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  1. The Pet Shop vinni Cat got a bid
  2. i need help!
  3. Are your views as low as mine, on feebay?
  4. Not bad for unstretched , eh???
  5. Buyer not listening to what I tell her
  6. They catch fish with worms don't they? pigeons with crumbs?
  7. Ebay Clarifies its Mistakes
  8. How would you list this?
  9. Question from buyer on charity listing-where does rest of money go
  10. Please Note!
  12. eBay Sales Strategies
  13. Pretty Dang Sneaky ole EPAY!!!
  14. What would you do?
  15. Paring Down
  16. We can list nudes on Artbyus again!!!
  17. I can't believe what I just did!!!
  18. Switching styles - customers
  19. Just being cautious....
  20. Shipping Rolled Canvas Or Stretched. What Is Salable?
  21. 2 styles / 2 websites?
  22. Why would someone watch a BIN store item?
  23. Requesting info from British artists who sell to Americans frequently..
  24. I listed a friend's work on eBay now I have questions
  25. Frames in auctions
  26. Fees International buyers have to pay
  27. Nasty Ebay Spoof... Watch Out!!!
  28. Title line help requested
  29. Do you know how to list in U.S. dollars from a non - U.S. feebay site?
  30. introduction and what is up with the tiny ebay pictures. Do I have to use html?
  31. what should i do with this type of art
  32. what should i do with this type of art
  33. Anyone else get this from Epay today?
  34. I did something stupid
  35. Difficulty in Selling Art on eBay
  36. Believe it or not, I had a credit!
  37. The Coffee Break Feb 7 - 13
  38. first folded painting
  39. Where do I advertise?
  40. Opinions about deviantart
  41. ebay spoof- Subject Line: "Account Suspension Notice - Suspicious Activity"
  42. Do you want to give the auction site "Ebid" a try?
  43. Want a good laugh
  44. What size should pictures be for Ebay, mine are all warped
  45. ebay Coming Soon: 14-Day Limit on Email Address Display
  46. Game for February ???
  47. Links That are Allowed On E-Bay Auctions (Who Knew?)
  48. AusAuction...Congratulations Nina!
  49. open letter to Bill cobb, ebay
  50. The Game for February - post here!
  51. I got reported LOL
  52. Letter to Bill Cobb
  53. email to Bill Cobb
  54. Here is a great site optimization tool-
  55. AusAuction ? About Shipping
  56. how to create invoice
  57. A possible plan for selling on $$$bay
  58. Second Chance Offers - Have you used this option?
  59. Customers like this....
  60. Reciprocal Blog links !!!
  61. EBid ROCKS!!!
  62. How do you keep track of auctions?
  63. What can I do to get this sale?
  64. I won't give up on greedbay or feebay (if you prefer)!!!
  65. Sellathon
  66. wagglepop, anyone?
  67. There are so many auction sites to list art on - many alternatives to feebay
  68. does offering paypal lead to increased sales?
  69. The Coffee Break Feb 14 - 20
  70. How long should we give an auction site to see if it's successful for us or not?
  71. Giving Wagglepop a try
  72. Life in eBay yet???
  73. Sellathon data - repeat visitors vs unique visitors
  74. Wagglepop - definitely a work in progress
  75. My Dying Swan Act
  76. 2 fp or not 2 fp - 1 day poll
  77. What do you think about watchers?
  78. How successful are BINs?
  79. WC member has a bidding war happening
  80. Does anyone want this commission? $200 for the asking!
  81. I listed everything I have! and then some
  82. Sharing my delight in feebay store sales with you all
  83. Shock at increased packaging fees at UPS!
  84. My rant about ebay mistakes.
  85. Feedback
  86. If you are selling on EEEbiddd U.S. please read...
  87. First Aussie Sale
  88. Jennifer and Laura to be at the NY Artexpo
  89. Sex
  90. A noticeable increase in views on greedbay!
  91. Auctions, HTML, Templates??
  92. Paintings for doll houses....size & subject matter
  93. Eliminating Spam Emails if you have a website
  94. I'm still laughing
  95. Paypal closed my account! What can I do with my auctions!
  96. featured gallery, what does it do?
  97. Paystone instead of Paypal
  98. art portfolio opinions please
  99. what color do U see
  100. FEBRUARY 18th IS HERE - no listing on greedbay
  101. New Commission Indy Cat
  102. Had my first 'Best offer'
  103. PrimoMart? Have You Ordered From Them?
  104. Paypalsucks.com recommended alternatives to paypal
  105. Does Anyone have any statistics on the FEB. 18 NO LISTING DAY?
  106. Would like opinions about this thread, please.
  107. Yes!
  108. Playing with my ebay store
  109. SOLD ~ $1,000.00 Painting
  110. Article: most popular days and times to end auctions
  111. New York Art Expo
  112. Feeling Rather Joyous!
  113. What happens when you relist?
  114. My Store
  115. The importance of Branding & Online Sales
  116. Help with prints on ebay please
  117. Anybody else with trouble finding their listings on eBay
  118. Can I brag, for just a moment?
  119. Message from Brian to ausAuction members.
  120. Website Color Theories
  121. Abu
  122. I know FP doesn't translate into sales but ..
  123. Overstock homepage - no links allowed
  124. URL-unique in 'bookmark' & 'favorite' appearance
  125. What would you do? Want 2 leave neg fb 4 a nonpaying bidder on an fp...
  126. Strategy-wise what's best? how many paintings to list at one time?
  127. What happened to wagglepop?
  128. What is your thought on the following...
  129. gzillion bids reserve not met??
  130. Redesigning my site--needs opinions Please
  131. $bay user ids and anonymity - why don't more arists use their real names as user ids?
  132. Off-Topic Stuff (aka - coffee break) 2/23-2/27
  133. maybe try to "steer" ebay a bit more?
  134. I came back to....
  135. New auctions on Ebay...feedback please
  136. Kind of one of those "Duh", moments...
  137. Anyone heard of BluJay?
  138. Auction site owners want to know from artists
  139. Anyone try the new sell your item form on eBay yet?
  140. AusAuction...Does anyone have an update or link to their forum?
  141. Here is a pic of an ebay scam I almost fell for
  142. selling fulltime
  143. Sellers: Do you need a license to sell online?
  144. Right design for online gallery
  145. How desperate is this?
  146. Inspired by Overstock email
  147. Website copyright: this might work
  148. The buyer I left neg fb for just paid and the painting is sold...
  149. Really excited and hopeful here!
  150. How was this done - a question
  151. My first at AusAuction
  152. ARGH! Bulk wrapping
  153. Ebay Stores
  154. What's up with BLOGS ???
  155. Does size matter?
  156. Don't know what to do - do you have ideas?
  157. Wow! That was fun! My first 3-day auction!
  158. Off Topic Stuff 2/28 - 3/6
  159. 90 bids...
  160. Painting Arrived Damaged from US to Aus
  161. Hard Work Pays off
  162. Ruby Lane?
  163. Post your art for the GAME FOR MARCH here..
  164. internet sales ?
  165. Extreme measures: How far will you go to please a buyer?
  166. People like dancing...
  167. Guest book questions
  168. Strange query via ebay
  169. Wrapping
  170. Things are about to get tougher for UK sellers on ebay.co.uk
  171. advice needed ....
  172. Advice Needed On Packaging & Shipping- Help!
  173. Writing a returns policy
  174. Artbeacon has kept me busy all day!
  175. question about selling movie portraits on ebay
  176. Cat Museum
  177. Currys no longer shipping to the US Waaaaaa!
  178. I couldn't find the thread about "best offers"...anyway
  179. Sending REALLY BIG paintings, any advice?
  180. Neutral feedback
  181. Can you see my cross promotions ?
  182. NY Sunday TImes Article on Ebay Today
  183. yessy.com Post Experiences & Successes
  184. Auctions, stores, directories, etc - how many at one time?
  185. I did it - 99 cent FP! (terrified now!)
  186. Problem with "my ebay"
  187. Off Topic Conversation 3/7 - 3/13
  188. another NYT article today
  189. Need some advice, please help
  190. How do people buy art on online auctions
  191. It's OFFICIAL (at least for me!)
  192. Just great! (<~ sarcasm, lol) NPB and NLRU
  193. Now I Know How it Feels
  194. Feedback etc...
  195. Switching painting in mid auction
  196. Just didn't have any luck so far !?!
  197. Questions????
  198. eBay FP's are half price Mar 9th & 10th! Time to go for it?
  199. Guest book spamming!
  200. Gallery image trouble.
  201. Is Overstock worth the trouble?
  202. New guest book and site update
  203. Half Price FP strategy
  204. eBay international sales and flat rate shipping question
  205. VeRo, Copyrights, & Ebay
  206. I was called by EBay today.
  207. I could use some advice....
  208. The Nigerians are out (again)
  209. Overstock Charity auction sold YAY!!
  210. All my Miss Kitties are selling
  211. eBay's make an offer
  212. New exhibitions at Art-Exchange
  213. My first 99 cents listing on eBay...I think I will do it each weekend
  214. Ebay or Overstock? What do you think?
  215. What happens when a listing is over, but someone wants to buy?
  216. What color is it???
  217. Advice requested about raising auction prices
  218. Are These Prices Too High???
  219. Aceo
  220. Now What?????
  221. Here's a funny one...
  222. Off-Topic Conversation 3/14 - 3/20
  223. Help....Need some assistance
  224. Commission Question
  225. anyone tried listing on boundlessgallery.com
  226. ARGH! People!
  227. An Ebay Series..Italian style
  228. Group blog? Shai around?
  229. Finally got it done!
  230. Does anyone have an artmajeur.com membership that you have paid for?
  231. I've never seen bleedBay so desperate
  232. Multiple Auction Question
  233. They are changing the Ebay search this week
  234. Buyer asking me to end auction early
  235. Low prices. How it possible?
  236. what to do? approached by gallery in another state
  237. Another online site to have a portfolio on
  238. Upcoming annual exhibition
  239. Ebay 'Watcher' asking me to sell her 3 .. how do I handle this?
  240. ebay 50% sale on fixed prices...AGAIN!
  241. Scary, yet exciting: $.99 Featured auctions on eBay!
  242. Art Cards
  243. UGH NPB...How to proceed
  244. Alerting a 'watcher' that they may lose?
  245. Thanks for the views, WetCanvas!
  246. What is the trick here?
  247. CNN article by art critic Porter Anderson, The Art Of The Internet
  248. Why does my listing take so long to appear?????
  249. Suspicious Paypal eMail out & about
  250. advice requested: to FP this tree or not