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02-22-2012, 02:14 AM
I managed another two and a half. The lighthouse is in gouache 14 x 8 cm - I gave up at the 2 hour mark. I get bogged down with gouache.


The lovely cattelyas - I botched this one. Tried to do a nice loose watery colourful painting (see - that's what I'm aiming for ) but I can't stop fiddling and ruining the nice clean colours. That was no 15 - onto no 16.


And the gorgeous Igorot dancer - pity about the face. I also dribbled permanent rose down the page from the orchid so tried to place her over the mess.
I googled Igorot dance to find out why the arms were blurred - these graceful dancers display their strength and stamina, flapping their arms like birds while balancing a claypot of water on their head. No mean feat!!

02-22-2012, 02:51 AM
Ros, the cattleyas are superb! It is exactly as I imagined a great watercolor should look like. The colors and the shapes are
Beautiful! I think it still qualifies as a loose and relaxed rendition. Great job on that.
The Igorot dancer is as great. You caught the graceful stance o the dancer. Thanks for looking it up. The Igorots have very rich cultural traditions and those traditions are held high up to this time.
I hope you finish the light house. It looks great already. The clouds and other details are coming along really well. Hope to see the finish.

02-22-2012, 03:20 AM
Lovely ! Ros the flower is gorgeous great job on the dancer , lighthouse is good too

02-22-2012, 03:20 AM
Good work on all!:)

02-22-2012, 03:49 AM
All three are nice!

02-22-2012, 07:04 AM
great atmosphere on the gouache
the flowers are scrummy good (delicious)
wonderful posture on teh figure

great works!

02-22-2012, 08:27 AM
The lighthouse looks wonderful. Love the orchids and the dancer is good; the face doesn't matter when it's a small picture; it's the stance of the dancer.

02-22-2012, 09:30 AM
I like em all, Ros! The floral's my fav!

02-22-2012, 10:49 AM
Nicely done on the lighthouse. That's fascinating about the Ingot dancers moving hands.

02-22-2012, 02:48 PM
Beautiful on all Ros.

02-22-2012, 09:16 PM
I do agree with Bonnie and I think you should paint in the medium you feel most comfy with. Your work is wonderful!

02-22-2012, 10:22 PM
I love your sketches! Love the lighthouse also. :)

02-23-2012, 05:59 AM
Hey Roz:wave: never tried goache,the waves and the beach in the f/g look really good,so does the orchids,it's the greens i'm not sure about try prussian blue with some burnt sienna that will ngive you some nice dark bluey greens,love the dancer,will make a great atc card:clap: