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Marty Shay
02-08-2012, 01:50 PM
I'm sure there are many on this forum who have had prints done of their paintings. I'm interested in those you have used that gave good color reproduction and weren't the most expensive. I've checked with some local image art businesses, one I use to do my scans, business cards, note cards etc. and although small things are ok, I'm not always happy with the quality of the color he gets with his printers (he has seemly high quality equipment). I recently had note cards reproduced and we spent a lot of time adjusting the color from the printers against the actual color of the canvas AND the correct color his computer monitors showed. It was print a card, adjust, print a card and adjust and we never got the color well matched against the canvas.

If you could give me some advice and perhaps some good results you've had, I'd be very appreciative. I want Giclee print quality and perhaps some prints on canvas type paper. My work is all in acrylics and on fine-textured portrait canvas.
Thanks in advance.

02-09-2012, 10:22 AM
I checked out many many printing places and finally gave up. I was told by a friend go to a Architectural business that does blue prints. I did and I found a gal there that is a piece of gold for getting my prints in pure quality. She is sooooooo good you cant tell the print from the originals. That said I have to be very careful to mark the originals. It might be worth a try to find one in your area but if not I know there is a place many here go to on the net. Hope they come in to help you with that.

Good luck when you do get your prints going.


02-09-2012, 11:10 AM
After searching the US for several years, I've found one place that is now meeting my quality criteria...Art for Conservation / Fine Print Imaging (same company) in Fort Collins, CO. They came highly recommended from some other artist acquaintances and their quality IS amazing. I do have them scan my work rather than sending them my digital file - they have a special camera that can take a 150 MP image...my camera is a 10 MP camera and can't even come close to the resolution they can achieve.

Anyway, they do a super job, even with reds (reds are very difficult to reproduce in giclee). They are not "cheap" but their prices are fair for the quality they offer.

The only downside is that they can be rather slow to get scans/proofs done. But they do such a good job I feel that this is one area I'm OK giving them some leeway on.

I really wanted to use a local printer to save on shipping fees, but I never could find one whose results I was happy with.

My 2 cents :)


02-09-2012, 02:16 PM
Hello, can you ask local artists whom they have used? I'm sure there are people around that have if you can find them. I worked at a photo lab where you can print a photo so many different colors even make a regular picture look like a sunset so needless to say if your man isn't getting your small cards right for color definately don't use him for big ones. You need someone that understands colors someone without the eye can't fix it. Also to get a true reading from it you need a slash test of a few inches the size of the print you are going to make to get a true reading of the color, best of luck with your endevour.:)

Marty Shay
02-09-2012, 06:07 PM
Thanks so much for the suggestions, Laurie, I've tried several print companies too and the guy who now does my scans is the closest but he's done t-shirts for me and I was so surprised when I went to pick up shirts with a "red" cattle dog on it and the image was a distinct GREEN--the dog looked red but with a heavy tint of green over her and the background. I could hardly contain my shock when I saw the shirt--thankfully I got only one for me just to see if I wanted more----I did not!!! I only wear the shirt now to do work jobs where it's not so much an advertising piece for my work. Extremely disappointing!

He does note and greeting cards for me and some of them are close to the canvas color, but most have a tint of green or too much red, or too much something that isn't the color of the canvas. Some have a heavy red or green tint even though on his computer monitors the color looks right the print quality simply doesn't come out acceptable to me--and even he knows it's not right. He tries but I can't risk doing prints with this color variation. I spend too much time trying to get my colors the way I want them to have a printer totally mess it up.

I will look into architectual firms--wouldn't have thought of that. I so wish I was closer to Colorado but that's halfway across the country. Nancy I share your feelings, I hate to ship my paintings but I can't sell prints that are off color and I have people asking for prints, I've got to find someone who can do them with consistent quality for me.

Artsask I am in a small town but I will ask in some larger metro areas and see if the art guilds there can help me. Thanks again for the information.

Any additional comments will be appreciated.