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  1. Thank you : I just sold my first painting on ebay !
  2. I got a bid on ABU!!!!
  3. ebay offer
  4. beware new ebay related spam beware
  5. OFF Topic Conversation 3/21 to 3/27
  6. I got a bid on my Art Card!!!
  7. "it's gonna sell for a penny"
  8. Calling all oil painters-internet sale related ? on varnishing
  9. Many Question and Many thanks re auctions
  10. Happy Feedback
  11. Did this person just become a millionaire?!!!
  12. uhoh, something wrong with my auction html?
  13. A first time for everything!
  14. ALL the shipping stuff! How DO you do it!?
  15. Talking about religious sales...
  16. Weird auction - and it's mine! heehee
  17. Do art cards ...
  18. Weird stuff and weirder people!!!
  19. Where to go to close Store
  20. Weird weird weird - I may have done something stupid :)
  21. New to the whole thing, here!
  22. The trouble with art cards...
  23. Mystery key auction at 1.275 USD!
  24. The devil made me do it....he he
  25. Juried online galleries?
  26. Here's my weird for the week! My 2nd one...
  27. Auction vs. Store Fee Charts
  28. Testing to see if size matters :)
  29. Quandary
  30. problems listing in SRA this evening?
  31. How can a painting........
  32. This is unsurpassed I think
  33. I lost my old kitty...
  34. testing to see if SUBJECT matters
  35. early feedback?
  36. OT: somebody's talking you...yes YOU!
  37. Ausauction Art Sellers
  38. What do you think about prints and paintings?
  39. WHATEVER HAPPENED to payment reminder?
  40. IRS May Label eBay Sales As Revenue
  41. Considering lowering prices on greedbay
  42. Starting a website
  43. Advice Needed on Getting Feeback...
  44. wow ACEO's.....where have I been? LOL
  45. Use of 3rd party (escrow) for transactions
  46. Whistlers Pug
  47. Are eBay sales slow for art this year?
  48. Off Topic "Sharing" Mar.28 - Apr.3
  49. uhhhhhh.......WOW
  50. Article: IRS and Ebay
  51. Thank You CELENA, for telling us about ART CARDS
  52. Re-Vamping old Paintings
  53. My COA's for my ACEO's
  54. I'm in shock.....
  55. Bogus Bidders on Overstock
  56. Can you buy corrugated cardboard over there?
  57. link exchange
  58. How have your views been on greedbay lately?
  59. Donation requests
  60. featured auction not showing
  61. Can you check my new page please?
  62. How do you guys ship ACEOs?
  63. thumbnail sizes?
  64. What style am I anyway? Can someone label me?
  65. Try this :)
  66. FYI CafePress policy
  67. Todays Google Banner Cool
  68. My son has joined the card craze!
  69. Anyone trying to list on ebay now?
  70. layout question
  71. 2 fp or not 2 fp ???
  72. Somebody PLEASE Help Me Understand This???
  73. Anybody ever heard of Europicture?
  74. Art Cards. Is anyone...?
  75. The Worst Feedback Ever
  76. Traffic Strategyw/FP's - Has anybody used Google Ads?
  77. Posted my 1st Original card, not a print
  78. Did you know you can have more than 4 cross-promoted items on each eBay listing now?
  79. Can someone explain to me...
  80. another ebay feature i just noticed
  81. What does "OOAK" stand for?
  82. My go at art cards
  83. My latest ACEO collage & prints
  84. How do you guys make prints??????
  85. Ebay copycats...
  86. Something good has happened to me..at last!
  87. The Game for the Month of April..........
  88. Payment Options... What do you recommend?
  89. What price...
  90. I have no idea what is going on
  91. eBay - Do I sell in US Dollars or Aussie Dollars???
  92. Another re-vamp
  93. Nina Has a bid
  94. Blocking bidders at Overstock
  95. Is she out of proportion?
  96. greedbay offers good images now...image hosting not always needed
  97. Upset, and need advice on my first ebay art buy! Was this painting misrepresented?
  98. Information about a company wanting to trademark an image
  99. Need help on Ebay =(
  100. O/T Conversation 4/4 - 4/10
  101. pricing for gallery ?
  102. Remember this problem I had? Update
  103. new website is done!!!!
  104. comment on my website, please!
  105. New to the forum, and first attempt at ebay
  106. wondering about art.com
  107. My first ACEOs...they're fun to do!
  108. scary security breach on Aussie Ebay
  109. Follow-up feedback on eBay - how to do it
  110. a bad "first" for me
  111. if you'd like to give feedback, it would be appreciated!
  112. I guess those aren't allowed to sell?
  113. Isn't April a month with few views?
  114. What Internet Key Words to Use?
  115. Npb
  116. ACEO cards pricing
  117. how's my website in your eyes????
  118. list and sell for free on ebay Singapore!
  119. Art Card Shipping Advice
  120. Is Google The Way To Advertise or Ebay Keywords?
  121. Introducing "SKYSCAPES"
  122. Are you getting alot of hits using OOAK?
  123. phone number for yessy?
  124. Did anyone else notice......
  125. Announcement: Iss And Legal
  126. Sgraffito ~ ACEO
  127. Sellathon has been a bit disappointing lately...
  128. EBay Sales - Buyer Pick-ups?
  129. How long would you run a "Sale" on greedbay?
  130. I will be lowering my starting prices on auctions most likely
  131. Have you considered listing art cards in your store?
  132. Artist of the month
  133. Shall I make some art cards?
  134. optional framing and ebay
  135. What does qrt means?
  136. web design: screen size
  137. CoNvErSaTiOn April 11 - 17
  138. Off topic and I'm in shock
  139. JOLAF Artist of the Month
  140. Copy or Not Copy?
  141. Seller wants exorbitant shipping!
  142. scam I haven't seen before
  143. How many use "negative" eBay searches?
  144. The scammed fighting back!!!!!!Check this out
  145. Making a web site work
  146. Any predictions on when views will improve substantially?
  147. How can I use the "second chance offer" option to my advantage?
  148. blog blogger bloggiest
  149. how to link to my beads on ebay
  150. Is anyone continuing to list on Overstock with success?
  151. Made the plunge!
  152. The saga continues.......
  153. Thinking of selling some of my art cards (ACEO)
  154. Would you do this?
  155. I think ACEOs have given me more grief than they are worth
  156. I FP'ed this - nervous now!
  157. Selling on Ebay.com singapore
  158. I got scammed by a fake PayPal email
  159. This is the FP I'm nervous about
  160. Weekdays or Weekends? Morning, noon or night?
  161. Need Feedback Please
  162. Blogging Resources
  163. Blogging Resources
  164. Blogging Resources
  165. Best Offer
  166. well...i'll be!
  167. Have views improved in your opinion???
  168. o/t...CONVERSATION...4/18 - 4/24.....
  169. eby best stores
  170. How should I send a 9x12 watercolor? what about bigger?
  171. Show us your ACEO collections :)
  172. What do you think about...
  173. is this salable on greedbay and if it is what search terms would you use?
  174. Is this over the top?
  175. It isn't just your imagination..slow ebay views
  176. Oh my goodness look at what happened!
  177. What do you think of listing an fp for 5 days?
  178. new feature
  179. Web Site Hits - ACEO's
  180. Web prices verses eBay store price
  181. Vendio users, I have a question
  182. Venting about a bidder
  183. Collecting ACEOs
  184. Is 10 an hour a realistic 'wage' for an internet-selling artist?
  185. fyi - NOW 430PST 4/21 if anyone is interested
  186. Please check a link for me?
  187. First BID ever....
  188. 87 Aceo Cards
  189. Help with Location of a Country
  190. Do wordy descriptions make any difference for auctions?
  191. eBay Stores (real ones)
  192. Search ebay sellers
  193. How clear are my shipping terms?
  194. My dream come true! You have to look at what my ACEOs are doing!
  195. What think ye? ACEO's
  196. Help... gallery pics not showing...
  197. ACEO's- My thread like Carly's :)
  198. ACEOs... How many do the "Editions"?
  199. OMG! My first bids.. I had to share it!
  200. O/t....conversation......4/25 - 5/1.......
  201. Is anyone else seeing dismal hits on ebay new listings?
  202. EBay Listing "Gallery Price"?
  203. Shopping cart help please?
  204. help testing paypal please?
  205. another framing option question
  206. ephemera listing
  207. I need your opinion here..
  208. and yet another attempt to try to make money from the internet
  209. Multiple Media/Styles on eBay
  210. It's Official "Brand New" Updated On-line
  211. Will a bigger watercolor do the trick?
  212. Is this ok? My Artist's Statement
  213. Are you still making art cards? Share your experiences...
  214. If you are a painter and fp in one category do you choose self-representing or.....
  215. eBay Art Auction for Charity and to Promote Sales
  216. AusA for Nina
  217. The Spoofers are getting desperate now
  218. What happened to the ebay charity thread?
  219. Listing a LOT or a LITTLE?
  220. Can't get into my hotmail account
  221. Promoting listings on eBay
  222. The Game for the month of May
  223. Chat thread 2 may - 8 may
  224. Warning of possible scam artist
  225. check this seller for copies of your work!
  226. Feedback score..
  227. What do I do? Somebody is bidding who has negative feedbacks!
  228. FP/Price Poll
  229. Blogging Question??????
  230. FTP Client Recommendations?
  231. online sketchbook or blog? opinions plz
  232. newbie with question
  233. eBay shop question
  234. Is PayPal really as easy as it looks?
  235. what ever happend to IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED???
  236. Celebration time! 2 out of my store sold!
  237. Need your opinion.. again
  238. When you crop your image to use as a gallery pic...
  239. ACEO Website
  240. A Startling Discovery!
  241. A little bit of advice requested.....
  242. Would it be okay to ship it that way?
  243. ACEO price
  244. Another ACEO question/observation...
  245. Advice needed - ebay store vs. gallery rep
  246. newbie on ebay : what starting price ?
  247. Questions about Paypal, getting started
  248. .....conversation....5/9 - 5/15..............
  249. Questions that need answers :D
  250. OK, Final New Website