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04-17-2003, 01:44 AM

I'll start the wash, since I'm up at this ridiculous hour :o Who invented 6am? Nice sunrise anyway.

Can't sleep, stressing over the packing and travelling. Middle monster just came downstairs too, half asleep, to get ready for his paper round. Sweety offered to make me a cuppa :angel: so I'll take back the monster comment ;)

Off to check the weather forecast for the weekend, hoping for no rain and a little sunshine but somehow doubt it!

Take care all, will pop back before I leave to say bye


04-17-2003, 01:50 AM
Good morning, Ruth and everyone... it's 1:40pm here though...lol

Ruth, have a good trip and take lots of photos... I know you will..lol

Just finished a warm-up painting of a tree.... nothing much planned for today, although there's an art exhibition in town but I looked at their brochure on the Net and most of the paintings on display are abstract.... but there're many galleries participating... so I may go today or tomorrow and bring along my portfolio... just in case...;)

Will check back later today to see what you guys are up to... see ya

04-17-2003, 01:53 AM
Hi Ruth, hello everyone,

Another gorgeous, summery day here--hope it stays like that for the long Easter weekend. We have both Friday and Monday off, so I should be able to paint some. It's still work today, though...so off I go.

Ruth have a great vacation :)


04-17-2003, 03:06 AM
Morning All, It's 12:06 A.M. local time. Yawn. Did my shopping trip to the big city today but ran out of time and couldn't get to my favorite art supply store. Went to another one and they just had one quinacridone in stock :( which was q-magenta. Said the others were back ordered. So now I have a good excuse for another shopping trip in another week or so.

Happy Easter and happy painting,


04-17-2003, 03:55 AM
hi all.

Happy hols Ruth and everyone with easter Off. Must shower for visit to nurse.... fingrs now dead !!!! Did Some LH painting in sunshinr & photos to unload ewhrn rh ok !! Think we are having summer here.... temps up yo nearly 80 !!!

04-17-2003, 05:15 AM
Morning all,

Can't go bowling, so I'm determined to paint SOMETHING today!

Jaytee - my goodness, it must have been a bad nip you had. Hope you get rid of the infection SOON.

Maddie, look forward to meeting the clan again next thursday :D

Another wonderful sunny day again today - must remeber this when we get a rainy summer :D



04-17-2003, 05:56 AM
Good morning all! 5:53am here. The temp has plummetted about 30 degrees! Sheesh, spring time on Cape Cod :rolleyes:

Attended my second class last evening in the teaching degree program I am attending. My head hurts! It's a lot of fun, though. The only fly in the ointment is I have so much work to do I haven't had time to paint since I started. Maybe tomorrow...

{{Jaytee}} best of luck with your nurse visit.

Marvin - i hope your tree "warm up" is in your portfolio. i just looked at it and it is wonderful!

Well, gotta go get dressed. i'm subbing at the high school today so have to get a wiggle on!



04-17-2003, 06:14 AM
Good morning eveyone! Such nightowls and earlybirds on this board!!! With Passover beginning tonight and Good Friday tomorrow, many of us will be celebrating a holiday... I'm really looking forward to a few days off, dinner with my family, etc. I had planned on working in my yard, but the weather forecast is not promising. I may have to paint... hmmm....

We had a minor tragedy at home... My youngest son's budgie died... He'd escaped from his cage and the cat thought lunch was being served... The cat never did manage to catch the bird, but I think the whole episode stressed the little guy too much... Now... being a 14 year old boy is really, really hard... He had to struggle (why??????) to keep back the tears and take it like a "man"... His Dad's a softie, so I don't really know where this came from... but anyway, poor child ending giving himself a fierce headache and a case of the guilts. He's the one who left the cage door open...

Ruth - you have stressed over this holiday so much it's becoming infectious!!! You had better have a darn good time when all is said and done!!!!!:evil:

Marvin - already peeked at your tree...

Morning Olga - the weather here in Southern Ontario has turned for the worse... The wind is absolutely blustery and the temperature is back to freezing... This is not looking very promising for our Easter weekend...

Roberta!!!!!! - the one thing you had mentioned here was getting to your favourite art supply shop and you managed to somehow run out of time before getting there? Where are your priorities girl??? duh...:evil:

Jaytee - hope that hand gets better soon!!

Doug - "Another wonderful sunny day again today - must remeber this when we get a rainy summer"

Isn't it the truth? I was thinking of that yesterday... We had a terribly long winter and everyone has been pining for warmth and sunshine. Come July and August, we'll all be pining for cooler temperatures and whining about the heat!!!

I hope everyone who's just not up to par gets to feeling better very soon. Those going on holiday, enjoy yourselves.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!

04-17-2003, 06:57 AM
Good Morning all,

It is only quarter to seven in the morning here where I live. It's always fun to read that so many people are already in the middle or at the end of their day's activities while ours are just beginning.

We were supposed to have a big thunderstorm last night so closed up all the windows when we went to bed instead of letting in all the cool night air. What happened? Nothing, not a drop of water fell from the sky! Can't trust weatherpersons (;) ), can you?

Our temperatures have been wonderful the last few days, I really need to get the early seeds planted in the garden so they can start to germinate.

Ruth, Hope your trip is happy. Even if the weather isn't terrific, a change of scene is usually fun, then returning home to your own bed and things around the house is even more fun.

Jaytee--So sorry to hear about your poor hands. Did you pick up poison ivy or poison oak somehow? My brother was terribly susceptible to it, as is my daughter. I've been lucky and never gotten it. Hope the doctor has something that can help get rid of it for you.

Char, Hope your son can work through his grief and guilt. It's so hard to lose a pet, especially if you feel responsible. We had a parakeet (same as your budgerie) when I was a teenager. It was more my Mom's bird than ours. She used to let him out of his cage every once in a while. Well, one day she forgot he was out and opened the door to take a letter from the postman. They saw a bright flash of green as he flew out the door. Neighbors reported seeing him for a couple of days, but we never did get him back. (We never got another bird either.)

Marvin, Good idea to go to the exhibition, if only to introduce yourself to the agents of the various galleries. Personal contact beats impartial letters or emails--its called "networking" here in the States. You have the right philosophy about your job search. It is a full time job in and of itself and you seem to be approaching it from that angle. Haven't seen your tree yet, but will definitely take a look.

I'm working on a painting of a photo by Miss Mouse in the RIL of a Moonflower. I'm almost done, hope to post it later today.

Sorry if I've missed anyone. My wrist is beginning to hurt so will stop typing for now. See you later.

Sorry if I've missed anyone, my wrist is beginning to hurt so will stop now.

04-17-2003, 07:14 AM
Final check in!

Sharon, Doug, see you both on Thursday :D

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it, don't eat too much chocolate (is there such a thing as too much chocolate???? ;) )

See you all a week on Saturday!


04-17-2003, 07:31 AM
Morning all! Beautiful sunshine here today! But I still need more coffee ... more coffee ...

04-17-2003, 07:51 AM
Good Morning!!!! I just missed Ruth, too bad wanted to wish her a good holiday but that's what happens when you have 6 hours time difference.

Marvin, your tree is absolutely wonderful!!!!

Jaytee - glad you are seeing the nurse, definitely need to do something with that hand. Hope they can figure it out.

Well, Char already told you about our weather (cold and windy).
I had signed up for life drawing group, once a week 3 hours and was asked if I would be willing to unlock and lock doors and make coffee and as payment don't have to pay for the sessions. So am going today to get the keys and learn the ropes. These sessions are held in the basement of our local art store, so am bound to buy something HA!

Also going for lunch with my ex colleagues, look forward to this.

Since this is not gardening weather maybe paint in the afternoon.

Have a good day everyone!!!

04-17-2003, 08:00 AM
Good morning!

Ruth: have a great time on your vacation!

Char: the poor guy!! :crying: what a hard thing for a 14 year old to be going through...

Everyone else: I hope you have an enjoyable day!

It's sunny here this morning, but we had a huge drop in temperature (80's yesterday, 30's today!!??). You gotta love New England! :)

I posted my first painting on eBay a few days ago! YAY! I doubt I'll have any bids, though, as I think I've set the reserve too high (seeing everyone else's auctions, they seem SO low!!??). I'm not sure if I could ever part with my paintings for that cheap. But anyhow, we'll see what happens.

I have some housework to do today, but otherwise it should be a great day. I'm finally going to purchase a good printer so I can use for my paintings (making small prints, greeting cards, etc..). I'm buying an Epson C82, which I read is reasonably good for the price (I saw it on sale for $119). I can't wait! :)

Well, have a good one!


Strawberry Wine
04-17-2003, 08:34 AM
Good DAy Everyone:

Sorry I missed you all yesterday. I typed up my message to all and then my server crashed and nothing got posted and couldn't get back in until late in the day.

Jaytee: I must have missed yuor initial post regarding your hand. Now I read Dougs reference to a nip? My goodness, what happened? Hope the antibiotics kick in soon.

Char: Very hard to accept when you are 14 or any age when you feel you are responsible in some way. I know how easy it is to leave cage door open. I raise canaries occasionally and I have had escapees every now and then.

I am running late today so I must get off this computer and get out the door.

Have a good day to all and those who are feeling poorly for whatever reason. {{{{ hugs to you}}}} and an extra for your son Char {{{ hug}}}}


04-17-2003, 09:01 AM
Hi everyone

Want to wish all those going on Easter weekends a safe happy trip.

All not feeling well - better days ahead.

Marvin - Glad you're getting out. You may make some good contacts & find out some interesting facts of the business.

Jaytee - wonder if you have celluitis in your hand. Glad your going to get medical help.

Char - we got a call yesterday from the boys dad that one of their dogs had been hit by a car. As of last night she was doing OK & if no internal bleeding will pull through. My 14 did break down & cry & the 18 yo had a hard time not.

Sylvia - hope your hand gets better too

Usi - Had our counseling session on Monday but really did not cover much. Seemed like more of a social time. We were the counselors last couple for the day & I think he was tired.
Sounds like you got a good deal on your sessions.

Lyn - I'm looking forward to printing cards also.

Well had my interview yesterday & if I want a job there I could have one but they really are in bad shape like the state report says. They are in jeopardy of being shut down. If anyone wants to see how nursing homes are doing in your area look up Medicare.gov. They list the state inspection reports. Most homes in the area get around 6 defiencies but this home had 32 with harm rating of 3-4 which resulted in injury to residents. Not for me.

So I'm going to call the temp agency & say send me out by May 1, 2003.

Have a good weekend everyone. I think my husband & I may try & visit the Silk Road Exhibit at the museum & have lunch there.


04-17-2003, 09:07 AM
In case you missed it, Jaytee was bitten on the fingers by her little terrier who must have been in a bad mood. :(


04-17-2003, 09:13 AM
Good Morning all ! Since it is 6:00 am here and I am totally awake, decided to jump in and say Hi. We are expecting rain today so plan to stay inside and paint. I am working on another flower painting, wisteria this time. I may need to ask some help on this one as it seems to need something else. I will post later. We are having the whole family at our house for Easter Sunday Dinner so I have lots of work ahead. Hope each of you have a great day. Jan

04-17-2003, 09:28 AM
morning, all you wet handed folks

sunny SUNNY SUNNY!!!!

beautiful day...may I will take a picture to motivate Doug while I am out today to the testing place

Have 7 paintings to mail at the PO since I had a TAX TIME STUDIO SALE on Ebay! The good news is that 2 of the people bought other things from the store also...so it was , all in all, a good idea.

Happy holiday to those leaving

The rest of you;


*the world has enough UGLY*

04-17-2003, 09:31 AM
Good morning everyone! It's cold and windy with rain coming soon here in Chicagoland. But I'm at work so it doesn't really matter. Tax season is over and 1/2 day Fridays start this week for three months. Yipee! Hope I make good use of that time. Last night I redid the painting from art class the night before and am much happier with it so far. Had to redraw the roses and do the background. The other background was just to busy for me.

Happy to read about all everyone is doing but there is just way too much to respond to each one. But know that it is fascinating reading!

04-17-2003, 09:41 AM
Happy Thursday!!

Busy weekend ahead for us here....seems like everyone's calendar is filling up fast!! :) I am cooking dinner for our little family and my MIL tomorrow evening. Sunday my Mom makes a breakfast AND dinner for us. :eek:

I want to do some swirl easter eggs that I saw on the cover of Martha Stewart Living. This year my girls and I won't be doing our traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanka) because I felt I didn't have enough time for that this year. It is quite the set up and it takes so long to complete each egg from start to finish I just didn't have the energy this year. I do miss the tradition of it though....and I know my girls do too. :( Maybe next year.

I will hopefully be doing more small florals this weekend....I'd like to have 4 completed by the time I go away next week to give away as gifts for my Aunt and my 3 cousins. :)

have a creative day!!


04-17-2003, 10:08 AM
Good morning everybody!

Had a full day in Vancouver yesterday (someone asked me about it on my WIP thread so I explained my self there, so I won't repeat it all here!). Anyway, I finished my WIP so if you've been following along I hope you'll have a peek at it!;)

Marvin, what on earth is this " I may go today or tomorrow and bring along my portfolio..." business???? You MAY go?!?! What, are you crazy?? Listen to me silly, YOU WILL GO to that art show and pass around your business cards to anyone who will take them and show your portfolio to anyone who will look at it! Don't pass up this opportunity. You are amazingly gifted, especially with your scenic paintings, and someone is bound to be interested! You GO BOY!!:) :D

Pampe, hope these tests reveal what's ailing you - hoping and praying for the best!

Jaytee, hope you're better soon too.

((hugs)) to everyone else! :cat: Now I have to go find something else to paint!

Little Old Lady
04-17-2003, 10:09 AM
Late getting here this morning. My server didn't know me! Yesterday ended up with everything coated with ice from freezing rain. More forecasted for tonight. Ain't spring in Wisconsin grand.
Happy holidays to all.

04-17-2003, 11:58 AM
Originally posted by Nandie
Marvin, what on earth is this " I may go today or tomorrow and bring along my portfolio..." business???? You MAY go?!?! What, are you crazy?? Listen to me silly, YOU WILL GO to that art show and pass around your business cards to anyone who will take them and show your portfolio to anyone who will look at it! Don't pass up this opportunity. You are amazingly gifted, especially with your scenic paintings, and someone is bound to be interested! You GO BOY!!:) :D

Thanks, Andrea! I know.. I know... a little laziness got into me, I guess... I'll definitely go tomorrow since it's a public holiday (Good Friday)... so I expect more people...

Guess what? I've just received a reply from the e-mails I sent out yesterday... here's the reply I got:

Thanks for the email. Your watercolour is technically good i should say, but the subject is not very appropriate for our retailing here. S'pore scenes are more of the popular watercolour scenes here. If you are interested, we shall fix an appointment to discuss.

I sent them pics of Rapid Stream, Fishing Boat and Village in Nan Au, China. I know, should have sent at least one Singapore scenes but I've replied saying I do Singapore scenes too.

Thanks again... you guys are the best!

04-17-2003, 11:59 AM
you go, Marvin...tell then you do the best damm Singapore scenes they have ever seen;)

04-17-2003, 01:30 PM
Hi All,

Just read the Wash since I posted earlier today.


That nursing home sounds like a pretty depressing place to work. When my brother and I looked for a nursing home for my Dad, we visited four of them. The first one we turned around and walked out of as soon as we took a few steps in the door. The one you went to sounds like what we saw there. The second and third weren't bad, but they weren't good either. The fourth was the one we finally had him go to (he was in need of medical care which my brother and his wife couldn't give him, and I was overseas with my husband). Of course, it was the most expensive one, but it really was a nice place, with nice people who worked there, and a very good level of personal services as well as medical attention.

Did you get the PM I sent you about openings for Health Professionals at Wright-Patt Hospital?


That e-mail response sounds promising. I like Pampe's answer too! "Do I paint Singapore scenes? The best you've ever seen!!!"

Jaytee, I remember you mentioned your little terrier nipped at you recently. I didn't realize that was what was causing the problem with your hands. I hope they pumped you full of antibiotics! Please get better soon, we miss you here at the Wash room.

Just scanned my Moonflower painting and will post it shortly.

Bye for now.

04-17-2003, 01:33 PM
agree with syl

as someone who worked in HEALTH CARE for a LONG time....and the last two years in LONG TERM CARE (Nursing Home)....



I ran a NURSING HOME which was deficiency free.....don't settle for less for you family members or your employment

Be part of the solution
You know you can see their surveys online now....

04-17-2003, 04:16 PM
just got home from having a widom tooth out. i will have to go back in three weeks to have the other one out. the thing giving me most pain right now is not the incision (the anesthesia hasn't warn off) but my jaw, from holding it open so long!! i got to keep my tooth too. it is huge (at least compared to the baby teeth i lost). any way, that is my big exciting news. i think i will go sleep. i am a little tired


04-17-2003, 04:18 PM
wow...I just got an incredible package from Auntie (what a doll she is) full of stuff to make ART!!!


And I got a Gary Spetz DVD.....wow

and a book I ordered....dontcha love good mail days?

lyn lynch
04-17-2003, 07:38 PM
Pamps, you enjoy that package--you are worth its weight. I pm you later, too tired right now. Glad you got more stuff too! And especially happy about your eBay sales!!!! Somehow I missed *testing* stuff; I have to go looking for that.

JT, good grief! I didn't realize terrier bite was the problem! Wow! I don't even know what to say about that...he do this often?

Hi, Uschi [soul sister].
Marvin, I like Nandie butt-kickin' style. [grin]. You got big talent, don't let promotional work get in your way now---this is the hardest part for artists--later, when you big time success you hire someone to promote you. That email response is over the TOP! The work you sent wasn't suitable to them, but they INVITE YOU IN!!! Wow!! Bring all your originals of Singapore, in fact, do another one right now to get pumped up. Fingers crossed for you and Adeline!!

Maddie gone to enjoy, sorry I missed the send-off.
Em, don't wear yourself out before your trip--you got lots of sight-seeing to do. And, I was joking about the photos, I forget to add that. DON'T forget to put City of Globe [just EAST of MESA on Hi 60] on your tour--it's a great old mining town restored...Tell her Al22.

I forget what other washers in today, sorry. I had early am meeting downtown today...geez, these are hard on me, and another tomorrow, then none until next Wedsday. Sure glad they are over. I get message from nurse she has scheduled me for ultrasound for suspicious mass--I'm sure this is nothing, but likely they make it early am downtown so I can b!tch about that too. Cold and very windy today. Shim and I planted 4 more baby foundling cacti so I have itty-bitty pickers in my hands--can't even see them w/magnifier but oh boy! feel them. I have at least 4 more to plant in about 2 months. I let them grow bigger to give them a chance before transplanting. He such a good digger!! And chases Quail so nice. Then we carried some larger rocks from the front yard and put them into the back where I am making the cactus rock garden. Off to search RIL for Israel clothing. Love, Auntie

04-17-2003, 09:39 PM
Fookie, sounds like jaytee and you need to wear good leather or gardning gloves. Hope that suspicious mass will show itself to be nothing more than the lack of having gone to the bathroom:D

This actually happened to me, many, many years ago, I found this large, hard mass at the lower abdomen, scared to death rushed to the doctor and 5 minutes later rushed back out blushing.
Good night everyone!!!