?:evil:

04-18-2003, 10:46 AM
I agree with Pam and Char, you should develope these.......they are great.......

04-18-2003, 10:51 AM
LOL Pam!!:D Yes his train usually makes a stop several times at the "boys club" on the journeys. These are very good Alan!! Can see what your fav part of the female anatomy is. ;) These are very creative...keep up the good work. :clap: :clap: :clap:

04-18-2003, 02:34 PM
Thank you Pam I like that toddle of to the boy's club:confused: :eek: never been known:rolleyes:

I don't know about it I'm not very good at figures this is just a bit of fun, thank you for looking and commenting Char M

I'm just enjoying my new sketch pads, thank you Barbara

Thank you Sylvia I didn't think I was being that obvious

I did another one this afternoon no need for the butt icon this time
Thank you all very much---------Alan
PS this is for Pam more shape and form less Line I think:confused:

cinnamon girl
04-18-2003, 04:38 PM
are you using watercolor pencil?

04-18-2003, 06:21 PM
Never let 'no good' come outa your mouth......... you're too good to say that.......
These are great sketches........just need more development......well in places any way.............lol
Like Pam, would like to see you do one of these with same attention to detail......as train.........

04-18-2003, 08:24 PM
Thank you very much Cinnamon girl yes it is watercolour pencils, and some ink

Thanks for the support I know what you mean about developement:cool: , one of these days I'm going to try and paint one of these ladies

Thanks very much to all who commented
here's another one I did tonight, my wife is away this weekend so I'm puting my time to good use, but just in case you think I'm getting away with anything my daughter was looking at these sketches and she thinks I should know better at my age, bloomin cheek:confused: ---------Alan

04-18-2003, 08:48 PM
Looks good Alan......have you showed these to Mary?...and if so....could you discrible your injuries? LOL...:)

Little Old Lady
04-18-2003, 08:49 PM
Interesting work. I too would love to see you do these in your "train" style!
Last one has hands that are too small!

04-19-2003, 08:31 AM
I like them Alan, very spntaneous and creative. I think the fun would be lost with the "developing".

04-19-2003, 10:46 AM
Hi Hugh thanks for commenting as for injuries it was the looks that got me as if to say silly old f**t, or as pam says off to the boys club:cool: ;)

Thanks very much Joann I see what you mean about the hands, but I'm on a roll at the moment so I'm going to practise some more

Thanks Uschi that's what I feel it takes about half an hour to do one of these so i think it's time well spent----------------Alan

04-19-2003, 02:06 PM
here's the latest